Zrii Review – Is it a scam?

Zrii is a MLM that focuses on health, wealth, and wellness through a number of products, mainly beverages and supplements.

Zrii was established in 2008 by William Farley. And while the birth of the Farley Industries is fairly new, William Farley has acted as the CEO for Fruit of the Loom for 15 years.

Farley was let go from Fruit of the Loom in 2000 after some troubling issues (liabilities exceeded its assets by more than $60 million). But the failure in one area does not necessarily mean that Zrii, is such. Still, you may want to do some of your own research.

Here’s a post from the Chicago Tribune (one of many) about all of the troubles of the clothing brand.

Deepack Chopra, a spokesman for The Chopra Center for Wellbeing and bestselling author stated that “Zrii is an opportunity for you to derive abundance in your life in all its forms”.

Lending to the validity of the brand is the scientific team. Members include Suhas Kshirsager, BAMS, M.D.-Ayur, Thomas Yarema, M.D., Francesca Ferrero, M.D., and Raja Sivamani, M.D.


Zrii offers several different products divided into two categories: wellness and skin care.

Each of these categories carries the Zrii Gold standard, a superfluous label equivalent to giving yourself a golden star. Stripping away the label and looking at the development, you will see that there is a premise of rejuvenation of the needed key needs during natural day-to-night cycles.

Skin Care products are designed with Mircomelt delivery system. This system focuses on bringing more hydraton to the skin and deeper penetration. Additionally, Liquid Light claims to reflect harmful UVs more than other brands.

Within the wellness category Zrii offers Amalaki liquid dietary supplement.

The product claims to be the world’s first revitalizing juice with Amalaki. But Amalaki is known by another name, gooseberry, which has been on the market for years.

Rise is a high-performance coffee. The coffee is rainforest alliance certified which contributes to the better life and choices mentality. As for a coffee, the ingredients are arabica coffee, green coffee extract, and alma natural extract. RISE is offered in instant/quick brew.

Zrii isn’t the only coffee MLM, but it still is a rare direct selling product (could be a bonus).

Daily AM & PM are multivitamins designed to work with your body’s natural biorhythms. These supplements are more of a testament to the scientific ingenuity as the ingredients are a fusion of phytonutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, herbs and botanicals.

The Skincare products offered by Zrii are called Zriinew. These products include the FACIAL SERUM, NIGHT CREAM, SPF 30 DAY CREAM,  and FACIAL EXFOLIATOR. All products claim to use the Mircomelt technology for deeper penetration into the skin.

The skin products tend to have a duration of 30 days to 12 weeks to see results. The main ingredient in all products is Aqua (water) and Glycerin. (Nerium may work faster.)

Products range from $15 for the RISE Coffee to over $100 for some of the top shelf products they’ve created. Product orders through the site must be completed using a form and having a representative contact you.

However, you can purchase the products through other sites.

The ability to buy multiple places is weird. Typically, MLMs want to protect their products and distributors. Could be a downside to this brand when compared with others. Still, it’s not shady or anything, just a business decision.

Compensation Plan

Like most MLMs the primary focus is to get others involved in the selling and the distribution of the product. As such, commission bonuses of 20% occur when a person is an enrolled Customer. Customer bonuses are calculated and paid out weekly.

Joining Zrii gives you the title of independent executive (IE). When you enroll you are required to purchase one of three packages. These packages are immediate, residual, and leadership. At the base level the person earns a 15% payout which sounds good until you start to read the various qualifications needed.

The program requires that you have a qualification level of Z-50 or Z-100. To get Z-50 you must personally purchase 50 QV or Zrii products every 4 weeks. Z-100 qualified is obtained by purchasing 100 products every 4 weeks.

The process of commissions and bonuses is primarily based upon seminars and sign-ups. Yet, the ads and driving of traffic to Zrii is mostly online through Facebook and social advertisement, not the traditional offline recruitment. This does not mean that you are free from purchasing products through the site and trying to sell them.

Per the site, “to qualify to earn commissions and most bonuses as an IE under the Zrii Prosperity plan you must be qualified every 4 weeks.”

Mathematically, you must spend $750 (if only purchasing coffee) to $5000 or more a month to qualify.

To read the full commission and bonus plan click here


Zrii offers a variety of products for those which wish to pay the higher dollars for skincare and wellness. The backing of the scientific community gives credibility to their products.

As health and wellness are great opportunities for MLM, those which have the time and the dedication to commit to the sales and recruitment of potential enrollment clients could turn a profit.

The zrii compensation plan is a bit complicated to understand and so a careful examination of the materials is encouraged. The company is on the brink of reaching 2 decades within MLM, so there is a factor of time to success to consider.

Those seeking to have products which energize and revitalize will find that the products from Zrii are high end.


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