Zinzino Review — Is it a scam?

Zinzino is a MLM company which also focuses on individual product sales of oils, skincare, and supplements.

The company’s origins is in expresso coffee machines, specifically the Franco-Belgian Rombouts-Malongo coffee and home expresso machines.

Zinzino is a realitively new company as the Balance products and Bioactive Food partnership did not occur till 2012. And even though this company did have the Franco-Belgian established in 2005, that is still only a decade and some change.

That said, there does seem to be some promise for the company as it is located in 28 of the EU countries, America, Norway, Iceland, and Canada. It’s not the biggest company in the MLM world (Amway may take that title), but it’s trying to be a conglomerate. 


There are two main categories which ZinZino carries. The first is the ZinZino Coffee and the second is Zinzino health.

Coffee from ZinZino could not be found on the main page, but it’s not their main product (unlike Javita).

However, there was a great deal of products surrounding life and well-being. These products are broken into balance, immune, weight, and skin products.

Balance products are named BalanceOil and then the corresponding main ingredient, such as Orange, Vanilla, or a combination thereof. The oils are saturated with Omega-6 and Omega 3, the same which is found in fish oil supplements.

The main difference is that the BalanceOil products include an extract to relieve you of that fishy flavor. However, the main ingredients are Fish Oil (Anchovy, Mackerel, and Sardine), Olive oil, Tocopherols, and then the Natural Flavor.

Due to the Omega-3 and Omega-6 being the main component, purchasers may have a difficult time in gaining followers to their list from the Beauty products, as fish oils are rather familiar.

Fish oil has been proven as a great way to rejuvenises the body, so one should not categorize Omega-3 or Omega-6 as being a non-health supplement. It works. Whether the use of the fish oil as a primary ingredient is beneficial for the BeautyOil or not is to be seen.

Immune tablets are offered in 60 or 120 tablet options.

The 120 is called Xtend while the 60 is called Protect. The capsules are promoted as a means to renew cell tissue and promote long-term health. Capsules contain 22 essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, C, and E.

Weight Control products are under the products labeled LeanShake Challenge.

Various kits are sold as well as refills and such. The LeanShake is offered in Chocolate, berry, strawberry, and Vanilla bean flavors. Contents do include coconut which may be an allergen to some. That being stated, the drinks provide a high percentage of the daily required vitamin A, C, iron, calcium, iodine, Zinc, and other minerals.

Zinzino Skin products are only offered in one item, the Skin Serum.

The Skin Serum claims to rebuild the ECM (Extracellular Matrix) to give a youthful vibrancy to the skin. The product must be used twice a day for prolonged periods of time for the best results. The product does state that this is not a sun blocking alternative.

Zinzino product range under $100 for the most part, unless you are purchasing starter kits and packages.

Compensation Plan

It should be noted that Zinzino works as a subsidiary company in most countries.

Members in Zinzino should understand that certain parent countries may act on Behalf of the ZinZino company. Legally, should there be any financial issues which arise, a person may find that the red tape is quite extensive as the subsiderary could state that you have a contract with the parent company and vice versa.

Compensation plans are MLM based, meaning that you will have more success if you market through digital networking and advertisements.

ZinZino business opportunities states that you become “independent partners within ZinZino’s proven business system”. The company further states that you are technically in business for yourself (which may be translated into you assume the financial risks as an individual contractor).

Anyone can become a partner with ZinZino so long as they are a legal age.

Those who start the partnership are paired with someone who is already a member. The site claims that there is no fee to start and that you are not required to purchase products to qualify for the Zinzino Compensation plan, something which is common in MLM. The company does encourage you to purchase products to build your LIST and team, but they do not require a monthly purchase.

The compensation plan is not elaborated on without going to a partner workshop or contacting an existing partner. As such, it is impossible to know the validity of the no-purchase and no fee statement from the company.


The ZinZino company is young when compared to other companies.

Meaning caution should be used when evaluating the compensation plan. Additionally, the subsidiary and multi-country foundation on which the company is based should cause a bit of concern for the business partner.

A definitive representative in the US (or the country in which one will be working) is preferable.

ROI calculations will need to be factored in after one attends a seminar. It is not advised to jump on board during the seminar, but rather to take time to evaluate and compare the information to other MLMs which are available.

The major pro that ZinZino has is that it does not require you to purchase a monthly package or have fees.

This theoretically allows you to spend as much or as little as you want to spend, depending on your current cash flow, and build up your finances as you succeed. Again, this is theoretical as the Compensation Plan details could not be obtained.


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