Zija Review — Is it a scam?

Zija claims to be an MLM to help with health, wealth, and prosperity and does so through wellness products..

The slogan is “life Unlimited”. It was founded by Ken Brailsford, dubbed the “father of Herbal Ensapsulation”.

The products offered by Zija are oriented primarily to weight loss, skin care, and beverage nutritional and energy enhancers. All products offered by the company are from the Moringa tree, or as they call it the miracle tree.

Most MLMs have a ‘secret’ product (check out Kannaway’s), the Mooring tree is Zias.


If you explore the Zija webpage you will find that there are four major categories of products.

Theres’ Core Moringa Suppliments, Ameo Essential Oils (trying to get into that popular niche dominated by Doterra), Ripstix Fitness Supplements, and Genm Personal Care Products.

Core Moringa Supplements include Daily Supplement Drinks, Capsules, and Teas.

All supplement boxes within this category are $125 per box, and most of them are Dutch Chocolate mixed with protein extract from the Moringa oleifera leaves. The supplements claim to offer protein as well as all nine of the essential amino acids.

However, when looking at the ingredients, the Core Moringa Protein blend contains for Pea Protein and Rice protein then any other ingredient. Yes, Moringa Protein is in the Core mix, but it is last meaning it has the least substance.

Capsule supplements are $74 across the board and contain N-acetyl Cysteine and Green Tea extract as the top ingredients.

As with the other supplements, Moringa is not the primary ingredient. Additionally, all the supplements come with a warning that it could cause health risks if taken with “caffine containing products”.  In a report by CBS News more than 50% of Americans drink coffee with more adults drinking some amount of caffeine daily, clearly minimizing the margin or those who could safely take the supplements.

Ameo Oil Blends are $46 and up, and include Respiration, Detoxification, daily Digestive Blend, Vitality Boosting Blen, Concentration Blend, Daily Balancing Blend, Weight Control Blend, Skin Enriching Blend, Daily Balancing Blend for women, Ameo Calming Breeze Oil Blend, and such. When looking into the oils, they did not list the ingredients but did state that they needed to be taken daily.

The anytime Ripstix products are mainly water, citric acid and caffeine.

These are the same ingredients in major low ended energy drinks. When reviewing the RIPstix Energy Case, there was only 13g of the Proprietary blend per bottle with the majority of that Proprietary Blend being Sugar. The main substances were 84mg of Sodium Chloride and 150mg of Caffeine.

Compensation Plan

The MLM of Zija started in 2004 as an MLM.

The compensation of the plan is a traditional network marketing model. It is built primarily upon meetings and sessions where the Zija followers build their list. The company claims that the business model is a turnkey with easy to use tools and unmatched support.

Compensation and Incentives are six supposed categories for bringing in income. These are retail, fast start commissions, Zija rewards program, team commissions, Team Benz Luxury Car Program, and Special Initiatives.

Investigating the categories you will find that everything is based upon bringing in new people into the LIST and getting the company more representatives of their products.

If you build a team, then the sales they generate and the people they bring to Zija will count to your commissions, Retail purchases that you make for your marketing packages and retail stores go to the rewards program, the Benz and Special Initiatives also are based upon the size of your list and the capital that you spend in their packages.

Specific details about the Compensation plan was not obtainable through the website, but we did wrangle up this screenshot.

Even with clicking on the JOIN NOW option for Zija, the only details shown were in the explainer video. Yet, the video did not offer much clarity. The only real way to gain the specifics seems to be through attending a seminar/meeting.

Team members of Zija are awarded credit points for those which they get to sign up to the program. These points can then be used for furthering their own status within the company. Again, as the particulars are not disclosed, exactly how this would play into the compensation is not known.


While the Ziji brand and products have been proven to be effective when used properly, and there is a large following of the products offered, there is too much blanketing and promises without the details for the compensation and Initiatives for the program.

Ziji does not only promote their products, but also is an advocate for healthy living.

I find this is admirable in an MLM. The products offered by Ziji are intended for long term along with fitness and exercise, so it may be a bit hard to gauge the effectiveness of the weight loss products.

The energy supplements should be used with the workout and diet, but these are easy to give credit to, or to discredit. If you have more energy it works if not it does not.

In addition to the vagueness of how the MLM part of the company works, the Ziji brand is based upon the Moringa tree, but research into the ingredients of the products showed that this was not the primary ingredient in their products.

This may make selling of the product difficult to those skeptical to the healing powers of the Moringa Tree.

Those seeking MLM opportunities will need to further research the company (or others) further in order to understand the ins and out of the compensation plan.

Due to the “recruitment” and “referral” aspect of the company, gaining such information may be difficult, to the point of only being able to obtain such details from a third party site or through directly attending a recruitment seminar.


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