Younique Review — Is it a scam?

Younique is an MLM which specializes in beauty products.

The company was founded by Derek Maxfield and Melaine Huscroft. This is the second company for Mr.Maxfield who founded NetSteps in 2003.

On the other hand, it appears from the website that Melanie Huscroft, the Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, has no experience in the corporate world, a fact which would be troubling if she were not partnered with her brother who has been listed as a top 500 company with NetSteps.

The advantage of the Younique brand is that there is a large variety of beauty products available. Additionally, the company only offers beauty products, compared to some MLMs which offer too much diversity and discredit themselves.


Younique, of course, is a play on Unique. Yet, the company’s concept is not new to the world (JR Watkins has been doing it since the 1800’s).

Younique offers beauty products which are intended to beautify the person from without and within. While there products may have revolutionary science, companies such as Avon and MaryKay have been monopolizing the MLM/cosmetic field for quite a while.

Products for Younique are divided into Eyes, Lips, Face, Skin Care, Body, Tools, Collections & Sets, and Kudos. They’re gaining popularity, but haven’t reached the heights of Avon or Mary Kay.

Moonstruck Hottie Lie Plumper adds volume to the lips.

It is a volumizer, not a lip stick. The formula is intended to give a smooth and transparent build to the lips to make them look plumper. No ingredients are listed on the facts page. This product is only offered in limited supply during selected Months.

Moodstruck Minerals Pigment is offered in 34 colors.

Mainly, these colors are blues, browns, reds, and purples. The powders are offered in shimmer and in matt colors. There is an extensive list of ingredients. The ingredients are divided by the Shimmer and Matt Options. Interestingly, a great many of the minerals are from palm trees, earth minerals, and organic substances.

BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer is a moisturizing cream and foundation all-in-one.

There are only 6 selections available, so there may be the need to purchase multiple hues in order to get the right color for your skin. The cream is mainly composed of water, Isononyl Isononoate, Dimethicone, Cetyl, Dimethicone, and Boron Nitrate. The product also has Sodium Chloride.

Beachfront Self-Tanning Body Lotion is like the moisture creams apart from the colorants that are added to the formula including Phenoxyathanol, Yellow 5, Red 33. There are also fragrances added to this formula.

One of the pros of the Younique brand is that their products do come with a love it guarantee. This eliminates the risk of buying something that you do not particularly enjoy or can use. On the negative side, many of the products may contain iron, which could cause reactions.

Compensation Plan

Younique is a network marketing company which means you are paid in commissions. This means the company focuses on gaining people to join. T

he company sets up commissions and sales by having each independent contractor have his or her own product sale site. Essentially, this builds the SEO and presence of the Younique brand while driving the company’s revenue from several different e-commerce sites.

Like many MLMs, to join you will need to find a sponsor. A “Partner’s Kit” is $99 and contains a decent amount of goodies for that price.

The Sponsor will be a part of your team (taking a commission of course), and will guide you in the sales and the packages which you will need to succeed. Joining will require training and seminars, a cost to you, so be aware of such.

Compensations are based upon the status requirements being met and paid out based on commission percentages. Here’s a screenshot to help you wrap your mind around it.

There are three main categories. These are Entry Presenter, Exemplary Presenter, Elite Presenter, and Exclusive Presenter. Company wholesale sales are not available will you get to the Exemplary Presenter (which requires 2,000 and 4,000 sales).

The lowest PRS which you can have is the white Entry Presenter. This requires a 125 in sales Rolling Three Months and gives 20.00% Royalties


Younique is a retail sales company specializing in beauty products and networking, but due to the young age of the company, some may find it a difficult one to start with. So many other companies (with different product lines) have been around a while longer and are more established.

Persuading people to join in will require that you have presentations, that you offer supplies, and that you market both digitally and in person. Those starting with Youvision should note that you will need to make a fairly substantial order to get started.

While the compensation is offered in 3 days time and, after $50, you do receive a debit card for future money earned. Reaching that status may be a bit more idealistic than it appears.

Again, your List is based upon people that you know and upon getting people to join your team and be sponsored.

While you can do some of this using Social Media, the exposure to success rate for retail sales is rather small. Think of the last time you actually purchased something from a person knocking on your door. Yes, you can have the online store which can bring you commissions, but again, you need to look at the status requirements and the compensation corresponding to your sales.

It does not appear that there is any sort of shady business in the compensation plan, but rather that there is a limited market, as the company targets women only and not just women but those who are in the younger adult market—could be a tough sell.

Add to this the requirements to reach a level where your investment in the product will yield a high ROI, and you may find that the numbers do not pan out so well.


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