Youngevity Review — Is it a scam?

Youngevity is a Health & Wellness, Beauty & Care, Food & Beverage, and Home & Family product company.

However, the main products are nutritional based with the other products acting as a sort of side thought/product to the company.

Youngevity was founded by Dr. Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM,ND under the original name American Longevity. Per the American-Longevity website, the name was changed to boost the brand awareness globally.

It’s not without it’s scandal, though. Youngevity has many claims which when researched do not pan out. The claim of the 1991 nobel nomination of Wallach cannot be confirmed.

The fact that the NSF certification is the only certification and that Wallach was at one point a member of the NSF discredits the validity in their statements. Furthermore, John Dwyer, a leading immunologist and world renouned critic of medical fraud has stated that this is “just a snake oil salesman with monumental skills in self promotion” (source).

On the other  end of the spectrum, you have followers and testimonials from professionals in aromatherapy, in nutrition, and in other fields who claim that the products work.


Youngevity claims that the body needs to have 90 essential nutrients just to survive. The products offered by Youngevity claim to offer these nutrients in the products that they sell, specifically through the Mega Pak they offer.

It seems like they’re trying a range of things, even coffee (kinda like Javita).

Healthy Weight Loss products from Youngivity are offered in a Transformation Kit. The kit includes Meal Shakes, blood and sugar management, and toxicity cleaning. Depending on your location (as there are subsidiaries on different continents), the kit costs around $145.

Healthy Body Digestion Products are divided into several starter packs.

Singular products include the Ultimate Selenium Capsules, BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion, and Plan Derived Minerals. Ultimate Selenium contains 90 capsules and contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, amongst other such ingredients commonly found in OTC vitamins and supplements.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 claims to have over 8000 ORAC certified ingredients. Yet, a look at the ingredients list is far from such.

Main ingredients again include Vitamins A-K and other minerals commonly found in OTC Vitamins and Supplements. Beyond Tangy Tangerine is NSF verified, meaning that it is independently certified. Buyers should be aware that Wallache was a member of the NIH as well as a four year member of the NSF (1968), so this certification may be a bit self-promoting.

Essential Oils are offered on the site and are sold individually for around $30. Oils include Frankincense, Jasmine, Myrrh, Neroli, Rose, Sandlewood, as well as oils which are targeted to heal specific aliments. That said, it’s not necessarily the focus of the company (as opposed to Young Living) and feels more like a “bandwagon approach”.

Most of the products which are offered on the site have an advisory against child consumption and a long list of other persons who should be cautious of using the product which raises the question “if these products are a natural and needed additive, why are they dangerous to consume?”.

Buyers should also note that even though the products are NSF certified they are not FDA certified.

Compensation Plan

Joining Youngevity makes you an independent contractor with the company. Youngevity is a MLM based form of finance, and so a great deal of the success is based upon what you purchase and who you can bring to the team.

Dynamic compensation is how the company pays those who join. There are 10 different means of getting paid.

A person can be an Associate, Brand Associate, Sales Associate, Senior Associate, 1 Star Executive to a 5 Star Executive, Emerald Ambassador, Ruby Ambassador, Diamond Ambassador, and Black Diamond Ambassador.

Compensation is around 5% with the max cap being 8%.

There is a three month requirement for promotion to other statuses and the sales must not have “50% coming from any single downline leg.”.

One plus is the “summary” of the comp plan. Pretty much everything you’d want to know in one picture. You can see the screenshot of it below, or visit it here.

While there are bonuses for coding and for car bonuses and there are giveaways, trips, and awards, these are not offered until a person gets to at least a sales associate level and 1 Star executive level. Car bonuses are not given until you reach 5 star executive. Trips are only available for Ambassador levels.

The MLM for Youngevity is very much based upon meetings and bringing new members to the team.

Testimonials from off-site sources have stated that the meetings in some places are as frequent as once a week. Members are encouraged to bring new members to these meetings to join the team. Keeping this in mind, those in rural areas may find that building their List is a bit difficult.


Those who join the Youngevity team should understand that their potential clients, especially in an age of digital information—may find some trouble. The name change, the veterinary background and not the scientific background, as well as the mixed reviews of the product could be offsetting.

In terms of the compensation plan, it is fairly standard to what you would find in an MLM.

Lower compensation is given to those which invest less in the company. The incentives and the higher compensation is given to those who invest more into the company.

At the base level the 50 requires sales would equivalate to about $1000 dollars needed each month (estimating a $20 product which is on the low end). Figuring that you earn a 5% commission off of this then you would only get $50 (so a dollar a sale).

Due diligence should be taken in researching the commission plan, as there is a bit of language which may be misleading to those not familiar to MLM’s framework.


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