Yoli Review — Is it a scam?

Yoli is dominantly a nutritional supplement company offering MLM opportunities for interested parties.

The company was founded in 2009 by Robby Fender. Co-founders for the company are Corey Citron, Daren Falter, Bobby Jones, and Micheal Prichard.

Yoli is founded on a three pier philosophy of enhancement.

These premises are to transform Physically through the use of the Better Body System/products, Emotionally through using the Yoli products and gaining confidence, and financially through the compensation plan/membership.

Yoli is a company which is designed to transform lives through their nutrition products, their meal programs, and support.

The company builds it validity in that they offer not only products from their store, but also encourage those involved to live healthy lives, to purchase groceries which are good for them, and to live well. This is different from many other health and wellness MLMs.


At its core, Yoli promotes a Better Body system.

This system is made up of Alkalete, Passion, Thermo Burn, Various vitamins and antioxidents, Flex and Omegas. The Yoli Better Body system is intended for long-term use.

The first 28 days package or the transformation package comes with Yes Shakes (chocolate and Vanilla), Alkalete, Passion or Thermo Burn, a product catalog, and a 28-day transformational brochure, and a meal guide.

While these products can be purchased separately, Yoli encourages the package as well as a strict following of the day plan.

The day plan is constructed of Wake up, Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, and Dinner and tell you exactly what to take to reach your goal weight. The plans are the same, but the portions vary. There are also foods which approved and the portion size for those foods.

Lifetime Kits are designated for those who have reached their ideal weight loss goals. The lifetime kit is to maintain the body to keep it within the goal range.

Lifetime kits include Alkalization, Daily Essentials, Digestive Health, Energy, Essentials, Foundation, Hydration, Immune Support, Joint Relief, Longevity, Optimal Digestion, Sports Performance, and Stress Relief. Keep in mind that many of these categories have products which overlap.

Perhaps the most notable product is the Alkalete.

Alkaline products have been proven to detox the body. The Yoli Alkalete sells for $35 for a 60 capsules container. The supplement contains Alkalete Blend as the main ingredient. Other ingredients in the capsule include Calcium Carbonate, potassium hydroxide, potassium Chloride, and Vegetable Cellulose.

Products are offered with three different pricing options.

There is the retail customer who will pay the higher price. After this is the preferred customer and the member. As expected, those who are members of Yoli will have the lowest cost for the singular products, in some instances the product is free with the purchase of another product.

For this niche of product, they aren’t bad. That said, the number of products isn’t great. There are companies with more to offer your customers (like Youngevity).

Compensation Plan

The Yoli compensation plan states that you can transform your financial freedoms. Compensation through Yoli varies on whether a person is Active or if the person is a Qualified Member. Active members are those who purchase 50 personal volume items with the allotted amount of customers to meet the desired rank requirements. Qualified Members are those who sponsor 2 active members.

Commission payment is through direct deposit or through a Pay card. Yoli charges you $2.00 to process your commission payment. Payments are calculated weekly.

Understanding the “Retail Profits” is essential to the plan.

Retail Profit bonuses are given when you sell the product for over the wholesale value. For example if a person purchases $100 of product which costs $90 wholesale, there is a $10 RP the RP is then.

There are other bonuses which are offered by the company and each of these bonuses is based upon another mathematical formula (all of which are based on the sales completed by the person in relation to the profit the company makes).

There are two main structures which are offered for the compensation.

Yoli deems these as the Binary and the Unilevel diagram. However, both are dependent upon gaining people to register on Yoli. Qualifications depend on the number of people which bring in more people.

Take a look at the screenshot for a decent idea of the plan.

As with most MLMs, the Yoli membership has several different levls with the top being diamond, emerald, and ruby. These have the highest compensation percentages, but the Compensation plan states that the actual percentages could vary, so there is really no telling what you could make.


Joining the team is based upon Lists, but the Yoli company has done well to provide a 17 page document with contact and question information/submission available to get answers before committing.

This is greatly preferable over having to sign up and go to a session just to get basic information. That being stated, the multiple bonuses and the methodology in which the percentages are calculated is a bit confusing, especially when you factor in their abbreviations and point system.

As the Yoli is a newer company compared to other MLMs, members may wish to take a closer look at the CEO and Co-Founders, the testimonials, as well as compare the company to other similar companies.

Yoli products are best presented in e-commerce sites and networking on social sites rather than person-to-person sales. This is a bit problematic for the independent contractor as many of the commissions and incentives are based upon Person to person sales.

From a wide view, Yoli looks like a legitimate company. The compensation and the thought behind the brand certainly lends to that view. The only concern is with the varying compensation percentage as well as with the mathematics to certain bonuses. Ensure you clarify any concerns before fiscally committing.


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