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WonderSlim review: can it simplify your weight management plans?



WonderSlim review

Wonderslim is a weight loss brand offering premade diet programs and products aimed towards easy weight loss.  

Followers can choose from a variety of programs and also decide on their own meal replacements and snacks from a huge variety of products.

All Wonderslim meals and snacks are high in protein and fiber, as well as being packed with nutrition to support healthy weight loss.

Our Wonderslim review investigates the benefits and ingredients behind the promises, to establish if it is the best choice for you.


What is Wonderslim?

Wonderslim is a range of flexible diet plans that allow you to choose your own meal replacements and snacks from a wide variety of products. The plans cover 2 or 4 weeks at a time and can range from 4 to 7 nutritionally balanced, calorie controlled meals and snacks per day.

How does Wonderslim work?

For those who want to lose weight Wonderslim works by making calorie counting and nutrition super easy. Followers of the plans do not need to worry about calorie counting because all the hard work has been done for them.

Who should use Wonderslim?

Wonderslim is best used by people who need to lose weight, yet do not have the time or the confidence to plan a calorie controlled diet themselves.

How much does Wonderslim cost?

The cost of the plans vary from $39.95 to $141.07 depending upon which one you choose and how long you follow the plan.

Is Wonderslim paleo/keto friendly?

No, Wonderslim isn’t paleo or keto friendly.

Does Wonderslim offer a vegetarian/vegan option?

Wonderslim is ok for vegetarians but not suitable for vegans.

Does Wonderslim cater to food allergies and intolerances?

Wonderslim offers gluten free options, but no other food allergies or intolerances.

Is Wonderslim a fad?

Calorie controlled diets are proven to work, so there is no reason why people who choose to follow a Wonderslim plan wouldn’t lose weight. However, you could also construct a calorie controlled, healthy diet by yourself.  

Is Wonderslim safe?

Yes, Wonderslim is safe.

Where to buy Wonderslim?

Wonderslim plans can be purchased via their official website. Individual products can be purchased from Amazon, Walmart and other online stores.

Does Wonderslim really work?

Yes, Wonderslim is calorie controlled, high protein and high fiber diet which is proven to encourage weight loss.

Are there any Wonderslim alternatives?

There are other meal replacement diet plans available to choose from. Common alternatives are the ‘24 Day Challenge’ and ‘Weight Watchers’.


Wonderslim provides ready made diet plans allowing followers to choose their meal replacements and snacks from a huge variety of shakes, crisps, chocolate, desserts and more.

The plans range from 4 to 7 meals a day and includes healthy meal preparation advice. It can also be ordered in either 2 or 4 week bundles.

Followers of the aforementioned Wonderslim diet plans are promised the following benefits:

Weight Control

Anyone who has tried to lose weight will know the frustrations of planning meals and counting calories.

In fact, it’s quite surprising how time consuming diets actually can be. There is a great deal of planning and prepping involved just to make sure oversized portions and excess calories are avoided.  

Of course, counting calories is the number one priority if you need to lose weight. Healthy individuals will always lose body weight if they eat less calories than they use. (1)

This is simple science, with a little arithmetic, yet Wonderslim makes this all incredibly easy.

Their diet plans are calorie balanced so you don’t need to take out the calculator before eating every meal.

Furthermore, all their products are very low in fat whilst being high in protein and fiber. Both macros are proven to assist with weight loss and hunger control. (2,3)

Balanced Nutrition

When following calorie controlled diets, many people miss out on decent nutrition.

They may not initially realise this, but if diets aren’t developed with nutrition in mind, it’s very easy for people to under nourish when restricting food intake. (4)

With Wonderslim you do not need to worry about nutrient deficiencies and the potential effects on your health.

All Wonderslim diet plans include a balanced range of meal replacements and a recommended shopping lists of healthy foods.

They also include a long list of vitamins and minerals in their own diet products, making sure you are getting valuable nutrition during the plan.


With many diets, people give up due to the restrictive rules of the program they are following.

Although these strict diets usually do result in weight loss, most people either quit due to cravings or put the weight back on afterwards. (5)

Wonderslim doesn’t completely constrict what you can eat during their range of plans. Alongside the multiple ready meals and snacks, they also include a grocery list of healthy foods for you to choose from.

The benefit of this is twofold. You have variety which makes you less likely to quit the plan and you also get to learn and practice a healthy diet for yourself.

This increases probability of maintaining your weight loss after the plan has ended.

What’s Included?

To help you build up your plan Wonderslim has a huge variety of products available for you to choose from. You can choose from shakes, protein bars, crisps, snacks and even desserts.

Meal Plans

How you follow WonderSlim depends upon the plan you have chosen.

There are three different plans to choose from: ‘basic essentials’, ‘core classic’ and ‘premium complete’.

The ‘basic essentials’ plan provides you with 4 ready made meal replacements and snacks per day of your choosing.

The ‘core classic’ provides 5 meals, while the ‘premium complete’ plan provides 7 meals/snacks per day.

Alongside your chosen meals and snacks you will receive grocery shopping and healthy meal planning advice if you want to switch up your meals during the plan.

You can order the plans in 2 or 4 week sizes.

Sample Menu

To give you an idea of a typical day on the Wonderslim plan, below is a typical day:

Breakfast: Wonderslim meal replacement shake

Snack: piece of fruit or Wonderslim bar

Lunch: Wonderslim meal replacement shake or healthy meal

Snack: Wonderslim pretzel snacks

Dinner: healthy grilled chicken and vegetables.

Special Requirements

A selection of Wonderslim products are gluten free, but they do not offer special dietary requirements such as ‘nut free’.

WonderSlim Ingredients

Of course, we couldn’t feasibly cover all of the ingredients in all products here, consequently we will examine the most important nutrients used across the range:


When people think of protein, they usually think muscle. Whilst it is true protein is required by our bodies to produce muscle, this isn’t the only reason we need it.

Protein is also used in the manufacture of almost all tissues in our bodies, as well as enzymes, hormones and factors of our immune system.  

For this reason protein is essential to our health.

High protein consumption is very effective for weight loss. Protein helps to preserve muscle mass when you are losing weight, ensuring that it’s fat and not lean mass you are shedding during your diet.

Defending lean muscle from being used as fuel in a diet scenario is essential. This is because having lean muscle mass not only makes you look good, it also contributes to the amount of calories you burn on a daily basis.

More muscle means a higher metabolism. (6)

Consuming high protein meals are known to prevent you from feeling hungry for longer it has this effect in multiple ways.

Protein serves to increase the levels of a satiety hormone which is called Cholecystokinin (CCK), while at the same time working to inhibit the action of the hormone that causes hunger – ghrelin. (7,8)

Protein also boosts the amount of calories you burn throughout the day. (9)

Wonderslim products are high in protein to ensure you get maximum weight loss benefits.


Carbohydrates provide us with the energy we need to stay alive. Almost all of our energy comes from dietary carbohydrates. (10)

Carbs provide us with energy due to the way our body breaks them down into a form of sugar, called glucose.

Glucose is absorbed from our digestive system into the blood, where it is picked up by our cells and used to make energy. This glucose is then converted into a fuel source molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Whether it’s muscle movement or brain activity, ATP is the power behind all of the functions and processes taking place in our body systems. (11)

The trouble with high carb diets is that they can result in spikes in blood sugar, cravings and weight gain. (12)

If the energy produced by carbohydrates is not used, our body likes to store it as fat for later use. Also high carb diets can encourage water retention which make you look and feel heavier than you really are. (13)

Wonderslim products have a deliberately low amount of carbohydrates. This ensures you are consuming enough for adequate energy, but not too much to cause problems with weight loss.

Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is fantastic for health and supporting weight loss.

It prolongs satiety, lowers blood cholesterol and therefore reduces the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Soluble fiber is the type that soaks up water and fluids in the digestive tract, helping you to feel more satisfied after a meal. It also slows the absorption of glucose, preventing blood sugar spikes. (14)

Insoluble fiber bulks out the stools, increases the rate of digestion and captures fats and toxins as it passes through the gut. (15,16)

Wonderslim contains around 9 g of dietary fiber in their diet products.


We all know fats have a high calorie content, so they are not a good choice if you are trying to lose weight.

When it comes to your health, it is essential to be aware which kind of fats you are consuming.

The most troublesome fat is ‘saturated fat’. This type clogs up the arteries making them narrower, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. (17)

Unfortunately, many convenience foods have hidden amounts of saturated fat, making it more difficult to make a healthy choice.

All Wonderslim products have very low amounts of saturated fat, even the chocolate dessert options.

Vitamins and Minerals

Wonderslim includes a long list of vitamins and minerals in their products to ensure you are getting all the goodness you need during your diet. The following are the most frequently included:

Vitamin A:  supports our immune system, the production of red blood cells, defends eyesight from degeneration and protects skin health. (18)

Vitamin C: is a very powerful antioxidant which is essential for immune health. (19)

Calcium: needed for bone strength and nervous system efficiency. (20)

Iron: combats fatigue and supports the transport of oxygenated blood. (21)

Vitamin E: great for skin. Has very wide ranging antioxidant properties. (22)

Thiamine: needed for correct heart and muscle function. (23)

Riboflavin: required for the breakdown of nutrients from your diet. (24)

Niacin: balances cholesterol and support heart health. (25)

Vitamin B6: supports protein digestion. (26)

Folate: defends against fatigue. (27)

Vitamin B12: required for a healthy brain. (28)

Biotin: keeps skin and hair strong. (29)

Pantothenic acid: helps regulate the mood. (30)

Phosphorus: essential for bone health. (31)

Iodine: critical for healthy metabolism. (32)

Zinc: defends against infection. (33)

Copper: assists in regeneration and effective healing. (34)

Side Effects

There aren’t any serious side effects related to the use of Wonderslim plans.

However, you may find the change in diet causes some digestive issues to begin with. This is because it could take a couple days for your body to get used to the ingredients and the change of diet.

The most frequently reported side effects are bloating, gas, nausea and bowel problems and stomach ache.

However, these side effects shouldn’t last very long, but if you continue to feel unwell stop use and speak to your physician.


Wonderslim offers a very easy way for people to control their calorie intake without getting bored and submitting to cravings.

We like how the meal replacements and snacks are chosen by the person who orders them. There is a choice from a large range of tasty looking, nutritionally balanced products.

We are also impressed with how Wonderslim actively guides followers to change their lifestyle long term, by providing advice on healthy grocery lists and meal advice.

The only potential downside to Wonderslim is the cost. We think that you could obtain a large amount of healthy groceries for less than the cost of Wonderslim.

That said, we still feel Wonderslim is a great plan for people who are busy, or who lack confidence in their own ability to effectively change their diet without guidance.

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