Vorwerk Review — Is it a scam?

Vorwerk is an MLM that dabbles in a bit of everything from cosmetics to vacuums.

Some network marketing companies seem to spring up from nowhere and then quickly dissipate, but some seem to outlast all others.

One of the oldest MLM companies in existence today is Vorwerk.

What started as an average carpet company in 1883 in Germany has grown to be one of the most well-known companies of its kind anywhere in the world. The company is found in 75 different countries and has a global workforce of 12,000 people as well as 600,000 self-employed individual sellers.


The original carpeting products that made Vorwerk so famous has not gone away, but have since expanded to a wide range of products.

Vorwerk has become known for its cosmetic line (not nearly as popular as Mary Kay, but still good) as well as its high-quality kitchen appliances. Other products include a line of vacuum cleaners and even a financial institution offering business loans to help up and coming businesses to grow.

Jafra Cosmetics is the cosmetic line specific to Vorwerk and includes a wide range of products within the category. Skin care, decorative cosmetics, and perfumes are a part of their cosmetic line as well. Their anti-aging creams are world renowned for their exceptional quality.

Full sized Kebold vacuums have been a part of the Vorwerk company for almost as many years as the company has sold carpeting, but a hand-held version was made available in the 1930s. With the new innovations in technology, a robot vacuum has become one of the line’s biggest sellers.

Kitchen appliances one of the largest divisions within the Vorwerk MLM.

They have produced a well-known and well-respected line of home kitchen appliances that utilizes multi-functions to help the average homeowner with general tasks. They work to make products for the consumer that take a lot of the overall work out of the housework experience.

The newest sector in the products offered by Vorwerk comes in the form of purified water.

As purified water sales have increased globally in all markets, it was a natural decision for Vorwerk to acquire Lux Asia Pacific, a purified water company. The products are sold worldwide, but the primary market remains in Asia.

It would seem odd that an MLM would offer financial services, but Vorwerk is one of the only companies that does.

Although the company did not start out offering loans to small and medium companies. The financial end of this MLM began by offering a way to finance the products they offered to customers who did not have immediate cash on hand.

It was a risky move for the time, but Vorwerk is all about making it easier to purchase their products. The financial avenue was and still is one of the most profitable aspects of the company allowing some to sell products that others won’t let them (for instance, Avon doesn’t have a program like this).

Compensation Plan

Most MLM companies offer a clear cut view of their overall compensation plan.

Vorwerk however has chosen to be quite tight-lipped about the overall income potential to those who participate in the company. Like all MLMs however, they do offer the opportunity to sell the products and take part in some of the profits.

It is unclear as to how a successful client is to do this as Vorwerk as there is little information available on previous successes of the company. However, one thing that is in the favor zof Vorwerk is the fact that they have been in business for over 130 years. They must be doing something right.

Vorwerk does offer chances to get in on the MLM, but they are much like starting a standard job. The main benefit to these possibilities is that the client makes his or her own hours. The possibilities are apprenticeship, student, college graduates, experienced workers, and directs sales.

Apprenticeships and students are given roughly the same opportunities.

They are allowed to learn and grow through working with others within the company, but not given the opportunity to expand their knowledge through actual sales until their experience brings them to upper levels.

College graduates and experienced workers are given a bit more opportunity for sales and a larger stake in the company, but it is not until the person reaches the direct sales opportunity that they are given the chance to make real money.

The direct sales level allows the person to be their own boss and choose their own hours. Regular sales seminars are a part of the program at this level as well as developmental training to ensure the chance of success.


Vorwerk is one of the most successful MLM companies in existence today, however information is difficult to find as to how much income potential is available to participants.

The fact remains that the company has been around longer than any other MLM that is on the market today.

You might also find comfort in the fact that the German based company has maintained the same name unlike other companies that merely change the name of the company when they find themselves in legal disputes. The growth of Vorwerk is another welcoming sign for any MLM as many spring up and fall away quite quickly.

It is not clear as to how participants are able to make an income with the company, but with the estimated 12,000 employed individuals within Vorwerk, along with the 600,000 individual contractors throughout the world, success is possible.

The only negative to the Vorwerk MLM is that there products have come under scrutiny mainly due to the fact that information on the source of the products is also hard to find.

It is up to the consumer to determine whether Vorwerk is the right MLM for them, but with this company it is likely that one has to get involved with the company before any information is received.


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