Visi Review — Is it a scam?

Visi is a wellness brand dabbling in everything from supplements to skincare.

The name is apparently what Viking leaders were called way back when Vikings were a thing. Not sure how well the Viking culture would approve of a company that sells stuff that makes skin softer taking their name, but they do. In fact, they say:

You will become Vísi [a Viking leader]. Then, as you help others become Vísi themselves, you will maximize your potential and literally change lives. Additionally, Vísi will help you reach your true potential by providing you multiple ways to enhance your life.


There are a concentrated number of products from Visi.

Most of them seem to be quality and genuinely focus on helping certain aspects of a persons health. That said, the all fall in pretty drastically different categories. With only 7 products, they all handle very different things.

It puts them right in the middle, as far as MLMs go. Some offer one or two products, total. Others have a tons, even hundreds of items to sell (Unicity does).

First in the line (on Visi’s product page) is “Energi”.

It’s a drink mix that, you guessed it, helps with your energy. There are other benefits promised by the company. Some of which are to “Fight fatigue, mental fog, and thirst with one refreshing drink mix.* Energí helps you have fast and sustained energy by supporting increased blood flow and providing your body with a powerful blend of natural energy-boosting ingredients.”

“Immuniti” is another word spelled different, but it’s another drink mix that helps boost your immunity. There’s advanced nutrition involved that builds up your natural system of the good while also utilizing one of the best anti-oxidants, Glutathione.

Jumping out of the drink category and moving into pill-based supplements, there’s “Lyfta”.

It’s still a funny name to point toward what it actually does. It is a mood enhancer (lyft, like lift, get it?). Anyway, there are all sorts of goodies inside that help you fight mental and physical fatigue while improving your focus.

Next up, Visi offers “Mikla” (mee-cluh).

It’s the skin cream from the company (very Viking-like, right?). It seems to be decent stuff and uses some oils that we’ve not seen in our reviews of similar products (like Jeunesse)—one of which is something called “arctic cloudberry”.

Back into the consumable camp, the next product is a protein powder that is called “Nufinna”.

The name is still unique, but the direct meaning is less clear here. As with most MLMs, it’s not just a drink-mix powder that gives you protein. Some of the (many) benefits include; healthy joints and muscle help, encourages weight loss and muscle recovery, has nutrients and such to keep things ultra healthy.

Another name that gives you a chance of guessing what it does—”Probita”.

If you’re thinking it’s a probiotic, you’d be wrong. Sounds like it though, right? It’s actually to help curb cravings for those who are looking to lose weight. Maybe it’s a take on “prohibiting” those late-night snacks.

The cool thing about this appetite controller is that it’s a chew. Not a drink you have to mix, or a pill to take. You get some enjoyment out of it while it does the job of making you less hungry.

An almost dirty name (once you know what it does) is “Rensa”.

It’s a cleansing supplement. Proper digestion, detoxing, weight loss enhancers, all leading to better overall health due to this one supplement.

If you’re not into the chews, Visi does offer a supplement (in pill form) that does the same job—called “Valia”.

It’s not just for appetite control, though. According to the product page, “Aids in appetite suppression, Promotes better weight loss results, Supports the conversion of fats, carbs, and proteins into energy, Boosts energy without synthetic caffeine’s side effects, Stimulates thermogenesis to provide stamina.

All of those things had a * beside them and you’ll have to read the fine print to figure it out for yourself.

And thats it there are no more products available from Visi. The question is, can someone make money selling them?

Compensation Plan

This is one of the most complicated comp plans we’ve seen (and we’re talking about hundreds of them).

We see some serious math when trying to decipher this company’s take on paying their distributors. At first, things seem normal, especially if you understand the MLM world. After reading into the nearly all text comp system—things get a bit nebulous.

You’ll start out as a “Qualified Visi Partner” and begin to work your way up. The next level is “Leader” and we’re not sure if they send you a Viking helmet…yet.

At a certain point you become “Arctic” and all the levels after that have that word in them all the way up to “Royal Arctic Diamond”. It’s these arctic levels where things go wonky. You have to maintain a certain amount of sales for “periods”.

We’re still trying to figure out how to move up the ranks. Take a look at this screenshot to give you an idea of the issues.

Minimum buy-in to get started is over $330 and goes all the way up to over $1200. The reason for this is the expense of the products. They’re all pricey and the PV system is a bit…confusing too.


The products seem good. The Scandinavian names are pretty cool. The prices are a bit much. And the compensation plan may be for Vikings only.

All told, it’s not a bad company to try and sell. It’s also not big in the States right now. This could have a certain allure to those who want to be on the ground level of a new opportunity. If you have friends interested, it could be a good downline waiting to happen.


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