Visalus Review — Is it a scam?

Visalus is a three-tier style MLM with products based off of life, health and prosperity.

Like many MLM companies, the focus is on health related products and the ability to “share” the experience with others.

The company was founded by Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen, and Nick Sarnicola and has become one of the fastest growing businesses in the industry since 2010. The company has gained momentum with celebrity endorsements, such as Britany Spears in Women’s Health, and testimonials.

Visalus is a fast growing and fast paced community focusing on the health, life, and well-being of those which are involved. The company goes so far as to have  a child’s program to promote fitness and minimize childhood obesity.


Visalus offers a large selection of meals, drink mixes (like Usana), snacks, and supplements. The company builds upon a ”challenge”. There are a few different challenge groups, and the duration & intent of the group determines the products that they wish to sell.

Project 10 is a 10lbs challenge which uses the Weight Loss Kit. This kit includes Vi-Shape Nutritional Shakes pouches, Health Flavor Mix-in Sample, Vi-Salus NEURO Raspberry Boost Drink Mix, Nutra-Bars, VI Bites, Nutra-Cookie, VI-Slim Metab-Awake, and Vi-Trim Clear Control Drink Mix.

Corresponding to the Project 10 is a Body by Vi challenge which has a 90 day weight loss. The product for this are the same, apart from the need to use a build your own kit to refurbish supplies when they go out.

VI Life is a year challenge and is primarily focused on the Lifestyle and Fitness Kit. The lifestyle’s main product is VI-Shape while the fitness kit has primarily energy boosting supplements. It’s a lot like Total Life Changes, another MLM.

While the company doesn’t (yet) offer physical products that promote weight loss, this program could be a great tool for both retail sales of the goods and recruitment. You can build your network with people who want to make a life change—both in their health and finances.

The kits have a how to use and some nutritional benefits, but in order to really get the information about the products you will have to either purchase the products, know someone with the products, or contact the company directly.

Generally, the products appear to be mainly protein based with Vitamins A, E, and other common supplemental ingredients. Again, the particulars are unknown as the contents of individual packs could not be found.

Compensation plan

Visalus incentive program summary is based upon several levels.

At the base a personal customer commissions can earn 10 to 30%. It is somewhat misleading as the first 10% of Personal Customer Comissions is from New Customers and is paid on orders that new promotors make within the first 24 hours of enrollment.

Your first 200 in sales does not apply towards commissions.

To maintain any status in the company, you will need to have at least 3 new team members a month and those members will need to build up their teams.

Additionally, you will need to purchase packages and host events in order to build this list. While the sheet showcases the car incentives, these are not offered until you reach higher levels.

Active promotors must have 200 PQ per month or 125 on monthly delivery. This number increases as the status increases. Bonuses are given for those which you can get to join the Challenges, particularly the lifetime challenge bonus.

While the sheet is aesthetically pleasing, the icons and information is a bit hard to understand.

The second page is a bit easier, but the fine print and the stipulations on the various tiers make the workings and compensation plan non-intuitive for the common man/woman. Yes, a glossary of terms is provided for the reader, but unless that person has a degree in business or understands MLM business practices, they are quite apt to become befuddled.

Here’s  a quick screenshot to help you sort it out.

Pay close attention to the color scheme of the Vi Incentive Program Summary as it will tell you the level that you must be in order to receive certain compensations.

Also, even if a color represents the desired status, read the small print as some incentives such as the VI Drive Luxury Car Club require you to be a Rising Star and to maintain your rank and structure to own or lease your car.

Lifetime Challenge Bonus requires you to be a Rising star and Paid Rank Regional Director, and only the original Personal Enroller is elligable.


The Challenges offered by the company will be the independent contractor’s main source of income.

As people are less apt to purchase a product just for the sake of making a purchase, this is an ingenious marketing method. Additionally, the t-shirt rewards and the community based support lends to more of a fitness fad and a fitness club then it does to a product marketing company (which is what it is).

Due to the “club” perception which propels the sales of this company, those which have the exposure to a large group of health and fitness oriented persons are more apt to have success than those which attempt to promote the business online.

There is a market for Social Media users to use the Challenge and post pictures to drive traffic and boost commissions, but this may be a challenge in itself.

Compensation Plan details are a bit confusing, and so it is strongly recommended that a person review and ask questions about the plan. The sheet bolds the perks for a reason, and the astute reader will see this as a means of drawing the attention away from the fine print.


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