Vasayo Review — Is it a scam?

Vasayo is an MLM specializing in health supplements. The company was started by Dallin and Karree Larson.

They bring products to the average person to improve their overall health. There are a number of MLM companies that sell vitamin supplement and health products, but this one is said to offer exactly what the body needs from a molecular standpoint.

If you’re looking for something a bit more scientific, take a look at Stemtech’s supplements.

It is a multi-billion-dollar company that has proven itself by winning multiple awards throughout its long history.


The products offered by Vasayo have been meticulously thought out by the team of highly experienced executives to deliver health and wellness for the whole body and instead of having an extensive range of multiple products, they focus their attention on just a handful of products that range in price from $50 for the single products all the way to $1,400 for the packages of multiple products.

The products offered include sleep aids, vitamin supplements, as well as neurological substances.

The most basic supplement in the Vasayo line comes in the form of Core Essentials. This mixture of ingredients claims to be able to fill in the gaps that are missing in the standard diet.

The food quality is not what it used to be and therefore people are missing out on essential ingredients within their daily diet. Core Essentials is the answer to that problem through advanced technology to deliver the nutrients in the most efficient way to the body’s systems.

Next up, there’s Neuro.

There is so much emphasis on the need for total body health, yet people forget about the need for our mental health. Certain brain functions can begin to slip when it is not properly nourished. Neuro is the supplement that enhances brain function by nourishing the brain to the maximum.

Neuro provides the ability for the brain to balance moods and elevate cognitive functions. Those who have used Neuro have reported a significant boost in energy without the need for caffeine and other harmful substances.

Vasayo has a sleep aid simply called— Sleep.

Sleep aids have become a huge money maker for the pharmaceutical companies. It seems as though everyone is taking some form of sleep aid, but a pill is not always the answer.

Sometimes it is about the scent of the room. Calming mists have been on the market for years with limited success, but Sleep from Vasayo is the culmination of years of research and development to form a spray that is proven to allow you to fall asleep and stay asleep for a restful night without having to take a pill.

Energy. Lack of energy in our lives is another area where the pharmaceutical companies can step in.

Energy pills, drinks, and potions of every kind are on the market and claim to have mythical powers to provide energy.

However, in reality, most of these products are nothing more than caffeine sugar bombs that give the user energy for a brief time with an inevitable crash. Energy is a microgel that has been formulated to provide long-lasting energy without the need for sugars and caffeine and does not have the same crash qualities as the other products on the market today.

The Ambassador Pack is sort of an all-in-one kit with all supplements.

This is the pack for anyone looking for complete and total health. It contains every product offered by Vasayo including 8 of each of the sprays and 4 of each of the other products. It is perfect for getting started within the company selling or having your very own stockpile of the products for yourself.

If you like supplements, but also want other products, Advocare is a pretty cool MLM.

Compensation Plan

The Vasayo company offers 8 ways to earn within the company, detailed in their compensation plan.

The first area is the customer sales bonus in which the seller receives a bonus for sharing the products with friends.

The second way is product introduction bonus where the seller earns 20% of the first commissionable order.

Third is the team commission where the seller can begin to earn as their team grows. This is paid on a weekly basis.

Fourth is the team commission matching bonus.

Fifth is the rank advancement bonus for significant accomplishments within the company.

Sixth is the global leadership bonus which is given out when the seller reaches gold status.

Seventh is the lifestyle trips which enables the seller to travel luxuriously throughout the world.

And finally, the eight ways to earn is the multiple business centers that are designed to enable the seller to set up multiple organizations to continue earning within the company.


MLM companies aways require research before diving deep into them, but as long as the products work as they say and the compensation plan is on the up and up, it can be beneficial.

Vasayo does make some significant claims about the 8 levels of income, but they neglect to tell the potential seller exactly how much work goes into the varying levels. There is potential to make money, but it is unclear as to what is required for each level.

The products do have a number of success stories attached with them and they do not seem to be making false claims as to what they can do for the customer.

The only bit of caution that should be noted is that the products are not certified by the FDA. That is not to say that the company is not legitimate, but it is always cause for proper evaluation. Vasayo does maintain a recognition board with many success stories of not just the highest-ranking sellers, but also some of the lower ranking ones as well.

There could be a lot of money to be made, but there could be potential for great loss as with all MLM companies.


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