USANA Review — Is it a scam?

USANA is an MLM in the nutrition and wellness niche that is very popular among famous doctors.

This is a company that claims that their products can repair the body on a cellular level. The whole this was founded in West Valley, UT by Myron W. Wentz PhD.

It has been the mission of USANA to provide health related products to the general public with more of a focus on educating teens and children on how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

Their products are formulated with “Celligence Technology” and are primarily designed to spark a person’s ability to become healthier.


The products provided by USANA are easily categorized into three main categories, Essential Nutrition, Optimizers, and Digestion/Detox. Each on has their own set of individual products with package deals to enable full body health.

Essential Nutrition enables the user to build a strong foundation of health principles to keep their body running at optimal level (as opposed to just having one or two core products, like Plexus).

Eight products fall within this category including Core Minerals (like Seacret’s line), Vita Antioxidant, CellSentials Pack, Eye Essentials Pack, Bone and Joint Health Oz Pack, Eye Essentials Plush Pack, Health Pack, and Active Energy Pack Oz Pack. As Dr. Oz is one of the largest sponsors for USANA, his name appears on some of the package deals.

Products from this group range from $18.45 for single products all the way to $146.80 for the largest of the packages.

Optimizers are more of a personal product.

Unlike other products that seem to be popular packaged for the use of everyone, this category enables you to make more of the decisions regarding what is right for your individual needs. The products work with a tailored nutritional regimen that includes cardiovascular health, skeletal, endocrine, and digestion systems.

Optimizers come in a wide range of different products due to the unique nature of this area of health. USANA offers products ranging from $17 all the way to $125.

Some of the products offered in this category include Procasa for joint health, Bone Health Plus, Essentials for Health and Fitness Pack, Digestive Support Pack, and PhytoEstrin designed for women’s health.

The final category is Digestion and Detox.

It is within this area that the detoxification regimen is said to help the most. Toxins found throughout our bodies and within the foods we eat can cause an extensive amount of health issues. Digestion and Detox products include USANA Probiotic, Digestion Enzyme, Hepasil DTX, Deluxe Digestion and Detox Pack, the basic Digestion and Detox Pack.

Products from this category can be a bit more expensive than the previous two with price ranges from $25 to $420.

Compensation Plan

The MLM of USANA has been supplying health related products since 1992 with a mission of overall health to all users.

Those that sell USANA products have been quite successful due to the company’s compensation plan. USANA makes it possible to earn a sizable living to those that are willing to put in the work. The company offers the ability to sell the products and make a profit in one of four ways

The first opportunity to make sales is with retail sales.

This is the quickest way to make a profit and can help the representative build a reputation and long-term sales for the company.

Retail sales requires the representative to purchase the products at cost and then sell those products at a price comparable to other products in the area. The recommendation from USANA is that the representative set the price at around 10% of the base cost to maximize the overall profit while staying competitive.

The second part of the compensation plan requires that the representative market the products to other sellers and build a team.

The team makes money on an individual basis and with multiple people selling the products, the team head receives a bonus for high volume of sales. the bonus can be carried over to additional weeks to maximize the efficiency of the team.

The representative gets the primary credit for the sales of the team.

The third way to earn money with USANA is with Incentives. Contests and events come up from time to time where team leaders are able to maximize their overall profits and earn incentives such as trips to exotic areas of the world and high dollar prizes. Some of the prizes do include a cash bonus as well.

The highest category for earning potential comes with the leadership bonus as well as the elite bonus. Those that maintain these top rankings are able to share in the profits of the company.

The current numbers are approximately $1 million per quarter split between those in these high-ranking positions. Those that find their way to this part of the business are able to train new leaders.


USANA is a company that has been featured on Dr. Oz and has been around for over 25 years and therefore the claims that they make are quite legitimate.

However, the company has come under scrutiny in recent years. In 2011 three USANA executives resigned including Fred Cooper, Jeff Yates, and Riley Trimmer.

It is not been made public as to why the executives resigned, but should be noted that company executives were said to have lied about claims made by the company in previous years.

USANA has been known to make participants a good amount of money, but the numbers do say that only around 20% of the participants make on average above 60,000 per year.

The rest of the 80% of the company claim that they only make enough to barely cover the cost of selling the items. It should also be noted that since this is a company that primarily sells supplements, there are currently no USDA ratings regarding the legitimacy of supplements in America.


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