Truvision Review — Is it a scam?

TruVision is one of the largest health and wellness MLM companies around today.

Most of the general public has at least heard of the name and many of them have invested in either the company itself or at the very least, had some form of contact with the products they offer. Founding partner David Brown has done well to market the company toward the public.

There is a clear and concise plan as to how distributors can make money.

Some MLM companies make a great effort to expand their horizons in an effort to take in more profit. TruVision works a little differently as they have found their niche and are sticking with it. They are all about bringing good health to individuals the world over.


Products from the company are vast, but include vitamins, essential oils (nowhere near the diversity of Doterra on these though), and even brownie mixes for a healthy lifestyle.

Price ranges for these products tend to be anywhere from $15 all the way up into the hundreds. The cost is dependent upon what is purchased and if it remains a standard purchase on a monthly basis.

TruControl is one of the more successful products enables the user to gain control of their lives through increased metabolism that brings about weight loss. There is no complicated meal plan to follow unlike other products on the market. TruVision boasts that TruControl only uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure that they are well-received by multiple body types.

Other benefits of TruControl are that the vitamins suppress appetite and optimizes body fat to maintain the healthy lifestyle.

TruVision also has one of the best multi-surface cleaners on the market today.

This cleaner is called Simply Clean and takes all of the harmful chemicals out of the cleaning process. It is a 100% biodegradable product and safe for the whole family to use on all surfaces throughout the home. The natural sanitizing product like True Clean are even safe for the animals within the home as well.

It is not always enough to simply take vitamins into the body and exercise for total health.

Hydration is essential as well. Heart and Hydration is comparable to many of the other hydration options on the market, but the key in these health drinks is that they are completely natural. They promote a healthy hearth through hydration with very few calories with every serving.

The stick packs are easy to take along on any workout and are mixed with a bottle of water to keep active and hydrated throughout a workout. Essentially, it’s a powdered drink that keeps you going. You can use it in the gym, or even to help clean your house (with similar style products to Vorwerk).

Essential Oils are everywhere these days, but the source of essential oils is not always as natural as they appear.

TruVision maintains that their essential oil line is from the purest sources for essential oils and therefore the potent nature of their products is superior to others on the market.  Clear is an essential oil blend the improves respiratory function and lavender allows for relaxation to happen in even the most stressful environments.

These are just a few of the options in their long list of essential oils available From TruVision.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan for TruVision is remarkably simple, especially when compared to other MLM companies.

Their philosophy is that they want their customers and potential investors to first try the products before distributing to anyone. That way, the individual can get behind the company from their own perspective rather than simply go by what the company claims

During this first step the potential investor is given a sample of the products to try and once they see the difference in their overall health from the trial, they can then invest the necessary funds and share the opportunity with new recruits.

The process is repeated over and over until a network or promoters is available to sell TruVision’s products.

The general investment is as little as the initial $35 startup fee and the potential for return on that small investment is limitless depending on the drive and desires of the seller.

Commission is based on how many people the initial investor can recruit underneath them. The first-generation seller has the ability to earn on average 20% above their investment, 2nd generation is 10%, and all other generations of sellers have a 5% payback potential.

Here’s a screenshot that helps visualize.

The highest sellers within TruVision are among the ones that have stake in the company and are allowed to share in the overall profits.

The rankings are based on stars from 5 to 7. The more stars an investor earns the more shares they are able to get from the parent company.


TruVision is a company that is all about total body health.

Past performance from their products does show that there is promise in the brand and the claims are true. However, there are some instances where TruVision has come under scrutiny from past participants in the program.

These instances have largely been linked to the fact that the participants simply did not put the foot work into TruVision products to see an adequate profit.

Any investment into any MLM should always be done with a bit of caution.

TruVision is among the more inexpensive investments because they do allow their sellers to try the product and can be started for $35.

The earning potential is limitless and one can begin making money immediately, but always properly research any product that you look to invest in. TruVision may not be as old as some other MLMs, but it has proven to make sellers that are willing to work, a substantial profit.


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