Trivita Review — Is it a scam?

Trivita is a health supplement MLM founded by Michael Ellison.

The company has been around for nearly 20 years. That being stated, this does not mean that the company is well grounded.

According to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), the company and individuals who founded it were held responsible for making “false claims. These claims regarding the cactus-based-fruit drink, Nopalea.” Such raises concerns to the validity of the 10 Foundational Values they claim to uphold.

This company is based upon several different brands which are umbrellaed under the Trivita name. While there are a few supplements and products which have been proven to benefit the individual, the cost of such products is a bit higher than what you would find the supplements for in most stores.


There are a few different supplements offered by Trivity, each with their own logo and representation. There is the Nopalea Capsules, the Slow Dissolve B-12, MYOHEALTH, a line of vitamins and minerals from Trivita, and Essential oils.

Nopalea is based from the prickly cactus. Most MLMs have an angle like this. Some, like Stemtech,  are more unique than others.

The drink and the pill form both contain Betalains, antioxidants, which theoretically detox the body. The site claims that the Nopal is a super fruit that is capable of extraordinary health benefits. But then again, there is the Government’s statement that they beefed up the effectiveness with this product which should cause some concern.

Alfred Libby’s Slow Dissolve Super B-12 is a product which holds two logos, both the Trivita logo and the Alfred Libby’s logo.

Alfred Libby invented Folic Acid, Created Vital C, B-6, and worked as a Physician for years. B-12 is an essential vitamin that the CDC has stated is a common deficiency in persons over 50 years.

MAYOHEALTH Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder is a muscle builder protein similar to those which you would find in the mega market.

There are no real differences between this product apart from the fact that it contains no dairy, soy, or gluten (unlike for example whey powder). That being stated, it is mainly composed of Pea Protein isolate, rice protein, and salt.

Trivita’s Energy Now is a blend of polyphenols, intended to give you a boost of energy.

The supplement is a mixture of green tea, cocoa beans extract, Gelatin, rice four, and magnesium. Benefiting this supplement is the lack of a direct injection of caffeine. However, like many energy organics it is primarily green tea and rice four based. (Javita also sells coffee and tea on the MLM model.)

VitaCal-MagD K2 is yet another brand under the Trivita products.

The supplement is a calcium supplement containing 500mg of calcium as well as Vitamin K, Vitamin D, and Magnesium (250 mg). Calcium has been shown to build healthy bones, so taking such directly may help to boost the health of bones in those lacking this essential.

Compensation Plan

Trivita builds their compensation plan under the advertisement of premium membership.

The purchase and rewards program is based off of VitaPoints, which technically have no currency Value. Yet, when you click on the rewards and payouts you see a dollar value. This dollar value goes to the dollars off your products, not the dollars that go to your pocketbook or wallet. Here is how it works.

When you place an order you earn 4 points for every dollar that you spend. These points accumulate on your account and you can cash them in.

A purchase which is made from someone that you refer gains you 20 VitaPoints for every dollar spent. Redeeming points are bsed on 100 ($1), 500 ($5) 1000 ($10) 2000 ($20) 2500 ($25), and 5000 ($50).

It is a bit confusing when you get into the VitaPoints and the redeeming value.

While you are told that you get $20 on every dollar that you spend, the site tells you also that you get 4% of the product value on all of your purchases. Refer someone and you get 20% of the product value of their orders for life. Then you have the Auto Replenishment (ARP) which claims to give 8% of the product value in points.

There are NO cash payouts in this referral program. You must read over the terms and conditions as well as have a scrupulous eye to catch this, but everything goes back to the products that you can purchase. Each point is worth .01 according to the site.

If the fact that you don’t get any cash is not bad enough, you only have 12 months to cash in your VitaPoints. NO points roll over 12 months.

They expire and you have to start over. Keep in mind that points that you gain in December will expire in December of the next year, those which you accumulate during the year will expire on the corresponding month.


To be honest, some of the products have been screened and marked by some as being marketed under false pretenses. While the company may have adjusted the wordage of the site, the information still leans to give the same benefits.

There is no monetary value to be gained from referral and membership, so only those who purchase products from the site and get others to do the same will benefit.

And seeing as how the value of each point is .01 of a dollar, accumulation of any substantial discount will take quite a while, especially if you take into account the expiring VitaPoints at the 12 month mark.

It is free to join the Trivia premium membership, so there is no risk involved in building up points. That being stated, if you are looking for payouts and high benefits, this is not the company for you.


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