Total Life Changes Review — Is it a scam?

Total Life Changes is an MLM that has a wide range of health and home products.

Total Life Changes (otherwise known as Healthy Haven) markets themselves and their products as a total life change or TLC system for short.

That means that they focus their attention on building up people through their products to achieve their ultimate healthy lifestyle.

Jack Fallon is the founder of Healthy Haven and claims that his intentions will always focus on building a sense of family within the company and looks to change the MLM industry for the better. They are doing that through their work ethics and products.


The products offered through Healthy Haven have quite a lot of ranges especially when you compare the fact that most MLM companies seem to follow one singular niche.

The products come in the form of health-related supplements, coffees (like Javita) and even shapewear, so everyone can find something they want within the lineup making the products an easier sell to many different customers.

One of the products within the nutrition variety of products is known as Iaso Chaga.

The product claims to have a number of health benefits including the ability to ward off certain cancers. Where I am not so certain about that claim, the product also claims to help with immunity defense that could back up the anti-cancer claim.

For Weight loss, one of Healthy Haven’s top products is the TLC SlimR Body Toner Cream.

This product claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite and smooth skin with prolonged use. Users are encouraged to use the cream twice daily and drink plenty of water. It is also noted as being a powerful antioxidant and even skin tones throughout the body.

Another product that Healthy Haven offers is called Iaso Love this seemingly ordinary mixture of herbs claims to be able to rekindle the fire of a woman looking for love.

The natural herbs within the mixture are long lasting and can bring back the spark you may have been lacking. They also claim that Cupid recommends it so it comes from a credible source.

The healing properties of Emu oil are found within the skin care line of Healthy Haven and within the Iaso Oil. The oil claims to be able to heal wounds naturally and reduce the appearance of scars. The testimonials on the site are pretty convincing of its validity and wide variety of benefits.

Within the line of garments offered by Healthy Haven, the Kaprese Full Body TLC Shapewear Garment (a bit like the It Works wraps) is among the best sellers. It shapes the body into the hour glass shape that women truly want. It not only shapes the body, but offers the support needed for perfect posture as well.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of Healthy Haven is relatively difficult to determine.

The site requires that you have to give them your email before the compensation plan video is available. The video itself is a little sketchy on the details and seems to focus primarily on getting the person to believe the claims by offering them the chance to become one of the many millionaires. The basis of the actual plan however is primarily 6 steps.

The first of the steps is the standard retail sales followed by binary commissions, fast start bonuses, check matching, and corporate expense accounts.

The final area is the all-important IASO car bonus in which you are able to get a vehicle from the company when you reach this stage, but rest assured, stipulations will be placed on the availability of this level.

The commission on standard retail sales is 50% with 25% to your Pay Leg.

They also will provide you with a free website that merely has to be activated and maintained by you. As you progress within the program, you are able to build a team in which you are able to have a constant stream of income with 20% binary commissions paid bi-weekly.

The startup fee for beginning with Healthy Haven is $40 and every person you are able to sign up beneath you, you get a bonus of 50% of the startup fee.

There are additional startup fees and packages that can increase your earnings potential up to an extra $500 per week or an extra 5% on binary commissions.

Every binary individual brought into the company gives you 50% commission as well as a 50% check matching on anyone that your binary commissions bring in. There is no limit to the amount of money that can be made at this level. Up to $1000 monthly expense account is available as well as up to $1500 monthly car payment.


Healthy Haven has been in business for many years, but the one drawback seen during research is the fact that this particular company seems to be known by three different names and that does raise some red flags.

The claims that are made do however seem to be legitimate, but it is best to be cautious when choosing to work with a company that makes so many claims that their employees make millions.

It may be true that many millionaires have been made from healthy haven and their products may in fact be the affordable healthy cures that they claim, but caution should always be taken.

The buy in to the company a is only $40 for the base package and that does work in their favor, but other packages can go up to $1000 each. As with all MLM companies, do your research before investing and never be blinded by the chance to get rich quick


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