Thirty One Gifts Review — Is it a scam?

Thirty One Gifts is an MLM specializing in tons of non-consumable goods (mostly bags, totes and baskets). Things like bags, jewelry and home.

It’s almost entirely geared toward women. In fact, the first line on the “Our Story” page is a company founded with the simple mission to empower and support women.

Started in 2003, this direct selling company seems to be first and foremost dedicated to helping women start a business selling things that other women want to buy. It’s a mashup of fashion and opportunity that could really appeal to many.

If you want a company that gears toward women, but want a “party hosting” model, look at our review for Pampered Chef.


There are quite a few products in nine different categories. Each of those has about a dozen or so products.

We won’t go over every product, but we will take a look at each of the categories thirty one gifts has.

First up are the accessories. It’s kind of like a miscellaneous section and has everything from travel cases and scarves to umbrellas and jewelry cases/zipper pouches. There is even a coin purse and a nail file. Like we said, it’s a catch all.

Next, there’s the home goods.

These are mostly containers that you can use in your house. Things like storage bins, catch alls, pillows, and baskets. Most things fit current styles, like right now there’s a whole lot of chevron and gray patterns, because that’s popular.

Breaking the bag and tote line, there is a jewelry section.

This is mainly necklaces, but a few bracelets are available. Some of the neckwear includes a chain, but there are several pendants that are made to go on a chain (that doesn’t come with it). There are only a dozen or so pieces, so it may not wow too many jewelry fans.

Purses is another category. There are twelve different designs. Items here are meant just for style, but volume. You won’t find a small, sleek purse. You will find big tote-like purses and even a backpack. All of them aren’t huge, but the theme seems to be “put your stuff away” throughout most of the products.

Stationary is available, but only two types are on the site right now.

It seems like this isn’t a huge category, but could be a fantastic add-on or “upsell” item when you’re getting ladies interested in your other offers.

The storage and utility section is kinda like the purses, except bigger.

You’ve probably seen those organizers that some people put in there cars to stow away groceries and make it easier to haul it into their home. All of these look like that in size and shape, but with a few designs to make them look stylish.

An upsurge in people taking their lunch to work is happening here in the states. Mostly, it’s do to healthy eating and those who do it want to show off their lunch bag. Thirty One gifts has a whole selection of just that.

Eleven different thermal food totes all look good and ready to sell to all of your office worker friends.

Not to be confused with storage totes, there is an entirely different section labeled “totes”. Not as big as the storage containers, but bigger than many of the purses. They’re totes, a category all their own and very popular in the right areas.

Last up are wallets. With so many totes and purses, you’ll need a wallet to go with it. Sadly, there are only four options. It seems that there would be more, given it’s such a cross-promotional item. Pretty easy to get someone to buy a wallet along with a matching purse or tote. Definitely more so than a necklace or stationary.

Another direct selling company that doesn’t have so many product categories (and caters toward the female market) is Bode Pro. Here’s our review.

Compensation Plan

This MLM works a bit differently than the “traditional” model.

It’s more like a Pampered Chef, where there are parties and you would be a host. That said, there are tiers and bonuses and getting people under you (as far as we could see). It’s just that this model of MLM seems to be just as geared as making a profit from new and continuing customers as it is for you to find others to start a business with the same company.

As far as these businesses go, Thirty One Gifts really seems genuinely dedicated to helping women start a business and make money. But don’t think it’s a sure bet. That’s what most people do.

Just to show you how hard you’ll have to work we’ll include a screenshot of the average payouts.

Take a look at the bottom level, consultant. The average is $548, but the high is close to $12k. That should tell you there are way more people making $1 (or less) than there are making over $600. This doesn’t mean it’s a “scam”, it just means that too many people are signing up under the pretense that it will be easy to earn money.

It’s not.

Enrolling costs $99 bucks, but you actually get $350 worth of merchandise. This is the only deal of its kind we’ve seen. Sure, you can buy products from others at a discount, but the sign up fee actually gets you a decent amount of goods.

Other than that, the company seems to do a good job about keep the details of the comp plan secret. No details are really available on the site, nor via the web (that we could find).


If you are someone who loves totes, bags, and stuff like that as well as knows a ton of ladies that like the same type of things—this opportunity is worth a good look.

Just know that the good intentions of the company don’t turn into profits without hard work, dedication, and some sales skills.


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