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Testofuel Review: The anabolic support complex




Testofuel is a natural testosterone booster that promises to ramp up your male hormone levels and make you feel young again.  

Their formula is free from synthetic hormones and artificial stimulants. It includes only natural extracts such as: d-aspartic acid, fenugreek, ginseng and magnesium, among others, to help you push yourself to the max.

This Testofuel review delves deeper into the science and formula behind Testofuel – to give you a solid idea whether it’s a good match for you.


What is Testofuel?

Testofuel is an all natural testosterone booster that can help to improve muscle gains, lift mood, increase energy and libido, and shorten recovery times.

How to take Testofuel?

Testofuel should be taken four times per day, one capsule per dose.

Who should use Testofuel?

Testofuel should be used by anyone who feels they are suffering with the symptoms of low testosterone, or who wants to improve the results from their workout regime.

How much does Testofuel cost?

A 30 day supply (1 bottle) of Testofuel costs $65.00; two bottles costs $130.00 with free US/UK delivery; three bottles (plus one free) costs $195.00, including free worldwide delivery, two free ebooks, and a conditional 90 day money back guarantee.

Is Testofuel legal?

Yes, Testofuel is legal.

Is Testofuel safe?

Yes, Testofuel is safe, unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Where to buy Testofuel?

Testofuel can only be purchased from their website.

Does Testofuel really work?

Testofuel ingredients are scientifically proven to increase testosterone.

Are there any Testofuel alternatives?

Similar products to Testofuel are Prime Male and Testogen.


Testosterone levels don’t remain constant, they do take a downturn. When this occurs, you start to feel like everything is much harder work than it used to be.

All of a sudden you find yourself feeling tired, flabby and unmotivated, with little interest in sex.

Testofuel can help pull you out of this low testosterone pit, making you feel like a new man again.

Their formula is loaded with natural ingredients. All are widely accepted for their ability to increase levels of the male hormone safely and effectively.  

By raising your testosterone levels testofuel promises you will experience the following benefits:

Muscle Mass Gains

Getting older is something that comes to us all. As more milestones pass by, you may start to notice that spare tyre growing, and wonder where your muscle definition went.

But growing old does not neccesarily mean you have to just accept this – by elevating testosterone levels, you can see the same results in the gym as when you were a younger man.

When you lift heavy weights at the gym, your muscles become slightly torn. This isn’t a bad thing, this is how muscles are made.

Your body repairs the tiny tears by adding more muscle. This is to make sure you are strong enough to handle that strain next time.

But if you do not have enough testosterone, the amount of muscle added will be much smaller, meaning you will struggle to get bigger or stronger. (1)

This is because testosterone speeds up protein synthesis, this basically means how fast you build muscle.

Testofuel can ensure you get the size and strength results you deserve from your workouts.

Faster Recovery Times

It’s not just improving the effectiveness of muscle repair that makes testosterone important to building the physique you want.

If you are looking to gain mass fast, you need to hit the gym on a regular basis.

Sore muscles can slow you down, keeping you out of the weight room longer than planned should you want to hit your goals.

Testosterone encourages nitrogen retention within muscle mass. A surplus of this chemical within the crucial tissue has a positive effect. It means you delay muscle fatigue and also recover quicker.

Testofuel can shorten your recovery times between sessions, ensuring you are spending as much time as you need pumping iron, rather than limping about at home. (2)

Increased Energy Levels

Lifting weights and building your perfect physique requires a lot of work.

Very few of us are lucky enough to have nothing else to do but go to the gym. You know the feeling, after a stressful commute, and a long day in the office, sometimes all you want to do is slump on the sofa.  

Tiredness and fatigue are issues that become more pronounced as you get older, partly due to diminishing levels of testosterone. (3)

Testofuel can give you a new lease of life, sending your energy and vitality to new highs. (4)

Boosts Libido

It is an unfortunate fact low testosterone leads to a slow down of the sex drive. Some men can also find themselves struggling with impotence. (5)

The male hormone is the driver of the libido and sexual performance, as the amount in your body fades, so does your desire.

Testofuel can restore your t-levels and put the spring back into your sex life. (6)

Better Mood

Decreasing testosterone can contribute to a darkening of mood. (7)

Low mood and depression is one of the most common mental health problems in the western world. It can seriously impact your health and quality of life, as well as affect relationships with loved ones.

Testofuel can help to lift you out of grey moods and low motivation.

By boosting your testosterone, it can abolish negativity and help you to feel full of positive energy again.


Testofuel includes a blend of the following chemical-free testosterone boosting ingredients:

D-Aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid is known for its ability to boost testosterone. It does this by enhancing the production of a hormone called luteinizing hormone. This is a prerequisite of testosterone being produced from its source – the testicles. (8)

This amino acid could also indirectly help in another area. Studies have shown  testosterone can increase levels of human growth hormone, leading to even more strength and muscle gains. (9)

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential to life, it is usually produced by our body when we expose the skin to sunlight.

People who spend a lot of time indoors, live in cold countries or especially close to the northern or southern poles may suffer from a vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sunlight.

It is difficult to find a rich source of vitamin D from foods. Oily fish or supplements are the best choice.

Men who suffer from a deficiency in vitamin D have significantly less testosterone than those who don’t. (10)

It is believed that vitamin D supports hormone production by stimulating certain receptors in the brain. (11)

Oyster Extract

Oysters are famous for being an aphrodisiac, but they are also one of top natural sources of zinc, which is crucial to maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

Zinc deficiency can cause a reduction in testosterone, a lower sperm count, and potentially impotence. (12)

There is also the belief that insufficient levels of this mineral are related to an increase in female hormone receptors in men. (13)


Regular consumption of ginseng is known to improve production of the male hormone. (14)

Ginseng further supports raised testosterone levels by increasing the amount of adrenaline and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) in the body. (15)

These hormones play a role in the amount of testosterone the body produces. If levels of adrenaline and ACTH are low, testosterone will also be reduced. (16)


Fenugreek is a herb most often found as an ingredient in asian cooking.

It contains plant compounds called saponins, which are believed to play an important role in the synthesis of testosterone and other sex hormones. (17)


Magnesium is vital to protect and support our muscle health. If our body does not have enough magnesium, our nerves can be over stimulated, causing cramps and spasms. (18)

It is also required to break down proteins from our diet – assisting our muscles with the storing of energy.  (19)

There is a connection between high levels of magnesium and that of testosterone in men, therefore magnesium is thought to benefit t-levels. (20)

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is required by the body for many functions, including hormone regulation.

It is thought to be important in the suppression of female hormone estrogen, which serves to increase testosterone production. (21)

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K helps to enhance the levels of testosterone both within the testicles and blood. (22)

It also helps prevent hardening of the arteries that can sometimes occur due to high doses of vitamin D – although this is very rare. (23, 24)

There are 2 types of Vitamin K, known as ‘K1’ and ‘K2’. They are very similar in function – TestoFuel includes K2 in their formula because it is more easily absorbed by the body.

Side Effects

Testofuel says that you should not experience any side effects unless you are allergic to the ingredients.

However, after some research into the contents, we found the following potential side effects: headaches, nausea, insomnia, diarrhea, sweet smelling urine and sweat, increased appetite, acne, mood swings and aggression.

Recommended Dosage

One capsule of Testofuel should be taken four times per day. It does not have to be taken with meals.


Declining testosterone levels can severely impact quality of life for men who are not as young as they used to be.

Testofuel can reverse this decline naturally without the use of synthetic hormones, and potentially harmful side effects.

They use an all natural formula with clinically proven test-boosting ingredients. This  leads to increased muscle, energy, and libido; as well as an improved mood.

Of course, in order to get the best out of this product you will still have to visit the gym regularly, muscles don’t build up without intervention.

That said, we do believe Testofuel is a good choice of natural testosterone booster for those who require a helping hand reaching their goals.

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