Sundrider Review — Is it a scam?

Sundrider is an MLM with a broad health niche including skin care, household products, and weight management.

It’s one of the older kids on the block and was started in 1982 by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen. It’s a unique business model having over 2000 retail locations (something you don’t usually see in network marketing). Could be useful for those who want have something that feels more like a business.

Given that Sunrider has to fill those stores, they have a large number of products in six categories.

The company also goes out of the way to adapt themselves to health trends and popular things happening in their market.

Consider them a sort of an Amway with Eastern flair.


Sunrider definitely has some range in the product categories.

Everything in the line up has a heath, beautification, and green vibe to it despite being so varied in what they actually sell. There are too many products to list, but the categories and highlights are below.

First up are the food and beverage products.

There are two herbal drinks called Calli and Fortune Delight. According to the site they both “contain concentrated antioxidants to assist the body’s natural cleansing processes“. There is also a shake named Vitashake that adds in fruits, nuts and soy to add to the nutritional benefit.

There is one bar (Sunbar) and it seems to be the only food entry available. If you’re interested in a product that has more food products while sticking around the health niche—take a look at Forever Green.

Another line of items are the concentrated herbal products.

They are essential oils, but are actually digestible and used to really give you a boost in nutritional gains. Each herb concentrate is a formula made to help you with different aspects of your health or routine.

For instance, there is ‘Sunrise’ to help get your day going or ‘Quinary’ to help balance your body’s systems. ‘Veros’ and ‘Bella’ are said to help users “Feel confident”. While what that means isn’t clear, there are more concentrates to look for and sell as a distributor.

Sunrider has an entire system to help customers lose and/or maintain weight.

Some of the formulas are even developed by Dr. Chen (the founder). A few of the available products are MetaBooster,Vitalite, SportCaps, ActionCaps, and SlimCaps. All of which are geared to safely help you transition into a “permanently healthy lifestyle”.

This MLM also has a skin care and cosmetic line of products. It may seem to make sense to sell cosmetics (if you’re in skincare), but few other network marketing companies offer make up.

As far as skin care, there are two brand names; Kandesn and Oi-Lin. These lines work together to cleanse and nourish the skin.

The cosmetics are a part of the skin care line and share the same names. They work together to keep your skin healthy, but also highlighted with the make up to maximize any look that you would want to pull off. Having cosmetics could be a huge payoff for some who don’t want to go the MaryKay route.

Lastly, there are the household products.

These are “green” products and come in varieties to clean every surface in your home without the use of harsh chemicals. There is even a product to clean your fruits and veggies before you eat them.

As far as we can tell, all the products are made “in-house” and are formulated and constructed by members of the Sunrider team. Basically, you’re not getting some third-party label scam. It’s all seemingly proprietary.

Compensation Plan

First off, the sign up fee is straightforward. $200 and you’re a distributor.

Unfortunately, that’s where the easiness ends. I know there an older company, but the site seems like it was updated in the earl
y 2000’s without adding much content to the new look. There isn’t much in the way of details in the “opportunity” tab.

As far as visuals go, it’s not much better. Here’s a quick screenshot (right) from the page that describes things as far as compensation.

You can see that there’s not much going on in terms of details and even the levels that distributors and move through to gain a higher percentage of the pot, bonuses available, or even the margins on selling the products for retail.

Most of the descriptions are vague like, “We offer one of the highest guaranteed payouts.” or “…we calculate your bonuses based on the company sales volume personal group sales, for the greatest earning potential. Most plans usually pay a small percentage of just your group sales volume.”

All that sounds nice, but specifics would go a lot farther here.

There are people making money, and you don’t get to $700 million in revenue in the MLM space without having a large base of distributors, but there isn’t very much hard data to go on.


The products seem top-of-the-line. The company has had some staying power to be around since the 80’s. With 2000 brick-and-mortar stores, it has some legitimacy that other network marketing companies don’t. Six different categories and over 70 products mean that you’ll be able to sell something to just about everyone you know.

However, it’s just not clear how much you’ll make. Not to mention, how you’ll get paid and if you build of team under you. What’s the PV, how about the ranking levels?

All things that enquiring minds want to know, but you’ll have to figure out during the sign up process (if you make it that far).


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