Stemtech Review — Is it a scam?

Stemtech is a unique MLM in the rare stem cell niche (not medical research).

The company was thought of in the 1970s by a teacher who was concerned at the attention of the students. This teacher decided to experiment with Aphanizomeon  and found that it had benefits.

Blue-green-algae as it is commonly referred to help to enhance stem cells development. Stemtech, a play on Stem Cells and Technology, was founded in 2005 by Ray Carter. Stemtech claims to be a stem cell research technology supplement center, but what does that mean?


Products offered by Stemtech are oriented to boost, revitalize, and rebirth stem cells in the body. According to Mike Magnolnick, the marketing consultant for the company, stem cells are important but grow stagnate as we grow older.

The algae isn’t the weirdest product to make an MLM out of (just take a look at Kannaway), but it may work well.

It should be understood that Stem Cell nutrition is not stem cell medicine. Ray Carter definitively has stated that the two are fundamentally different in that stem cell medicine is oriented on curing diseases and such while stem cell nutrition is oriented in maintaining health.

Products offered by StemTech are categorized as being Stemrelease3, StemFlo, Migrastem, Dermastem, Dermastem Lift, or D-Fuze.

STEMRELEASE3 is intended to work on two levels.

The first is to cause the body to release the body’s own stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream, the second is to support telomere health. To do this the supplement contains pure marine algae, and Alo macrocladia. The non-scientific components of this capsule include Hydroxprophyl methylcellulose and organic wheat grass powder.

STEMFLO C was designed to increase the flow of stem cells  and nutrients through the body. If you’d rather get and sell nutrients in shake form, take a look at Shaklee.

This is done by reducing oxidative stress, breaking down excess fibrin, and increasing botanicals. The supplement contains Gotu Kola Extract, Indian Gooseberry Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Enzyme Blen, Grape Pomace Extract, Tumeric Extract, Cacao Powder, and Blackcurant Extract. Additionally, you will find the same combination of hydroxpropyl methyl cellulose within the tablet.

DERMASTEM is Stemtech’s version of an anti-aging cream.

Like almost every company which provides such, the site claims that it is all natural in its ingredients and that the formula helps to regenerate adult stem cells and skin renewal. Different from other formulas, the product contains no mineral oils, preservatives or petro-chemicals in the formula.

DFUZE is a product which breaks away from the nutritional and supplemental side of the company and ventures into the technology part of the company.

D-Fuze is created to reduce the effects of long-term Electro Magnetic Frequencies cause by cellphones. It reduces the Specific Absorption Rate. It is a sticker, with technology built into it which raises a question as to why it costs $30 when other companies such as RadiShare offer it for around $6.

Compensation Plan

Joining Stemtech makes you an independent contractor for the company.

You are not treated as an employee. This is a M2M based opportunity and the compensation plan is based upon the membership and the various terms of the membership. Membership fees of $35 will be applied to the joiner’s credit card annually, and automatically.

If you terminate your membership with Stemtech, even if you have excess products in reserve, you are not authorized to sell these products. Per the agreement you must cease business operations, dissolve your business entity, and terminate distribution of its products and services.

Stemtech’s compensation plan makes you agree to “release Stemtech and its affiliates from all liability arising from or relation to…Stemtech products or Compensation and Marketing Plan.” It’s all decently complex.

Here’s a snapshot of the plan to see what we mean.

Being a part of the Stemtech team is based on one of four packages. Like many companies these auto orders, though under the premise of being optional, include the Business Development Training System, Leadership Pack, ProRetailer Pack, and Director leadership pack.

Packs and purchases equivalate to PPV points these point are then calculated with the 50PV products which are required and the level that the person is at to get the percentage which will be applied for the commission. No more then 50% is allowed from any one leg.

In addition to the packages which need to be purchased to maintain your level, there is also the categories in which you can fall.

These include Director, Senior Director, Executive Director, Sapphire Director, Ruby Director, Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Dimond Director, Presidents Culb, and Chairman’s club.

OVG responsibilities start at 0 for a Director and increase all the way to 250,000 for the Chairman’s club. Details on these tiers could not be clearly read as the font on the site is so small and faded that reading the legal jargon was unobtainable.


Stemtech is based off of the mindset of stem cell research.

Yet, the company has clearly stated that it is not a medical stem cell company, but rather a nutritional stem cell company. The company further states that it is about maintaining the body’s health. Maintaining is far different from enhancing and contributing to.

Granted, the supplements offered by the company contain algae which is extremely beneficial to the health, but this does not necessarily mean that they help stem cells. Unless a person is a doctor or has done incredible research into stem cells and their benefits, what triggers them, where in the body they should be released and maintained, etc. the claims that they help are as comprehensible as a brain surgeon stating long medical terms on the health of your brain.

Yes, you recognize that he is an authority figure, but you really do not know if what he is stating is true or not.

In terms of the M2M of the company, the information is a bit vague and the details are a bit fuzzy (literally). I am a bit cautious of any company which claims that it is not responsible for compensation when there is a mandatory fee and product purchasing involved, but the decision and judgment is up to you.


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