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SkinnyMint Tea review: can a 28 day tea detox really help you lose weight fast?



SkinnyMint Tea review

SkinnyMint Tea is a 28 day detox supplement that works by ridding toxins and balancing the body.

By using natural ingredients, SkinnyMint Tea acts as a support towards a diet and regular exercise. It’s formulated to detoxify, reduce stomach bloat and support healthy weight.

In this review, we will look at the SkinnyMint Tea “teatox” to see if it can really work to clear the body.


What is SkinnyMint Tea?

Skinny Mint Tea is a 28-day tea based detox supplement. It is formulated with natural ingredients which support a healthy lifestyle and is designed to rid the body of toxins to reduce belly bloat and excess weight.

How does SkinnyMint Tea work?

Skinny Mint Tea works by combining ingredients known for their detoxifying powers to create a formula which is effective at removing toxins from the body and supporting a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Who should use SkinnyMint Tea?

Anyone over the age of 15 years old who is not breastfeeding or pregnant should be able to use SkinnyMint Tea. People with pre-existing health conditions or who take medications should consult a physician before starting any detox regime.

How much does SkinnyMint Tea cost?

SkinnyMint Tea’s 28 day teatox comes with 28 morning boost teas and 14 evening cleanse teas. It starts at $54.90, with options to purchase larger bundles.

Is SkinnyMint Tea a fad?

No. Fad diets and supplements promise quick, easy results with no work, while SkinnyMint Tea is meant to be used to support a healthy lifestyle change. It makes no promises to magically provide a solution to weight loss or instant results.

Is SkinnyMint Tea safe?

SkinnyMint tea uses all-natural ingredients which are known to support detoxifying the body and is safe for consumption. However, it is important to consult a physician before starting any detox program to ensure it is right for you.

Where to buy SkinnyMint Tea?

SkinnyMint Tea is available from the official SkinnyMint website and from Amazon.

Does SkinnyMint Tea really work?

Boasting a combination of all-natural ingredients proven to detoxify the body and support overall health, SkinnyMint Tea has the science behind its effectiveness. Although, it is important to remember individual results can vary.

Are there any SkinnyMint Tea alternatives?

There are many tea-based detox programs available, including Skinny Beautea and ThinTea Detox, both of which have either a 14 day or a 28 day detox program.  


Detox diets have gained popularity for their ability to clean out toxins of the body. SkinnyMint Tea, is one of these products, which calls itself a “teatox.

Everyone wants to look their best physically, but sometimes it can feel like no matter how much diet and exercise you do, you still look bloated and cannot get rid of it.

SkinnyMint Tea acknowledges this fact and aims to provide you with the following benefits to combat it:

Detoxifies the Body

Stress, unhealthy eating habits, and busy schedules can result in the body becoming full of damaging toxins. This can result in extra weight gain and stubborn belly bloat that can be difficult to lose.

Ridding the body from toxins can help get rid of bloat and assist in jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle change.

SkinnyMint Tea works by using a combination of natural ingredients to detoxify the body. It cleans the body of toxins that may cause retained water weight and bloated stomach.

It contains powerful ingredients like green tea that neutralize free radicals and are antioxidants.

It also has ingredients that support liver and kidney health, which are the organs in the body responsible for keeping it clean and functioning well.

Weight Loss

Sometimes an extra boost can help start a positive weightloss journey. Healthy habits are the first step to making a sustainable weight loss change.

Starting the day with a cup of tea can reduce stress, promote positive habits, and act as a reminder that weight loss goals are possible. SkinnyMint Tea has the ability to support these goals by helping create healthy habits.

SkinnyMint Tea is formulated to reduce inflammation in the body and digestive system. It boosts the metabolism to help the body burn fat, while also maintaining a healthy weight after completing the detox program.


The SkinnyMint Tea regime includes a “morning boost” tea to be drank in the morning, and a “night cleanse” tea to be drank every second day in the evening.

Each tea has different ingredients, optimized to work through the day and night. They include the following:

Morning Boost Ingredients

“Morning boost” tea is formulated to support the metabolism and give energy throughout the day. Its ingredients contain natural caffeine and anti-inflammatory properties so the body can work at its peak all day long.

Green Tea

Green tea has been used to detoxify the body and as a weight loss support for years. It can prevent cancer and supports healthy weight because it is very high in antioxidants. (1)

One of the most powerful elements in green tea is EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate). EGCG supports heart health and a healthy metabolism. (2)

Green tea has the ability to raise the metabolic rate because it has thermogenic properties. This means it can support the body in using energy efficiently. (3)

It also may support cognition, brain function and has low levels of natural caffeine which boost the body and provide alertness. (4)

The caffeine and antioxidants in green tea work together to burn fat while also helping the body retain muscle gained from exercise.. (5)

When green tea is combined with exercise, it can continue to raise the metabolism and burn fat even after exercise is complete. This makes it a powerful supplement for weight loss and detoxification. (6)

Nettle Leaves

Nettle leaves, often called stinging nettle, have been used in folk medicine for centuries as an antiseptic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties.

It has also been proven scientifically to assist in treating inflammation in the body. (7)

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a plant from South America and has been studied for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Yerba mate has also been shown to support weight loss and heart health. Supporting regular blood sugar levels in the body are another advantage. (8)


A plant that is widely considered a pest to lawns, dandelions actually have powerful medicinal properties. It has cancer-treating properties and also serves as a natural diuretic to rid the body of water weight. (9,10)

Guarana Fruit

Guarana fruit is found in the Amazon and has a very high natural caffeine content. It has been studied for its health and medicinal properties and can naturally raise metabolism and promote alertness. (11)

Night Cleanse Ingredients

The “night cleanse” tea is formulated with ingredients meant to purify the body while helping it rest and relax. Its ingredients contain properties that cleanse the body gently and support the digestive system.

Ginger Root

Used to treat nausea and vomiting, ginger is an ancient medicinal plant known for supporting digestive health. (12)

Lemon Grass

Lemon grass is an antioxidant and assists in detoxing the body. It also supports healthy cholesterol levels and heart health by helping the body process fat. (13)


Peppermint has soothing properties and has been used to help relax the body, provide clarity, and reduce anxiety.

It also can protect the liver and the kidneys and reduce stress in body. (14)

Hawthorn Berries

Hawthorn berries come from the hawthorn tree. It has been used for centuries as an aid to digestive health. (15)

Orange Leaves

Orange leaves are from the citrus family, which contain vitamin C. This nutrient is well known for its immune support. It provides a boost to the body, preventing illness and reducing inflammation. orange leaves also have calming properties. (16)

Senna Leaves

Senna leaves serve as cleanse to the body as a natural laxative. It’s a known remedy for constipation which gives the digestive system a nudge, keeping it in working order. This clears out your system and helps to reduce bloating. (17)

Senna leaves also have antioxidant effects and can neutralize free radicals, which can prevent the aging process. They may prevent some types of cancer. (18)

Licorice Root

Another anti-inflammatory herb, licorice root has properties to support liver health and keep the body working smoothly. The liver is a major organ for cleaning out the body, and licorice root can support it by assisting in its health. (19)

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is a natural fiber and can aid the digestive system by promoting regular bowel movement.

It supports healthy weight, reduces belly fat and bloating, supports cardiovascular health, reduce risk factors for diabetes, and promote digestive health (20).

Side Effects

SkinnyMint Tea is made from natural ingredients and each person may experience it differently. It contains caffeine at 80 percent of a normal cup of coffee, therefore people sensitive to caffeine should use it with caution.

However, the strength of the tea can be adjusted by steep times.

The “night cleanse” contains senna leaves which can cause stomach cramps and is a natural laxative. Some people may experience diarrhea or severe cramping because of this reason.

For those with an intolerance to senna leaves, there is a “night cleanse light” option that does not contain the natural herb.

It is important to consult with a physician before starting any detox program to ensure it is right for you and it does not interact with any medications you may be taking, such as oral contraception.

Recommended Dosage

SkinnyMint Tea’s 28 day “teatox” has two parts. The “morning boost” tea should be taken once per day before lunchtime, preferably at breakfast. The “night cleanse” is taken every second day during the evening.

To drink the tea, one “morning boost” tea bag is used every morning or before 5 pm. “Morning boost” can be rebrewed up to four times or until it is bland. It is not recommended to drink after 5 PM due to caffeine content.

One “night cleanse” tea bag is used every other night, beginning with day one of the detox program.

It is recommended to take a 6 week break between each 28 day full teatox. However, the “morning boost” tea can be taken all the time by itself and can help maintain the effects of the full detox program.

SkinnyMint Tea is designed to be taken alongside a healthy, balanced diet. It is not recommended to fast or drastically restrict food intake while taking SkinnyMint Tea.


SkinnyMint Tea is a 28 day “teatox” that works to provide energy and boost metabolism in the morning with its “morning boost” tea. It also relaxes and cleanses the body every second day with its “evening cleanse” tea.

Each ingredient is chosen for its health benefits and works with each other. This means tea is stronger and more effective to rid the body of extra water weight and toxins while making the digestive system work to its fullest potential.

Based on the science backing the ingredients in SkinnyMint Tea, it has the ability to do exactly what is is claiming to do. Using SkinnyMint Tea may help with reducing belly fat, bloat, and creating healthy habits to maintain fitness goals.

However, not every supplement is suitable for everyone and each person will have different results. It is also important to consult a physician before starting any detox program, especially when taking medication.

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