SkinnyBodyCare Review — Is it a scam?

SkinnyBodyCare is a weight loss MLM (like that wasn’t slightly obvious).

This relatively young company was started in 2011 by an experienced network marketer named Ben Glinsky.

Products offered are built and based upon results, which is good because the mission statement seems like they made it up on the fly. Seriously, according to the site… “Our mission is to provide our customers and distributors the highest quality products, tools, systems, resources, and everything they need to maximize their results, both physically, and financially!”

Mostly, it’s about the weight loss, but they’ve recently branched out to offer distributors a bit more.


Skinny Body Max is the product the company is definitely pushing hard. It’s also one of the newest offers they have. From what it seems, it’s a monster supplement full of fiber and powerful weight loss drugs all shoved into a capsule. It comes with a huge promise. According to the product page:

If YOU or ANYONE you know has a need to manage their weight, whether its 10 pounds, 30 pounds, 100 pounds or MORE, Skinny Body MAX may very well be the product you’ve been hoping for! (Emphasis theirs.)

Skinny Body Max is the second iteration of the company’s original star, called Skinny Fiber.

Essentially, it’s just an older version of the same product. Newer weight loss pharmaceuticals called for a whole new product. But this one still works well. It also has weight management aids to help keep the pounds off.

Another product in the weight niche is called HiBurn8.

It’s actually a product that you take at night. There are four ways that this one capsule supplement actually helps you. First, it helps you curb those cravings before bedtime, a prime snacking zone that’s terrible for weight loss. Next, there’s a stress reliever to get you ready for bed. There’s also a sleep aid to help you sleep well. And..

There is a weight management aid in the supplement. The site claims you can manage your weight while you sleep.

Still in the health zone, but out of weight control, is E3.

It’s a powdered drink mix that can be used pre workout, during the workout, or for recovery afterword. Most of the products from SkinnyBodyCare have some pretty big claims and this drink mix is not any different (even though Herbalife may be better).

According to the site, E3 is “Created from a revolutionary new blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients, Herbs, and Electrolytes, E3 is the only product of its kind”.

Taking a walk outside of the health niche and into beauty is “Instant Youth”.

It’s a cream that helps you reduce the signs of aging. The product is 75% collagen helping your skin look tighter and more “radiant”. It may not be their flagship, but they’ve put a lot of time into the marketing. Just take a look at the screenshot.

They’ve actually doubled-down on anti-aging and have another cream called “Ageless”.

While the other was full of collagen, this one is more for the natural ingredient folks and has 12 fruits and vegetables inside. It’s kinda like taking a bath in super foods, which may sound weird, but it seems to be awesome for your skin.

There aren’t a lot of products with this MLM (unlike someone like Amway).

Compensation Plan

The comp plan here has a lot of the usual, but some very interesting things for lower level distributors.

Products offered by SkinnyBodyCare are given a business volume (BV). Most other MLMs call it PV, but it works the same way here. Your commissions will be based on the BV you move each month.

Distributors start out with three levels of commissions, but can work their way up to six (not as many as some, but more than others). Commissions start at 10% and work their way down to 2%. First orders are cool because you get a 40% bonus.

Sell $100 dollars to a new customer or person signing up under you and get $40. No hoops to jump through, just cash.

There are 8 different levels, but one is simply called “unranked” which is odd to us.

At the top, you’d be called a “Royal Crown Diamond”. Now that sounds more like the MLM language we’re all used to hearing.

There are a couple of the typical bonuses that you’d find in other companies, but the infinity matching bonus seems like a decent opportunity. Getting into the higher levels, you’d be getting up to a 38% “match” on certain commissions.

For the lower levels, you can still earn some decent dough. There is a “Monthly Enroller Bonus” that gives you extra percentages on new orders as well as 10% more for new distributors on your first level. For instance, if you sign up a distributor and it’s their first order—you could make 50-60% commission on that order.

One slightly unique thing this company does is to offer prizes for reaching certain levels.

Starting at “Gold” you can get a digital camcorder. You can score things like a laptop, Hawaiian vacation, a couple of cars, and for the top level—they’ll build your dream house (as long as it’s less than $300k).


The most appealing thing about this product is the ability to make a decent amount at the lower levels. You could sign up and just sell the product to new people and make a good income.

Signing up new distributors also makes you some extra cash.

In these things, the higher levels all make lots of money, but there is very little incentive for lower levels. This company seems to look out for those who don’t think they can make it to “Royal Crown Diamond”.


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