Sisel Review — Is it a scam?

Sisel is an MLM primarily in the health and drink mix niche.

Although Sisel is not the oldest company, only being founded in 2006 by Tom Mower Sr., it is among the most recognizable of many direct marketing companies.

The strange name that is pronounced sizzle is actually an acronym to remember what the company stands for, science, innovation, success, energy, and longevity. The company prides itself on producing innovative products and distributing those products through sellers in over 40 countries worldwide.

Sisel has been around for just over a decade without any real negatives being brought to the company, so they are obviously doing something right. But whether or not that will help  you make money is the real issue at hand.

The company does have a decent range of products, but no programs like other companies (e.g. Take Shape for Life).


The product list for Sisel reads like a magazine with a wide variety of different products to choose from.

Products include items to help with longevity, weight loss, beauty, coffee, and many other items you need for general life improvement. Prices for these power packed items range from $20 all the way to a few hundred dollars depending on what you purchase.

Balance-D can be found within the longevity area of products and is designed to allow your body to come back into the proper alignment.

The foods that we eat are said to pull out bodies out of alignment which can lead to many different health issues, but Balance-D enables all of your body’s systems to work as they should helping with digestion for optimum efficiency.

Gaining weight is often attributed to a lack of energy. SiselGREEN is the product that gives you back the energy that you may have lost overtime.

The product is completely vegan without any gluten or allergens, so practically everyone is able to take this product with very little risk of side effects. You can use the product as an energy boost, but it works best as a meal replacement. (If you want a company that does meal replacements well, look at Yoli.)

Sisel is also known for its ability to package many of its products to meet the individual needs of consumers.

Aging is an aspect of life that we all must contend with, but with Intrepid Plus Vanquish, users are able to diminish the natural effects of aging for pure and luxurious skin. The youthful vitality can return once again with the reduction of wrinkles anywhere they begin to appear.

Sisel has not forgotten about the need to nourish the body through a bit of indulgence as well. Their Sisel Kaffe Gourmet Dark Roast Expresso is an example of what a premium blend coffee should be. Enrich your soul with the perfect expresso when you want it instead of heading out to an overpriced coffee shop.

For total body health, some companies only concentrate on just the supplements, vitamins, and specialty elixirs. Sisel understands that every part of the body deserves attention and that is why they even offer dental care items such as their Terminator Mouth Rinse. The micro-enhanced mouth rinse is able to clean your whole mouth like nothing else on the market today.

Compensation Plan

Sisel’s comp plan offers to make its users money in 6 different ways. The first of the six calls for the seller to place a minimum order of 50 PV to qualify. The payout is based on a daily running goal and for every day that goal is reached, the person is given their 20% commission from that day’s sales.

There is also opportunity, like with most MLM companies to expand the chances of making money by building a team.

The second part of the program is paid out monthly depending on the overall sales of the individual seller and their team. The percentages vary from 2% to 10 % depending on the level of sales achieved by the group.

The third area is the master check match in which the head person over the team has the ability to be paid monthly for their team’s sales.

Depending on how deep the generations go from 1 to 5 will determine the amount of income this level allows a person to make. That number can be anywhere from 2% to 10%.

Retail commission is where the real money is made within Sisel. Here’s a snapshot of the tiered commission structure.

It is the recurring income from retail sales from preferred customers. The seller is eligible for 20% of these sales for the life of the relationship between the customer and the company. These figures are paid on a daily basis.

The rank advancement bonus and the luxury auto bonus are the final levels of Sisel and enable the person to compete to be the best.

Those that are among the highest paid sellers are able to generate these bonuses paid out monthly. The auto bonus is based on the level of sales and they will cover anywhere from $200 to $1500 monthly fee on any luxury vehicle.


Sisel seems to be unlike many other MLM companies’ due to the fact that they do not just concentrate their sales efforts on one type of item, but a wide range of products. The sales structure is one that enables sellers to make a substantial income.

However, it should be noted that those that view Sisel as merely a hobby rather than a real job will not likely reap any of the benefits of the plan and not bring home very much income at all.

The claims of the company about the products being among the best available is one that you will have to seek for yourself.

The company however does state that the quality of products is natural and legitimate, but as with all MLM companies, you need to do your own individual research into the legitimacy of their claims.


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