Shaklee Review — Is it a scam?

Shaklee is a nutrition and beauty MLM with a wide range of products (like Seacret, but with shakes).

The company which was founded in n1956 claims to exceed the standards of the United States Pharmacopia, have documentation and publications supporting their product and guarantees that their product works.

Shaklee’s slogan is creating healthier lives.

Lending to the authenticity of the product is a screening and testing, says Sonhee C. Park, PhD. CCRP, Senior Research Scientist. The company performs over 100,000 test per year on Shaklee products and has been used by Astronauts, Mt. Everest Climbers, the North Pole Dog Team, Jacques Cousteau, and more.


Shaklee products are divided into Nutrition, Healthy Solutions, Weight, Beauty, Healthy Home, and Personalized health.

For the most part, the company offers shakes, hence the name, but it also offers vitamins and minerals, food products, plants, and information from the Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association and World Health Organization.

Shakelee Life Plan is one of the featured products offered by the company and is a combination of the Life Energizing Shake and Life Strip.

The Shakelee Life Shakes are non-GMO protein shakes intended to boost energy and retain lean muscle and maintain a healthy weight.  The main ingredient in the shake is Soy Protein concentrate, followed by L-leucine and rice protein.

Shakelee’s Life Strip is a combination of 7 tablets containing Vivix Liquigels for cellular health, OmegaGuard for Heart health, Multivitamin for Bone and Joint health, and B+C for Immune Health and energy.

This package costs between $250-288 unless you are a member and it drops to 212-244.

Health products from Shakelee are offered in Vivix, SmartHeart, and Mindworks. Vivi claims to lower the deterioration of DNA and offers 40% lower rate of telomere shortening.

Vivix capsules are liquid with no refrigeration needed. The main ingredient in Vivix capsules is Muscadine Grape Extract, so essentially you are taking grape juice with Polyganum, red wine extract, Pomegranate Extract, and a few other extracts mixed in.

C+E Repair PM is one of the products offered under the Healthy Beauty section.

The C+E stands for an abundance of vitamins C and Vitamins E. The cost of the product is actually less than it would cost to get these two separate, in most cases, at $56. Vitamin C and E have been shown to help reduce the signs of aging, to give firmness to the skin, and to produce that youthful glow to the surface of the skin.

C+E repair is intended for long term use, specifically 12 weeks. This means that in order to get the intended outcome of the product, you will need to purchase more than one tube.

Healthy Home products are a bit unique to this genre of marketing in that they break away from what is consumed by the individual and give products which make the home life a little more organic. (Amway specializes in the home product MLM space.)

Such products include water filtration products, Germ disinfecting wipes and spray, organic cleaning concentrate, hand and dishwasher concentrate, and laundry detergent.

Compensation Plan

Shaklee is a M2M business meaning that you are rewarded based upon your purchases and the number of other people that you bring to the table (your list). As such, you are an independent contractor and take on all of the risks of starting up a business and selling products.

The compensation plan is based upon various ranks. These ranks are Director, Senior Director, Coordinator, Senior Coordinator, Executive Coordinator, Senior Executive Coordinator, Key Coordinator, Senior Key Coordinator, master coordinator, Senior Master Coordinator, and Presidential Master Coordinator.

Reading the brochure, you will find that the director, according to the company, makes on average 10,357 annually.

Yet, if you look just to the left you will see that the lower 1/3 only makes $4,674. This does not mean that this number is profit, this just means that this is the monetary value which is paid out by the company. Everything is PV driven.

However, how the PV is calculated could not be found. Searching the site, the only information given was on a promotional brochure. There is a distributor welcome kit which you can purchase, but nothing more that could be found.


Even though the company has over 50 years under its belt, I am a bit weary of any company who offers opportunities but does not clearly present the means in which compensation and rewards will be given.

Purchasing information in the form of a welcome package gives the company a profit regardless of whether you join or not. It is concluded that the compensation will be based upon the PV point value accumulated, as each product has a price, a PV, and a membership price associated with it.

In terms of the products which are offered, it may be more of a placebo mindset than breaking science. Fruits and vegetables have always been considered healthy, and as a great many of the products use ingredients which are common, such as the grape juice, the supplements may not be as effective as advertised.

However, the healthy home products are desirable as they have no consumption risks and high environmental payoffs.

Whether the compensation plan is a scam or not could not be determined as the information regarding the specifics of the compensation plan could not be obtained.

Those interested in joining the company should seek details from Shaklee in writing and then have a legal representative explain the document to you. Those who do not have access to a legal representative may wish to seek a similar program with more information at hand.


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