Seacret Review — Is it a scam?

Seacret is an MLM focusing on skincare products using a dead sea advantage.

Seacret offers minerals from the dead sea and is a play on words using SEA and Cret to give the impression that they are offering something which the general public is not aware of.

The company was founded by Izhak Ben Shabat, co-founded by Mordechai Ben Shabat, Bettey Perez, and Elab Gotlib in 2005. Seacret markets the healing waters of the Dead Sea, sort of a fountain of youth gimmick, for their line of beauty and health products.


If you are try to find the products page directly from Seacret, good luck. Apparently, this is one of the secrets of the company (pun intended).

When you scroll to the bottom of the page, you see that there are 5 categories which are offered. These are Facial Care, Body Care, For Men, Age-Defying Solutions, and Seacret supply.

However, when you click on any of these buttons or on the main navigation SHOP button you are greeted with a “Please enter the Web Alias or Enroller ID of your SEACRET Agent of VIP Customer” To get the product line you have to go off site.

The products are heavily reliant on the dead sea as a proprietary ingredient that sets them apart. Unlike a company like Scentsy that doesn’t really have anything special except the brand name.

Seacret Facial Serum is designed to revitalize tired skin through the use of Dead Sea salt.

The product contains 21 minerals including sulfur, iodine, and potassium. Vitamins B5 and Vitamin F are also in the product. Based upon the information given, the cream is supposed to relax the muscles under the skin while at the same time drawing the surface tighter.

This naturally reduces the wrinkles by “ironing” them out and reconditioning the surface to be smooth.

Seacret Mud Conditioner and Mud Shampoos are offered in 16.9 oz bottles and contains Dead Sea Mud, argan oil, and silk proteins.

There seem to be some variations to the product, one offered by direct sales and another offered on online shopping sites. According to reviews, the product from distributors does not bubble and sud as it contains no sulfur, but the online shopping brand does.

Seacret Men’s After-Shave-Balm offers an Aloe Vera Gel with Primrose Oil and Vitamins A,B,C, and E. The balm is composed of Allatoin, Aloe Vera, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Dead Sea Salt, Glycerin, and Rosemary. It sells for around $50.

Recover Day Masque is perhaps the company’s jewel.

The product is a rejuvenation masque which is designed to place a microstructure on the skin. This microstructure pulls the surface while the ingredients in the masque push out the constricted muscles. The result is supposed to be fewer wrinkles (like Nerium’s products).

It is a long-term use product and use of the product is recommended to be paired with a Seacret moisturizer for best results. A pack starts around $350 and would require the purchase of multiple packs to get the results advertised.

Secrect products can be reviewed on Secretspa, which seems to be a subsidiary domain for the company.

As SecretSpa comes up with a ton of scams, a RipOff report, and a warning that it is not accredited by the BBB, I would see how the company would wish to use the new site, copyrighted in 2017 to sell their goods.

Compensation Plan

First, you should understand that the SeaCrest is the same as the SeaCrest Spa.

This compensation plan has had multiple reviews both good and bad. It would be beneficial for those looking into joining the compensation plan to do a bit of searching before committing. The SeaCret Minerals from the Dead Sea compensation plan is based upon a customer benefit loyalty and rewards program.

Points are awarded for every dollar spent. One dollar is equal to one point. Points are doubled or tripled depending on the level that you are with the company. Referral rewards are $10 per completed referral purchases.

The compensation structure of Seacret is 5 tiers.

These are Product sales, preferred customer program, team commissions, leadership check match program, and performance bonuses.

Registration is $50 on top of the required $50 which will be paid annually. If you wish to be upgraded to the 5-in-5 status you would need to pay $99. To be an active agen you must close the week with 200 TPVs, have 4 active vip or elite customers, and place 35 BVs every 4 weeks (only one must be done out of these three).

Having a bad week? You only get one week to get back to normal. On week 2 your volume is flushed.

Retailing the product allows for you to sell the product upto a 150% markup. The commission that you receive does not mean that you will get that in payouts as it is percentage and point based, as well as based upon new clients and other variables.

As the compensation plan is 20 pages long and there are a few points which are, in my opinion, intended to be vague and confusing, it is advised that legal counsel be sought as to the merits of the independent contractor status of this M2M before committing to becoming one.


This company is shrouded with a level of Exclusiveness which is a bit unsettling.

The website claims to have a revolutionary product that is at the same level as leading health and beauty distributors, but when you try to find out what products they sell, you have to go through a VIP or agent process.

When tracking down the information on the company’s products, the only real source found was that of distributors or from another company called SeaCret Spa.

The company is the same as the logo and the products which are offered are such. This company has a ton of negativity surrounding it, leading to the conclusion that the SeaCret Minerals from the Dead Sea face has been created to save the shamed face of the prior..


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