Rodan and Fields Review — Is it a Scam?

Rodan and Fields is an MLM that offers a selection of products in skincare, claiming that the equation that they use is unique and life changing.

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields the company’s roots is in retail, specifically as a department store/social commerce brand. While the brand may appear to be still in the birth stages, compared to other companies within the same market, it does have a bit of stability.

Additionally, the company has had positive reviews from some top publications including Better Homes & Gardens which listed some of the products as “must try” items.


Like many of the cosmetic M2M companies which are around, the Rodan + Fields has placed their products into categories which focus on specific targeting and treatments. And unlike others in this niche, R+D hasn’t tried to venture into other health products (a bit like Trivita).

Most of these products do require a long-term commitment to use in order to get ideal results. Here are the categories they offer.

The Redefine Regimen and Enhancements lash boost consists of a 3 stage product pack plus a lash boost pen.

Starting the product at stage one is a Daily Cleansing Mask, followed by a pore toner, and finally on stage 3 and Overnight Restorative Cream and Triple Defense Treatment SPF cream. Price for Refine pack ranges at around $280 dollars with tube and container sizes of 4.2  ounces for the step one and two and 1.0 ounces for step 3. The lash booster is .17 ounces.

Reverse Lighting Regimen and Enhancement Lash Boost claims to restore the skin which has been damaged by dark marks, patches, and age.

This is a bit misleading as there is no product which can reverse the effects of time on the body, only slow down the process and mask what has been done (even though Nerium has some crazy before/after pics). The Reverse Lightening Regimen has a four step process with the pack containing Deep Exfoliating wash, Skin lightening toner (both 4.2 ounces), Reverse lightening treatment, Reverse broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen, and the lash boost pen.

Like the prior product, it is priced at around $280 dollars.

Unblemish Regimen, Reverse, and sooth are very like the other products. In fact, while there are a few subtle differences in the products which are offered, the main variable that changes is the name.

Purchasers should be a bit cautious when spending the near 300 dollars on the products offered as (a) they require that you use the product on a long term basis meaning that you will need to spend additional funds on additional packs (b) the products are mainly water and Glycol, common ingredients in other cheaper products, and (c) the products “may not be safe for those with nut allergies” (per their site) and “are not reviewed and approved by the FDA” though they may be marketed to comply with acceptable regulations and policies the FDA has established.


Compensation Plan

As a consultant with R+F as it is commonly referred to, a person becomes an independent contractor for the company and builds their profits/revenue through commissions of the sale of products, in the typical fashion of an M2M company. However, is the company’s compensation plan a scam?

Per Forbes magazine’s review by Kate Vinton on June 21st, 2016 it was stated that “the fact is most consultants aren’t making much money.”

Those who work 20 hours a week averaged $100 a month but have losses which could be higher than $3000 in two years. Mathematically, the numbers do not add up. Forbes in their article reported that “Rodan + Fields isn’t must different from other multilevel marketing companies” and that when comparing the income disclosures of 16 different M2M companies including R+F nearly 90% of the consultants made nothing at all.

Giving the company the benefit of the doubt and reviewing the disclosure yourself will show you that the earnings are based upon the sales that you make and does not include “any expenses that may be incurred”.

In other words, they are only reporting the profits to you. When looking at the compensation plan, you will see that there is an 84 page document with a TON of legal disclaimers and such. The simplest requirements include:

You must be 18, You must complete an application, You must purchase a business portfolio, You must be able to run a business in your state, Provide a Social Security number, Not be in jail or have a felony, And you cannot be a current employee or have a spouse as an employee of R+F.

While this sounds pretty straight forward, if you scroll down the lengthy document you will find that there gets to be a bit of a problem with the way in which you can boost your sales, increase your team, and direct sales.

Primarily, any electronic marketing that you do (which is the only way in which to sell the product) must contain a direct link to Rodan + Fields. This minimizes the chances of you gaining that sale as the person is apt to buy directly from their page and not from your sale page.

Even when sharing your story you must put that it is your personal story and to see typical results click here (which is a re-route to the main page). Gaining sales may be difficult.


R + F offers cosmetic products and there have been those which have given the products reviews and stated that they are worth investing in and trying.

However, the advocating of joining the consultancy group has been slim, with top business magazines and publications showing that there is little profit if any to be made in the company. Add to this the online competitive social media marketing, and you may find that the risks and cost are not worth the hassle.


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