Rain Review — Is it a scam?

Rain is an MLM in the health supplement category.

But Rain claims to be more than just a product distribution site. The thought process behind rain is that every supplement should be created from natural vegetable seeds and from health seeds without the additives of chemicals and such which cause other health foods and supplements to cancel out the benefits.

As such, the company is extremely focused on offering an array of seed-based wellness products for “concentrated nutrition”. There is a bit of confusion as to the founding of the company as it appears to have been established around 2009.

However, the claimed founder joined in 2011, and the company has ties to Rain Nutrition which offered their product line in 2010 and was developed by Dr. Arnold Leonardo. Confused? I was.


Rain International offers the same line of products as Rain Nutrition offered before being bought out. New products have been added to the line, and some have transitioned to new names.

The products currently offered are Soul, Core, Form, Fused, Revri.

Soul is a supplement containing Black Cumin, Black Raspberry Chardonnay Grape, and D-RIBOSE (a five-carbon sugar found in the body).

The ingredients are cold pressed and put into a capsule which resembles a seed, so as to go with the theme of the company. The supplement facts shown that the ingredients are mainly purified water, evaporated cane juice, and 3530 mg of the proprietary blend listed earlier.

Core is another drink supplement for focusing on burning fat and building muscle.

The main components of this product include milk, thistle, kale, chlorophyllin, Black Cumin, Spirulina, Chlorella, dandelion, aloe vera, cranberry seed, and Wheat grass. Again, the main real thing which is being bought is purified water and the black cumin.

And while the other components do have benefits, the quantity of what is being consumed does not meet any daily recommended consumption guidelines to really do anything to the body. One would need to consistently drink the Core supplement and accompany it with a strict nutritional diet containing additional Kale or such to see results.

The Fused products which are offered by Rain are coffees (like Javita).

You have a black coffee and the latte. To specify, a latte is mostly milk with a bit of the “seed” element included.

Being that they claim the drink in the fused/coffee genre, purchasers can expect the product to contain a version of the black coffee which they offer mixed and diluted with their cream solution. Black Coffee which is offered in the fuse comes mixed with the oils and seeds of black cumin, pomegranate, grape, and grapefruit.

And while the site claims that this is a healthy alternative to regular black coffee, those who understand the brewing and baking process of coffee beans will debunk it a bit. First, all seeds when they are cooked release oil. Coffee specifically releases a lot of oils.

Total Life Changes has some teas that offer similar benefits

Black coffee is cooked a bit longer and contains less of the rich oils, giving it that rustic/grainy taste associated with it. As for the seeds which are combined with the coffee, the oils which are released from these seeds would need to have a substantial amount of the seed in each package to have an effect.

While there may be a bit of a placebo effect to having nutritional seeds in a caffeinated beverage, the reality is similar to adding cherry flavoring to a soda and claiming that you have had your fruit for the day.

Consultant Plan

The M2M aspect of Rain offers the independent contractor 7 ways in which to get paid.

According to the site’s comp plan, you get paid on every product you distribute through the preferred customer program. You can also get paid on the Rain Partner’s fist order, by other orders from rain partners, from leader ranks, team sales, achievement ranks, and team member commission bonuses.

As with most MLM commission and bonus structures there is a limit to how much you can earn for certain levels. See the screenshot below for a bit more detail.

Other than this, the specifics of the compensation plan are a bit vague as the only information which could be obtained was on the website. The legal paperwork and details are restricted to those who contact the company and disclose the sponsor’s user ID and fill in other information.


Rain is a bit fuzzy when it comes to the details of its business, a bit too vague and non-transparent for some people’s taste.

In reviews from customers, the product tends to be oriented to the sales of the black cumin in the products and less to other seeds. And while there is a seed factor to the supplements, drinks, and coffee which is being sold by the company, their products have gotten mixed reviews as people simply do not trust the results.

For those who would consider becoming an independent contractor with the company, it would be recommended to find additional information on Rain Nutrition as well as Rain International as the companies appear to be one and the same.

There is no information regarding why the buy out of the one company kept the name, and logo of the other. Neither is there any definitive information about the founding of the company in 2009 as the listed CEO joined in 2011.

Finally, when looking at the company, there are a few different offices throughout the world. Consultants need to ensure in writing that a domestic office will handle the payment of commissions and profits so as to avoid international loopholes in payment and loss of commissions.


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