QNET Review — Is it a scam?

QNET is an MLM that hasn’t settled on one niche, but offers several different lines—many of which are very unique.

This company is one of the fastest growing of its kind in the Asian market, but it is quickly becoming a favorite in the Western world, too. It’s a publicly traded organization that started in 1998 and they do some decent-sized sponsorships (one with Manchester City Football a.k.a. soccer).

Overall, the products seem really cool. It reminds us of some of the stuff you find in those airline shopping magazines.

The compensation plan seems a bit lackluster in terms of payouts and potential.


We’ve already mentioned the product diversity, but it still may catch you off guard.

The offerings range from health & wellness and personal care all the way to educational materials and holidays (that’s vacations for those in the States).

All in all, there are a few dozen products. We won’t go over all of them, but hit the highlights in each category.

First up, we’ll tackle health.

Even within this one category, there are multiple different product types. This range includes both a water and air purification system, vitamins, “Ole” olive oil extract, four different flavors of supplement drink mix, Pomelin (Pomelo fruit extract), even a weird pendant that is supposed to help on long workouts.

There’s a lot going on here, but itf you are more into exercise nutrition, but not so much all the other stuff, check out our review for LifeVantage.

In the personal care and beauty section, the products seem a little more typical for MLMs.

There is the skin care and repair products (they also have one for men called Defy). As far as other products, they have a toothpaste line including a toothbrush and whitening strips along with several make-up products.

Venturing outside of the normal network marketing territory is the jewelry and watches offered by QNET.

To be honest, the site does a poor job of representing these finer jewelry items. None of it looks bad, but it’s hard to navigate and you can’t seem to see all of the pieces of the different lines. Since jewelry is so visible, you’d think that this would be a priority.

Perhaps the only product of its kind in the MLM space are the educational courses offered by QNET.

Most of the online curriculum are business related. Marketing, entrepreneurship, management, etc. There is one course called “Motorsport Management”. It looks at all of the details that go into running a racing team, one of the most popular sports in Europe.

There is also an English course. It’s definitely out of the normal realm here, which could excite some. If you want something more “traditional” check out our review for SkinnyBodyCare.

Keeping the uncommon theme going are the four types of travel products offered. There are other MLMs who are selling travel, but QNET has really developed things to compete with sites like Expedia, what seems like a timeshare product, and even adventure travel tours.

These types of products can be wildly popular and profitable, but also a tough sell if your customers don’t know the name.

Getting further into deep water is the tech products. There is possibly the only cloud servers and webinar software on the network marketing model. There’s also web-based services, a video community (called Tube) that is dedicated to network marketing and a presentation development software.

Last up in the unconventional product space is their one motor oil product. Made from titanium (yeah, the metal) it’s supposed to penetrate crevices in your engine to produce a cleaner and smoother performance.

Compensation Plan

As far as comp plans go, this one is a bit disappointing.

The bulk of the company is in the Eastern world and Europe, but it seems like the payouts just aren’t as impressive as other companies. It’s never likely that you’re going to make it to the top-echelon of these businesses, but there are some that you can make a decent income with effort.

If you take a look at the screenshot (below), it just seems like you have to have a big, deep downline and move a ton of product to make a minimal amount of dough.

IR’s are what they call their distributors, so that’s theoretically you at the top with well over 500 people below you. RSP are essentially the PV of other MLMs. Based on your commissions for six levels, you’d only make less than a grand.

For all of the work to build a network of four people that actually get four distributors underneath them and so forth, you’d be at a higher level than $999 in some other companies.

Now there are 10 income channels with QNET which is more than most other network marketing companies.

There are also five different downloadable resources to figure them all out; including a massive powerpoint presentation (which you actually need Microsoft PowerPoint to view). Here’s the comp plan page that links to all of these additional resources.


Some of the products offered by the company seem really cool, unique and marketable. The 10 different ways to bring in money is also nice.

Although, after looking deeper at the comp plan, it kinda makes you want to go “meh”.

It could be a good opportunity and something that isn’t very big in the Americas just yet. Getting in early on an MLM that will grow is a great way to earn a lot of money. But, the amount of money you earn here takes a considerable amount more work than other companies.


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