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Prevagen review: does it improve aging brain health?



Prevagen review

Prevagen is a range of health supplements designed to improve aging cognitive health.

It uses clinically proven ingredients with the intention of addressing memory issues and enhancing mental function in the older generation.

The intention of this Prevagen review is to get inside the supplement to establish whether it can really make a difference to the mature mind.


What is Prevagen?

Prevagen is a dietary supplement which claims to support mental decline associated with ageing including memory and verbal functioning.

How to take Prevagen?

One tablet should be taken daily in the morning either with or without food. Prevagen also recommends the supplement is taken for 90 days in order to get the best results

Who should use Prevagen?

Prevagen is designed for middle aged and elderly adults. Clinical research into the effectiveness of Prevagen has used participants between the ages of 40 ad 91.

In recent years Prevagen has been used by alzheimer’s disease sufferers and their care providers in an attempt to cease the regression of the disease. However, Prevagen clearly states it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.(10)

Is Prevagen legal?

Yes. Prevagen is available to buy either online or over the counter all across the US and is therefore legal.

Is Prevagen safe?

Clinical studies have proven the supplement to be non-toxic and produce no allergic reactivity when ingested. (11)

Where to buy Prevagen?

Prevagen is available for purchase on the official website and other major online stores such as Amazon. It’s also stocked in various pharmacies and local health food stores.

Does Prevagen really work?

When clinically tested, the active ingredient in Prevagen – apoaequorin, was found to help brain functions. However results may vary according to the individual.

Are there any Prevagen alternatives?

Prevage is unique in that it is the only dietary supplement using apoaequorin as the main active ingredient. However, other supplements which could improve mature brain health are: Lumonol and Neurostin


Prevagen is a dietary supplement pledging to support and therefore slow down natural decline of the mind as you grow older.

This pill is available in 2 potency levels. You can opt for regular or for a stronger dosage – extra strength. Both strengths also come in 2 forms, either capsule or chewable.

This means if you need more of a boost or struggle to swallow pills there are alternatives to choose from.

Prevagen claims it can increase various elements of brain functions, most specifically, memory and speech. It can also help to combat the problems which  occur due to ageing in the human brain.

Here we look at the benefits of Prevagen in finer detail:

Sharper Mind

It is commonly known and accepted that as we grow older our senses and quick thinking abilities diminish.

A sharp mind helps you to make fast decisions and judgements. A sharp mind helps you to be aware of surroundings and enables you to react quickly to your environment.

Yet, as we age our mind loses its sharpness. This can and often does have a negative impact on our social and intellectual interactions.

Prevagen helps keep the mind finely tuned and sharp by supporting healthy brain function.

Improved Memory

Memory can be defined as the process where we store and remember things. This could be information like people’s names, facts, even your route home. Or it could be  situations and experiences you’ve had in the past.

You have both long term and short term memories. This “data” gets filed or archived away in different parts of the brain for easier retrieval.

Some people have very good memories, they can look at something and remember it word for word 3 weeks later. However, other people may not be so efficient and forget within half an hour.  

However, as we all grow older any “photographic” memory traits you once had, could take a hammering. Many people often find remembering things more of a challenge as they advance into the golden years.

In fact about 40 percent of people aged 65 or over have some kind of age related memory loss. (1)

Prevagen uses natural ingredients tailored to deal with this issue. It aims to boost your memory power, so that you can clearly remember what you did last week or where you placed your wallet or purse.

Clearer Thinking

Thought clarity is vital for helping us perceive and solve problems. We need to be able to think clearly in order to be self aware, rational, calm and creative.

Unfortunately as people age the brain loses its sharpness and focus. This can make thoughts hazy and slower.

These changes in our brain can be caused by a lack of blood flow in the brain or a reduction of communication between neurons (nerve cells). (2)

Prevagen contains a formula which works by fighting these issues to improve clear thinking

Improved Cognitive Functioning

With age we gain experience, knowledge and greater emotional stability. The downside is that struggle to learn new skills and form new connections in our brain. (3)

When it comes to using new technology such as: mobile phones, laptops and online banking or even learning a new skill, it feels more of a challenge as we get older.  

A strong cognitive ability is necessary to think and live independently.

Memory loss, mental dullness, verbal difficulties can all lead to a declining cognitive ability in elderly people. This can reduce the quality of life for any individual.

By combining natural brain enhancing ingredients, Prevagen is a supplement which can combat these mental consequences of ageing.


Prevagen clearly states all of the ingredients, which means you know exactly what’s contained and the potency too. There are only two active brain boosting nutrients in this formula, they are as follows:


Apoaequorin is a calcium-binding protein also found in the bioluminescent species of jellyfish called aequorea victoria. It has gained lots of attention in neurobiology in recent years.

The ingestion of this jellyfish protein is reported to protect verbal learning and memory in adults.

Calcium is widely recognised as playing an important role in neurobiology. Changing levels of calcium in the human body have been attributed to the ageing process. (4)

Through research and experiment scientists discovered that apoaequorin helped various functions in the brain.

Calcium is vital for memory processes to occur within the hippocampus. This is a small area located within the brain which is responsible for the formation of new memories.

During the ageing process human ability to maintain and regulate calcium levels in the body diminishes.

However, apoaequorin has a similar amino acid sequence to the naturally occurring calcium regulators found in our brain.

Apoaequorin has been shown in clinical studies to regulate levels of this vital mineral in brain cells. It can also shield against accidental cell death and the degradation of nerve cells. (5)

This means it can protect our brains against the ageing transformation which contributes to memory loss and mental dullness.

In fact apoaequorin has been shown to improve verbal learning and memory recall in older people. (6)

Research has proven people who had been taking apoaequorin for 90 days performed better in cognitive and verbal learning tests than those who hadn’t been taking the supplement at all. (7)

Vitamin D

The inclusion of vitamin D within Prevagen is mainly down to the fact it increases absorption of calcium. Therefore you could imply it’s basically present to increase the effectiveness of apoaequorin.

However, vitamin D also has many benefits for health.

It’s a nutrient which many people struggle to get enough of. The reason being it’s because the main source of vitamin D comes from sunlight.

Vitamin D is important for a healthy skeletal structure and also a healthy mind. (8)

It also also has an important role to play in cognitive decline relating to people over the age of 65. (9)

Therefore, as well as aiding the absorption of calcium, vitamin D is an excellent nutrient for enhancing the ageing brain.

Side Effects

Some controversy surrounds Prevagen when it comes to side effects.

Prevagen states they are not aware of any negative side effects associated with taking the supplement.

As the active ingredient, apoaequorin, is a naturally occurring protein, Prevagen is reportedly a highly tolerable supplement.

However possible side effects include: nausea, dizziness and headache.

Recommended Dosage

The Prevagen directions are the same for all strengths and forms of the supplement:

Simply take one capsule or chewable per day. Preferably in the morning with or without food.


Prevagen is unlike any other health food supplement, it promises to keep your mind young.

It pledges to improve mental dullness, memory and brain functions which are all incredibly sought after attributes.

The benefits of calcium regulation in the brain, which Prevagen claims to aid, are well known in the neurobiological community and clinical research suggests  Prevagen is safe and effective and easily ingested. (12)

Therefore, Prevagen has potential to help you boost your brain and combat the mental problems that come with ageing.

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