PM International Review — Is it a scam?

PM-International is a company in the wellness and beauty sector geared toward women. Offering high-quality skin care and nutritional supplements, PM-International is one of Europe’s largest direct marketing companies in this realm.

Founded in 1993, this family-run company distributes its products in over 30 countries worldwide.

PM-International has a solid financial base. As a family-run business, this company is economically independent and not listed on the stock exchange. This company has been elected as one of Germany’s Top-100 medium-sized companies for 11 consecutive years.


PM-International offers two distinct lines of products, FitLine and BeautyLine. These lines offer an extensive selection of nutritional supplements, beauty, and wellness products.

FitLine offers nutritious food supplements that deliver nutrients exactly where they are needed, at the cellular level. These products strengthen immunity, circulation, and cardiovascular health.

ProShape All-in-1 is one product available in the FitLine. This meal replacement shake is formulated to provide essential nutrients, minimize fat storage, provide energy, and satisfy hunger. This shake can be used daily to promote weight loss or simply supplement your diet.

Herbalism Tea is another unique product offered to reduce food cravings and support weight loss. This sugar-free herbal beverage mix can be served hot or cold.

ProShape (Amino) is another dietary supplement offered in the FitLine. This supplement is loaded with essential amino acids and supports growth and retention of muscle mass.

Activize Oxyplus is a nutritional supplement that helps the body gain energy from food. This product supplies the body with all B-vitamins to aid with concentration and achievement.

Fitness-Drink is a citric flavored drink mix that increases the body’s nutrient intake. This supplement aids normal muscle function and reduces fatigue.

BeautyLine Cosmetics was designed to fight the effects of aging.

BeautyLine 4ever is a skin cream that supports skin firmness and elasticity. This product is said to produce visible anti-aging effects for the skin including reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

CC-Cel Lotion is another skin cream offered to diminish the appearance of cellulite. This cream firms the skin by stimulating microcirculation. This product can be applied to the affected areas every day for maximum results.

Cleansing Milk is an ideal product available for those with dry and sensitive skin. This cleanser helps rid pores of make-up, dead skin, and oils. Containing natural extracts, this product cleanses, clarifies, and calms the skin.

Anti-Aging Night Care is applied daily at bedtime and supports cell regeneration while you’re asleep. This skin cream containing extracts of sea algae, plankton, and green tea. Optimizing the formation of collagen and elastin, this product makes the skin look healthy and smooth.

BeautyLine Triple Lift Set is a multi-product package containing both Ultimate Young and 4ever. When used together, these products help turn back the effects of time by improving skin elasticity, tone, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Another quality drink is Le-Vel. Check out our review here.

All PM products are formulated to meet the specifications stipulated by Good Manufacturing Standard to guarantee the highest quality.

Compensation Plan

PM-Management offers its Independent Distributers an opportunity to generate additional income in six different ways.

To register as a distributor you simply click the link “Join Now” located on the company site.

Once you have submitted the registration form you are under no obligation. There is no minimum purchase requirement with PM-International.

However, if you don’t place an order within 30 days of registration your application is automatically deleted.

Up until this point, every aspect of the website is clearly laid out and user friendly. Locating the compensation plan is slightly more challenging. To get a quick overview of the compensation plan there is a YouTube video available here.

Once you have joined, you have the option to subscribe to receive the PM starter kit in addition to a trial order. You reach Team Partner, the first level of the marketing hierarchy, once you have subscribed to receive the aforementioned kits.

As Team Partner you instantly receive a 20% rebate on your personal product purchases as well as 20% profit on your customers’ orders.

Team Partners also receive 10% discounts on monthly autoship purchases in addition to 30% profit on your customer orders.  You are also eligible to earn pool bonuses of $60.

As far as retail income, distributers are eligible to earn anywhere from 20% to 40% retail profit from direct sales. For sales made directly on your website you can earn between 20% to 30% retail profit.

The screen shot below shows a full breakdown of the different levels and their benefits.

As you grow your business you become eligible for even more incentives. PM-International offers six bonus plans that you’re eligible to receive at various levels.

Automobile Incentives are available to distributers who have reached the level of International Marketing Manager.

Once you attain this level, the company will foot the bill of up to $100 on a car lease. As you climb the levels, the total amount of lease payable by the company goes up gradually.

A unique incentive offered by PM is there Pension Plan. Collaborating with Allianz, PM will pay 50% of your pension savings after you have attained the position of International Marketing Manager.

As you continue to progress within the company the contributions keep growing. You have the potential to be reimbursed 100% of your principle investments.

For a skin care line that has a great compensation plan, take a look at Nerium.


Apart from difficulty locating the company compensation plan, PM-International is still a great opportunity for new distributers.

Operating in one of the most lucrative business realms, this company offers an opportunity to achieve success and financial freedom. Offering safe products, PM has far reaching possibilities.


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