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Plated review: can this meal service help you enjoy cooking again?



Plated review

Plated is a meal delivery service which packages all the fresh ingredients you need to enjoy a range of delicious, nutritious recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen.

They offer a range of flexible plans and use sustainably sourced ingredients for all of their recipes.

Our Plated review takes a look at the meals and service you can expect to determine if  it could be the meal prep service you have been looking for.


What is Plated?

Plated is a complete meal delivery service that provides all the ingredients and directions required to cook delicious meals up to four times per week.

How does Plated work?

Subscribers can choose between two to four servings per night, with the same level of frequency each week. The recipes are available to choose from online, with 20 different options on offer. The box of recipes cards and ingredients are packed up and shipped on a weekly basis in an insulated parcel to keep everything fresh.

Who should use Plated?

Plated is best used by people who either have very busy lifestyles and don’t have time to cook, or those who want to eat healthy but lack confidence.

How much does Plated cost?

Two  servings a night starts at $47.80 for two nights, and rises to $95.60 for four nights. Three servings per night starts at $59.70 for two nights, then goes up to $119.40 for four nights. Four servings per night costs $79.60 for two nights, rising to $159.20 for the full four nights.

Is Plated paleo/keto friendly?

There are no specific recipe plans to cater for these diets, yet it is possible to pick and choose your recipes, as well as swap out ingredients should you wish.

Does Plated offer a vegetarian/vegan option?

The ingredients are processed in a facility that handles eggs and milk, therefore they cannot offer a vegan option. However, there are vegetarian choices available.

Does Plated cater to food allergies and intolerances?

No. The ingredients are processed in a facility which also deals with common allergens, such as nuts, dairy, soya and gluten.

Is Plated a fad?

Plated offers an easy convenient way to cook delicious healthy meals without any hassle.

Is Plated safe?

Yes, Plated is safe.

Where to buy Plated?

Plated subscriptions can be purchased via their official site.

Does Plated really work?

Yes, Plated does work. The service has been running successfully since 2012.

How long does it take to see results using Plated?

You will notice the convenience of having Plated deliver all your ingredients from your very first order.

Are there any Plated alternatives?

There are other similar meal delivery services available. Notable alternatives are ‘Hello Fresh’ and ‘Sun Basket’.


Plated says, for those that sign up to their recipe delivery service can enjoy the following benefits:


If you are one of those people who feels less than enthusiastic about cooking, the nightly decision about what to eat can be a drag.

Many of us end up cooking and eating the same meals on rotation. This is usually because it’s easier than navigating a new aisle in the store for different ingredients, or you feel anxious about failing on a new recipe.

Plated is a convenient way to can help bring some more pleasure back into cooking.

They offer a selection of 20 delicious healthy recipes to choose from every week. The fresh ingredients are also delivered to your door, complete with simple to follow recipe cards.

They claim their recipes are suitable for all levels of cooking skills, from beginners to kitchen pros, and take between as little as 20 minutes to an hour to prepare.

Flexible Meal Options

Even the most organised people hit unexpected disruptions to their weekly plans.  It could be an unforeseen event at work, a financial problem, or simply a change of mind.

Plated makes it simple to modify recipe selections, skip a weeks delivery, change your subscription or even to cancel your plan altogether.

This helps you to relax knowing that if required, Plated gives you the flexibility to have control over your meals and schedule.

Healthy Sustainable Ingredients

More and more of us are becoming conscious of where our food is being sourced, especially meats and seafood.

This can be purely due to health concerns, or a desire to make a change in the world by making better, more sustainable choices.

Plated ensures all of its ingredients are responsibly sourced using sustainable practices.

All of the meat used in their recipes is hormone and antibiotic free and seafood is sustainably caught from trusted fisheries. They also source organic produce whenever possible.  

What’s Included

In the next part of our review, we take a look at the type of subscriptions you can expect from Plated and what kind of meals they include:

Meal Plans

With Plated, you can choose between two, three or four servings per night, between two to four nights per week.

Once you have signed up, you can select your recipes from a choice of 20 options, including desserts, to be delivered to you once per week.

Plated is very flexible. If you need to change your delivery day, your recipes or skip a week entirely, they make it very easy for you to do so.

Also, you do not need to worry about being at home because the ingredients are delivered in perfectly insulated boxes that will keep everything fresh until midnight.

Sample Menu

The new recipe menu is available to view on the website every week, so you can decide which ones to order, or whether you want to skip a week.

In order to give you an idea of what you can expect, below is a sample of this weeks recipe menu:

Beef and broccoli with jasmine rice and pine nut-soy vinaigrette

Kale and quinoa bowls with roasted tomatoes and oyster mushrooms

Chicken, radish and pea salad

Coconut wasabi cod with roasted vegetables and crispy quinoa

Cinnamon sugar churros with mexican chocolate sauce

Special Requirements

The facilities which process Plated ingredients also handle milk, eggs, nuts, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, soy, gluten, and sulfites. For this reason, they are unable to accommodate special requirements.

However, if you are vegetarian, you are able to choose from a selection of meat free options.

Every recipe comes with a detailed breakdown of all of its ingredients and nutritional statistics. Of course, you are able to swap out ingredients and modify the recipes should you wish to.

Plated Ingredients

All the ingredients for the recipes are included, apart from simple things such as cooking oil and salt. This makes it super simple to enjoy cooking without the inconvenience of a trip to the supermarket.

Obviously, we cannot give you the rundown of all the recipe ingredients as there is literally too many to cover.

Instead, below we will give you an overview of the nutritional and health benefits of selected ingredients used in the example menu.


Beef is a high quality source of animal protein which contains all the amino acids we need to obtain from our diets.

Amino acids are the driving force behind proteins. They are required for muscle building and maintenance as well as many other important bodily functions vital to our health. (1)

A form of red meat, beef is packed with iron in much higher quantities than that found in fish or poultry.

Iron supports balanced energy levels and healthy red blood cells. (2)


Broccoli is from the same family as cauliflower and cabbage.

It is very high in nutrients such as vitamin K, fiber, potassium, vitamin C iron and protein.

Broccoli could also help prevent cancer. It contains antioxidant compounds with protective effects against cellular damage. (3,4)

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are a rich source of antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. (5)

They are also a great source of good fatty acids which help to reduce bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. (6)

Keeping your bad cholesterol levels low is important to prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.


Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods you could eat. It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. (7)

These antioxidants protect us from ageing and disease caused by what is known as ‘oxidative damage’. This occurs when free radicals ‘steal’ oxygen from our cells to complete themselves. (8,9)

Kale is also a very good source of calcium which is vital to bone health.  


Quinoa has been an essential source of nutrition for the indigenous peoples of South America.

It is a great source of meat free protein, containing every essential amino acid. Therefore, not only is it a better source of protein than other grains, it is also of a higher quality.  

Quinoa is also high in minerals like potassium, zinc and iron. (10)


Chicken is one of the most commonly consumed sources of lean, healthy protein.

It is also loaded with vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B and vitamin D.

B vitamins play a vast amount of important roles in our bodies, but they are best known for improving immunity and the absorption of nutrients. (11,12)

Vitamin D assists in the uptake of calcium and protects bone density. It is also required for healthy eyesight and metabolism. (13)


White fish is a very healthy addition to any diet, and is rich in lean protein, vitamin E, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for healthy function of the brain and eyes. There is also evidence that regular consumption of these fatty acids can protect us against age related cognitive decline. (14,15)


This hot and spicy condiment is actually a fantastic source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

It is also very good for heart health. Wasabi doesn’t contain any cholesterol and aids the lowering of any bad cholesterol already present in the blood. (16)

Keeping cholesterol under control is important to diminish the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Side Effects

There isn’t likely to be any real unpleasant effects from using Plated, other than potential stomach trouble due to a change in diet.

There is always the possibility that when trying new things you may come across an ingredient that doesn’t sit right with you. If that happens you can always swap it out or avoid it next time.


Plated is a meal kit delivery service that offers great flexibility and choice.

Subscribers can choose to receive enough ingredients for selected recipes ranging from two to four nights per week. They offer a great variety of healthy, delicious meals that change every week.

We like how they make a conscious effort to ensure all of their ingredients are responsibly and sustainably sourced. This helps us to feel even better about the food we eat.

The only downside to Plated in our opinion is that you are limited to a maximum of four nights per week, and there is only two dessert choices per week.

Overall, we feel that Plated is a great convenient way for busy people to eat well, or for those who want to try something new to feel more confident in the kitchen.

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