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Phen375 Review: Does it help you lose weight faster and easier?



phen375 ReviewPhen375 is a fat burning and weight loss supplement based around scientific research to help you lose weight fast.

Phen375 is available over the counter without a prescription from your doctor.

It is designed to help you shed excess fat by increasing the metabolic rate, and keeping the appetite under strict control.

Phen375 also states it can help you to flush toxins from the body by encouraging you to drink more water.

This review will examine Phen375 to see whether it can stand up to these claims.


What is Phen375?

Phen375 is a fat burning and weight loss supplement based around scientific research. It claims to help you lose weight fast without the need for a prescription.

How do you take Phen375?

One tablet is to be taken every morning before a meal. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Who should use Phen375?

Phen375 is for use by people who are trying to lose weight alongside a low calorie diet. It should be used with caution by those who have a sensitivity to caffeine or who are already taking medication.

How much does Phen375 cost?

One bottle of 30 tablets costs $89.99. Two bottle plus one bottle free is $269.97. Four bottles plus one free is $449.95. There is often special offers on price available on the website.

Is Phen375 safe?

Phen375 does contain powerful ingredients which have similar effects to banned substances. It should be safe if used as directed, but should you feel unwell or have any concerns you should stop use and speak to a physician.

Is Phen375 legal?

Yes, Phen375 is legal.

Where to buy Phen375?

Phen375 is available to purchase via their official website and other major online nutrition sites.

Does Phen375 contain phentermine?

No, Phen375 does not contain phentermine.

How long does it take for Phen375 to work?

Some of the ingredients in Phen375 can have an effect within 75 minutes of consumption.

Does Phen375 really work?

We have found plenty of clinical evidence to support Phen375’s claims. You could see weight loss results when used alongside a diet and exercise regime.

Are there any Phen375 alternatives?

The most widely talked about alternatives point towards Adiphene, but you can learn about our recommendation here.


Phen375 proudly claims that its formula is scientifically proven to help you burn fat, boost your metabolism and eat less throughout the day.

Their formula is packed full of ingredients such as caffeine, l-carnitine, citrus aurantium and more, all with strong clinical backing for their effectiveness.

The multi-faceted approach to weight loss offered by Phen375 shows that they have really considered the needs of their potential users when designing their formula.

Phen375 addresses the numerous hurdles of weight loss in one capsule, here are the benefits:

Suppresses Hunger

One of the toughest challenges of weight loss is managing your hunger and cravings.

Phen375 believes that you shouldn’t have to struggle when you are on a diet. In fact, instead of attempting to “starve” yourself throughout the day, they advise users to eat smaller low calorie meals more often.

This is because a lower frequency of meals can make the body go into starvation mode. This needs to be avoided because it causes the metabolic rate to decrease, lowering overall calorie burn and sabotaging your goals.  (1)

It is also no surprise to hear a lack of self control during times of calorie restriction is one of the main reasons why people fail to lose weight. (2)

Phen375 improves your chances of sticking to a new diet by harnessing the power of appetite suppressing ingredients. They generate the feeling of satiety and clamp down on the need to snack in between meals.

Burns Fat

The metabolic rate could be described as the furnace of our bodies. It determines how much energy we burn to power millions of biological process on a daily basis.

Some people may not realise pounding the treadmill or lifting weights isn’t the only time we burn calories. Our bodies burn calories 24 hours a day to keep us alive and functioning.

The amount of calories our metabolism uses to keep us alive when we are doing no activity whatsoever is called our basal metabolic rate, or BMR for short. (3)

The more calories you burn, the less surplus available for your body to use for energy. This will force your body to turn to fat stores for fuel, consuming excess weight for energy.

The boost Phen375 gives your metabolic rate means you will naturally burn more calories day to day, helping you to slim down faster.

Aids Muscle Preservation  

During an intense diet and exercise regime, sometimes your body gets overwhelmed and starts breaking down muscle tissue for energy. (4)

This is definitely not what you should be aiming for when trying to reduce the number on the scales. Muscle tissue is very important to our overall calorie burn as it plays a role in the BMR. (5)

Therefore, losing muscle tissue can reduce overall calorie burn and impact upon weight loss over time.

Phen375 can help to lower the risk of muscle loss caused by extreme dieting. They use fat targeting compounds which encourage and support the use of fat stores for primary energy, keeping your hard earned muscle safe.


With all the benefits of Phen375 fresh in our minds, we can now delve deeper into the details of the most active ingredients:


Lowering calorie intake, burning fat and increasing calorie burn with Phen375 is of course a great way to lose weight.

But a combination of the above can naturally lead to some fatigue, especially if you are working out hard too.

Phen375 has compensated for this by including the amino acid l-carnitine in its formula.

L-carnitine is naturally produced in the body and is critical to the production of the energy our bodies require to function.

It serves to increase energy levels and can even boost your exercise performance. (6)

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a recognised stimulant common in fat burning supplements, and is included in Phen375 for good reason. It has been scientifically proven to have positive effects upon the metabolic rate, increasing calorie burn. (7)

Caffeine can also contribute to a reduction in appetite and to support the oxidation (burning) of fat. (89)

Phen375 uses a dehydrated powder form of caffeine in its formula, known as caffeine anhydrous.

This is a particularly pure form of caffeine that will provide you with maximal benefits.

Coleus Forskohlii

It grows mainly in asia and southeast asia and belongs to the mint family. Coleus forskohlii is used in traditional asian medicine to treat conditions relating to the heart and lungs.

It contains a substance called forskolin, which is responsible for the benefits attributed to this herb.

Forskolin has been found to increase levels of the molecule cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) in the body. Basically, cAMP plays a role in the transfer of signals and messages across cell membranes.

Higher cAMP levels has been linked to a faster rate of fat loss whilst also protecting and increasing muscle mass. (10)

Citrus Aurantium

Citrus aurantium will keep your hunger levels under control, and prevent you from failing at your diet plan.  

Sometimes referred to as bitter orange, the citrus aurantium plant grows in the tropical climate of southeast asia.

It is known to raise blood pressure, increase heart rate and also encourage weight loss. (11)

It has this effect because it contains a chemical called synephrine, which is similar to the banned substance ephedrine.

Supplementation with citrus aurantium has been shown to increase the basal metabolic rate as soon as 75 minutes after consumption. (12)

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper would not seem out of place in a spicy curry, but it’s also well suited in Phen375.

The spiciness that we love about cayenne is caused by a substance called capsaicin.

Capsaicin is a thermogenic (heat producing) substance often found in hot chillies and self heating muscle pain relief creams.

It can help turn up your body temperature and also raise your metabolism. (13)

Furthermore, there is some evidence that capsaicin can contribute to the appetite reducing benefits of Phen375. (14)

Side Effects

Phen375 is a high strength fat burner which includes powerful ingredients.

As a result there are a number of potential side effects you may experience when using this product.

Caffeine can cause unpleasant effects if taken in high doses or if you are very sensitive to it. You may experience headaches, nausea, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, and anxiety due to the high levels of caffeine in Phen375.

Forskolin can cause low blood pressure, increased heart rate and indigestion.

The combination of bitter orange and caffeine can cause increased blood pressure and rapid heart rate.

Citrus aurantium should be used with caution if you have a medical condition affecting the heart, or if you are taking any medications.

You should check with your doctor before using Phen375 if you have a medical condition or are currently on medication.

Recommended Dosage

One tablet is to be taken every morning before a meal. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


Phen375 is a promising fat burning supplement which includes ingredients backed by science.

It has proven benefits designed to tackle multiple aspects of weight loss. It can improve metabolism, appetite control and fat burning whilst also protecting muscle tissue.  

As with any supplement though there is the potential for negative reactions. Phen375 is no exception.

Side effects such as headaches, nausea, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, and anxiety can be attributed to the amount of caffeine.

Forskolin can cause low blood pressure, increased heart rate and indigestion. Whereas bitter orange and caffeine combined can cause increased blood pressure and rapid heart rate.

Therefore, due to the powerful ingredients it contains and the high possibility it could cause unpleasant knock-on effects it may not be suitable for everyone.

That said, providing Phen375 is used responsibly and according to directions, we believe it could be of benefit to those looking for help losing excess weight.

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