Perfectly Posh Review — Is it a scam?

Perfectly Posh is an MLM built upon the concept of pampering yourself because you deserve it.

It is an entitlement and enrichment theology for the working individual who has not taken the time to indulge in the luxuries and self-focus that is needed from time to time. The brand, founded in October 2011, has built its company around this concept as well as the USA made best ingredient/natural ingredient concept.

Ann Dalton, the CEO and Founder, states that the company is Fun, Energy, Respect, Creativity, Honesty, innovation, and Passion. Andrew G. McBride is also listed as a Founder of the Perfectly Posh Brand, though no biography on the website is given.


One of the benefits of the pampering company is that they offer an abundance of products to the consumer, targeting women mainly. (Thirty One Gifts is another “mostly for the ladies” MLM that specializes in tote and purses).

The products include products in hands and feet, hair, face and lips, bath, and body. In total there are over 150 products available on the site with the smallest category being that for the hair. Pricing for the products vary depending on what you are purchasing. For those interested in sales, the variety does open the door for more sales as the larger the selection the more apt a person is to purchasing from that selection.

Dominating the products offered by Perfectly Posh are the Body and the Bath products. Bath products include scrubs such as the Beach Blanket Body Scrub ($24), the White Sand Foot Scrub ($24), Chunk, various shower gels and shower lotions, Black Sea Salt Body Scrubs ($24) and the all mixed up effect such as the Mermaid Mix which is offered at 6 for $24.

Body products include oils and scrubs as well as skin sticks and cremes. Many of the products tend to lapse over into other categories, and the bath and body products are no exception. For example, the BlackListed Sugar and Body Scrub and the Beach Blanket are shown in both. (An MLM that specializes in this category is called Nu Skin. Here’s a link to our review.)

In terms of marketing and aesthetics, the products offered by Perfectly Posh are not what I would consider luxury pampering.

The design and packaging of the products is more oriented to the younger woman and teen market. There is a definitive beach and vacation theme to the products, leading one to conclude that the dominating market would be those which are (a) considering a vacation on the coast or (b) those which wish to experience the pampering of a beach resort but lack the capital for such a vacation.

Regarding the price bracket, which is around $10 per item, the pampering and poshness of the brand is removed from higher ended markets and put more in the bargain selection of goods.

Compensation Plan

Thinking of joining Perfectly Posh and want to know if it is a scam? Here is a bit of information to help you draw your own conclusions.

First, the compensation plan for Perfectly Posh is based upon the M2M formula. This means that you must sell product and be part of a team in order for you to gain capital and profits for the company and in turn gain commissions.

Primarily, funds are acquired through parties, which may be difficult in some locations. Smaller towns for example would require traveling of the independent contractor to larger cities (an expense which is not reimbursed).

The comp plan is remarkably simple and is only one page on their website.

Like many companies, Perfectly Posh requires you to have a starter pack to start your business. This pack is $99. It is not the final cost of start-up, however, as you will need to have the legal right to operate a business in your area (which may require obtaining a business license and other costs).

When trying to obtain information about the compensation plan, I was given a “you are not authorized to access this page” several times, as I refused to type my email in and schedule a meeting with a representative.

The information which was obtainable was from the RUSH section of incentives and proved to be rather straight forward. Sales during the incentive event increased the odds and the margins of profit from the company. The business owner/independent contractor could further their rank through more sales and special awards and bonuses would be given at the end of the event.


From a glance, it does not appear that the company is trying to scam anyone. This is not to say that there are no risks involved with being a consultant for Perfectly Posh.

The positives which can be seen is that there are a great deal of incentives as well as a great many products to offer. The negative is that the product is offered primarily through parties which requires a certain flare for sales.

Additionally, the specifics of the compensation plan was not obtainable and so understanding the tier system is not available. Those who are seriously considering joining the team would be wise to have the tier system sent and explained prior to investing the $99 in the starter package.

In terms of ROI, there is a substantial risk for loss as the products offered by the company are not really unique.

The fiscal gains for product sales would come from offering these products as an alternative to luxury products which are offered at a higher price, but then again the products offered would need to compare to mega markets and established companies.

Those who are located close to vacation and tourism locations may find that they have the upper hand, specifically because they can offer a papering product for higher returns/profit in such areas.


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