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Patriot Power Greens Review: the aging energy booster



Patriot Power GreensPatriot Power Greens is potent greens drink that is stacked with superfoods and vegetables designed to give you immunity and energy.

It consists of a blend of organic fruits and vegetables as well as probiotics for an extra burst of energy and also to improve overall aging health.

This Patriot Power Greens review will take a closer look at the ingredients and the science behind this dietary support.


What is Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens is a dietary supplement in the form of a drink which can be taken daily. The product contains a mixture of nutritious organic fruits and vegetables as well as probiotics.

How to take Patriot Power Greens?

Simply mix the correct amount of powder with a glass of fresh water and drink it. You are also able to mix the powder with a fruit juice or smoothie if you prefer. Patriot Power Greens should be taken once daily to get the best possible results.  

Who should use Patriot Power Greens?

Anyone over the age of eighteen can use Patriot Power Greens and it is suitable for men and women. The supplement was originally designed for the older person looking for an energy boost. If you suffer from thyroid problems or you are on medication you should check with your doctor before using the product,

How much does Patriot Power Greens cost?

A one month supply of Patriot Power Greens costs $49.95 plus shipping from the manufacturer. If you buy 3 months supply there are no shipping costs. The manufacturer also offers a sample pack so that you can try the product before ordering larger quantities.

Is Patriot Power Greens legal?

Yes the product is legal to sell and use and there are no restrictions on its sale. The supplement contains no harmful ingredients or controlled substances. Only buy from a reputable supplier to ensure you are getting a genuine product.  

Is Patriot Power Greens safe?

Patriot Power Greens is perfectly safe and it does not contain anything that is going to damage your health. It is important that you read the label and directions for use so that you consume the correct amount. Patriot Power Greens may not be suitable for you if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used to make the supplement.

Where to buy Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens can be purchased online from the manufacturer website. Patriot Power Greens is also sold on Amazon subject to availability.

Does Patriot Power Greens really work?

There is no scientific evidence that Patriot Power Greens works. However, everyone who uses supplements reacts to them differently. If you feel that it is beneficial then it has worked for you.

Are there any alternatives to Patriot Power Greens?

Other similar products to Patriot Power Greens including Juice Plus and Athletic Greens.


The benefits behind Patriot Power Greens are as follows:

Increased Energy

As you age, the body slows down and creates less of everything. This also includes energy levels. (1)

This is mainly down to the fact your body is not quite so efficient as it was in the younger years.

Patriot Power Greens is designed to combat this problem and boost your energy levels, you may also sleep better which will alleviate tiredness.

The active ingredients can aid digestion which means that your body absorbs more nutrients. If your body is getting adequate quantities each day your energy levels are going to be higher.

Boost Mind and Body

Cognitive decline is another downside of a mature body. Memory, mental processing times and reaction all deteriorate as you get older. (2)

Drinking a glass of Patriot Power Greens each day will make your mind sharper due the nutrients in the product. Some of the active ingredients are known to aid regeneration in the brain.  

These nutrients help to keep you alert and focussed during the day.

Maintains Your Immune System

You are more likely to become sick or contract a disease once you have past your prime.

The immune system changes throughout your life and not for the better. In fact it’s actually been given a name – immunosenescence. This is all down to a decrease in cells and antibodies weakening protection. (3)

Having a daily dose of Patriot Power Greens can give the body’s immune system a boost. Fueling your body with a nutritious supplement may help you to fight common colds and infections.

When your immune system is working properly your overall health will be improved.

Regain a Younger Look

In this day an age, the strive to keep a youthful appearance has become popular than ever before. The thought of fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin are at the forefront of aging women. (4)

As you get older the skin gets thinner and collagen production drops, which is what keeps it looking supple and healthy. Environmental factors like sunlight, smoking and nutrition will count towards how fast your skin ages.

The vitamins and antioxidants contain in Patriot Power Supergreens can  help look younger and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Ease Those Aches and Pains

Although aging is subjected to many areas of decline, Inflammation is one issue which actually increases.

Inflammation is linked to the following diseases: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

Arthritis is a condition relating to wear and tear on the joints. The soft tissue disintegrates and causes the bones to rub together. This causes inflammation and leads to aches and stiffness.

Taking Patriot Power Greens eases said aches and pains.


Patriot Power Greens contains a large number of organic ingredients including chicory, fruits, vegetables and sea greens. It also contains a number of probiotics and digestive enzymes. Here are the highlights:

Spirulina Algae

Patriot Power Greens contains spirulina algae which lowers cholesterol. A clinical study carried out on volunteers concluded that cholesterol levels had dropped after using spirulina algae. (5)

Spirulina may also modulate appetite which can help to control or prevent excessive weight gain. It also prevents memory loss by lessening protein accumulation and reducing oxidative damage. (6,7)

Kombu Seaweed

Patriot Power Greens also contains Kombu seaweed which is of Japanese origin. This seaweed improves cardiovascular health which is important through all stages of life. (8)

Kombu aids digestion and is also a very good source of fiber. Good digestion is important to ensure the body is getting all of the nutrients needed.

Nori Seaweed

Nori seaweed is also an edible seaweed commonly used in Asian cuisine. This aquatic plant is extremely nutritious and an excellent source of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is one of the essential nutrients known for its effects on regulating energy levels and metabolism. (9)

Wakame Seaweed

Wakame seaweed is extremely nutritious and also stimulates the liver to produce DHA which is a type of omega-3 fatty acid.

Including wakame seaweed in your diet lowers the risk of heart disease. (10)


Patriot Power Greens also contains an impressive list of organic fruits including apple, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. Acai can help to reduce blood sugar.(11)

Amla can boost vitality and energy. (12)

Patriot Power Greens also contains tomato which can lower blood pressure and help to prevent heart disease. Goji berries contain antioxidants which have anti-aging properties. (13)

Kale and Broccoli

Kale is an antioxidant, and broccoli is high in vitamin C and E which can boost the aging immune system. (14)


Patriot Power Greens also contains blood boosting spinach which is a great source of iron.

Other Vegetables

Other vegetables used to make Patriot Power Greens are carrot, parsley, beet and green cabbage.  

We all know the importance of eating green vegetables and Patriot Power Greens delivers these. (15)  


A healthy digestive system lays foundations for health and probiotics can provide the tools. (16)

Probiotics are basically beneficial bacteria. Their job is to ensure the balance between “good” and “bad” is kept in line throughout the entire digestive system.

Probiotics can help reduce bowel diseases, boost the immune system, reduce cholesterol and even cure bad breath. (17)

Probiotics can also help you to digest foods such as heavy dairy products, foods that contain fat and starchy foods such as bread.

Side Effects

Any dietary supplement opens opportunities for side effects  Mild reactions may include increased flatulence, stomach upsets and nausea.

Most healthy adults should not have any problems after using Patriot Power Greens. When you first start using the supplement you may experience some of the side effects until your body has adjusted.

If you are on long term medication you should consult your doctor before using a dietary supplement.

Recommended Dosage

Patriot Power Greens should be taken once a day and in the morning is a good choice. One serving equals a scoop of the powder mixed with water.

Taking a dietary supplement at breakfast time maximises the amount of nutrients delivered to the body throughout the day.


After looking carefully at the ingredients and the manufacturers claims there is a high probability Patriot Power Greens is beneficial for use.

This is mainly due to the fact all of the ingredients are totally natural which means it’s certainly not going to harm you.

We particularly like that fact that all of the ingredients are organic and there is no added sugar.

You may not feel any different when using Patriot Power Greens but your body will be getting nutrients.

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