Party Lite Review — Is it a scam?

Party Lite is a home décor and candle MLM company specializing in finding and maximizing the personal signature of the people who purchase their products.

Primarily, the company is candle based and flameless fragrance based. The official founding of the company was in 1973, but there are claims that the fragrances and candles were first developed by Marbel Baker in 1909, which would make this one of the oldest fragrance companies globally.

Regardless of the official foundation of PartyLite, it has grown to be recognized as a leader in candle and fragrance distribution.


There are four sectors in which the products from PartyLite are offered, though in truth there are really only two. (BTW, Party Lite is cool, but our favorite candle MLM is Scentsy.)

The four are Candles, Flameless Fragrances, Home Décor, and Gifts & Occasions. The reason why only Candles and Flameless Fragrances are offered is due to them being the most saturated of the product selections.

Candles include the signature 3-Wic Jars, The Essential Jar Candles, GloLite Candles, Tealights, Votives, and Pillar and LED Candles.

In these sub-selections, you will find even more product as the 3-Wick jars have an everyday fragrance selection comprised of 10 candles ranging from Woodland path to Red Apple Orchard and Seasonal candles adding to additional 10 products. All 20 candles are offered for $25 through the site.

Fragrances from PartyLIte are divided into Scent Plus Melts, ScentGlow Warmers, Smartscents, mobile scents, and Room Sprays.

The first two selections are trademarks and do require a holder as they are melts. The scents are offered for $7 for a 9 piece tray with each melt being able to scent a room for 60 hours, though some reviews claim that the total time is more to 6 before losing its scent.

Somewhat unique to the Parylite company is the mobile product they offer.

It is not like a Febreze freshener as the contents can be changed instead of replaced. The holders called GoSmart Faceplates, are offered in Pink, blue, and Green for $5 with the sticks selling for $15. Sticks are available as Fresh Home or SmartScent Decorative Sticks.

The other products offered by the company are dependent upon the scents and fragrances, for the most part.

As the company is dominated by the candles and waxes, holders and melting containers are necessary for anyone with the product. As such, the company has maximized their potential for a profit by making a vast selection of covers, pillars, tealight holders, etc. to “individualize” the experience.

Compensation Plan

When looking at the compensation plan on the Partylite site, it appears that you can make quite a bit of money with very little effort.

This is a myth which has been proven by many analytical professionals. MLM companies require hard work, just like any other job. This does not make it a scam, but it does mean that you have to commit to the work, the risks, and the other aspects of running a business. As an independent contractor for the company, you assume all of the costs and risks involved.

The compensation plan is not offered directly through the site, though you can find out a few tidbits about their terms and conditions and compensation by clicking on the want to earn more button.

Disregard the youtube video, as it is promotional propaganda, and look at the actual material. Each consultant has the potential to earn 25- 35 on personal sales, get a one time bonus product award, and earn from your team sales.

There is no real definition on the site as what constitutes a sale, but there is a “party” format. The compensation plan offers commission examples (see screenshot).

Some companies do not count certain products as being part of the monthly sales (such as the beginner’s package and the expected monthly product packages required by some M2Ms), additionally the team sales potential profit is not inclusive of the leader sales which generally accounts for a majority of the team sales. Again, it is a bit hard to understand the details, as no details have been given apart from the vague video.


PartyLite is a MLM company offering individuals the opportunity to sell their product and earn commission on the profits of those sales.

This is accomplished through physical parties, building your team and through online sales/store pages. As the products sold on the site are in the lower bracket, averaging under $30 gaining a high ROI for time and resources spent may be difficult for the average independent contractor, even with the idealistic 35% commission.

I am a bit hesitant in believing that if you sell $1000 of product you will earn $250 in commission, as Forbes and other fiscal analysts have stated that to earn such money in M2M, higher sales would be needed. Yet, this conclusion is a bit speculative as the compensation plan is not disclosed unless you have a consultant log in.

It is advised that those seeking investment in PartyLite find a person who has hosted a party, has been in the company for a time, and has made a profit, and ask that person the details of his or her compensation plan.

Keep in mind, however, that this team member may wish to recruit you to his or her team as a means of boosting their list and increasing their profits. At this point it is impossible to state whether the PartyLite is a scam or not. Commit with caution only after due diligence has been taken in learning more about the inner workings.


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