Pampered Chef Review — Is it a scam?

Pampered Chef was established in 1980 with the belief that having quality cooking products as well as providing empowerment through instruction and tips would provide a brand that people would want to invest in.

Over 30 years later, the brands building concepts have proven to be of worth. Pampered Chef is a globally recognized brand with consistent growth. Sought by both professionals in the culinary field and from food enthusiasts, the company is worth considering.

Pampered Chef may have the largest selection of products of any M2M brand on the market.

With 104 products offered for under $5, 139 products under $10, 224 products under $25, 109 under $50, 31 under $75, 9 under $100, and 39 products offered over $100 the selection is quite diverse.

Additionally, the availability of the product in multiple online stores such as AmazonEbay, and Walmart have boosted the awareness of the brand.


The number of items is so large a review of each product cannot be given. But here are a few favorite items and services worth note. Keep in mind that almost all of the products offered are for the kitchen and home (appliances, tools, and gadgets). It’s like Amway for the kitchen.

The salad chopper (about $26) makes it possible to get a consistent cut on vegetables.

Those which wish to manually cut their vegetables have the option of purchasing cut ware from Pampered Chef for about $25, though you can find a few knives in the $75 to over $100 dollar range. More popular would be the Color Coated Santoku Knife costing $18.

Apart from the cutters, Pampered chef offers the dishes pans and such to make food in. Stoneware pans are around $25 and tend to sell well, as compared to other options on the market, the price is low. The pand is square and more to the design of a cookie sheet, so those seeking the traditional round would need to look at other options.

As stated, there are hundreds of products which are offered with more being added constantly.

Those who are interested in selling products for the company should find a genre in which to market the product and work on selling the supporting needed products.

For example, hosting a cake/muffin sampling or instruction party and then offering the pans, spoons, and such would be more apt to bring sales then offering a catalog with all the products offered by Pampered Chef.

Containers and things that keep food longer would be in another category. If you’re interested in the containers, but don’t like the selection—Thirty One Gifts may be a better option.

Compensation Plan

There are multiple ways in which you can join Pampered Chef.

The easiest way to get product, not profit, from the company is to host a party. When you work with a consultant to host a party, you earn free products based upon the sales and the type of party that will be hosted.

On average the host gets around $150 in product. The free rewards add up for every additional $100 in sales that a person gets.

Those seeking to be a consultant can do so by filling out an online form.

You are an independent contractor and can earn 20 to 27% omission on sales plus receive discounts on pampered chef products. Depending upon your sales and the time invested, the company states that the average person can make around 100 to 500 dollars a month.

As with any M2M, the commission that you get is based upon the capital that the company receives from sales.

For Pampered Chef, if the monthly sales are under $750 you get a 20% commission, under 1250 is a 22%, under 2500 is 23, under 4000 is 24%, and anything between 4000 and up is 25%. Keep in mind that the consultants are required to have and maintain a certain monthly goals for their career goals.

Also, the percentages are based upon  a number of variables. The site states that earnings “if any, that an independent consultant can or will earn through participation in the Pampered Chef Compensation plan” are generally lower than what is shown as “less than 1% of Pampered Chef consultants earn the highest average monthly income shown.”

If you are seeking a career and do not wish to work off the commissions as a consultant, there are several “traditional” positions which are available within the company.

Check the site and the requirements for each position which is available. Keep in mind that “traditional” positions are not remotely based and may require that you relocate to the area in order to be a part of the team.


The fact that Pampered Chef is so globally known and embraced makes it difficult for the company to be labeled as a scam.

It is difficult for a person to make money as a consultant with Pampered Chef, though, as the brand is readily available in many mega superstores, online auctions, online distributors, and such. Those seeking to be an independent consultant will need to find an angle in which to offer the products competitively against such experienced sellers.

Pampered Chef’s reputation is the biggest positive for the aspiring consultant as it does give you creditability in your party.

Building your team with knowledgeable individuals may be easier than if trying to do so with other brands. Additionally, as some team members will not wish to commit to the consultant level, you may have the option of having them host and receive product while you receive the compensation reward.

As the compensation plan is dependent upon the time and sales of the product, individuals are strongly encouraged to read over the entire compensation plan, the requirements for each of the career levels, the investment requirements for each level, as well as consider their ability to sell massive quantities of the product (as you really need to sell around $4000 a month to make the investment worthwhile.


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