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Oxyelite Pro Review: The super scientific thermogenic



Oxyelite Pro Review
Oxyelite Pro is a super thermogenic fat burner for women (and men) which has had a fair share of controversy attached to its track record.

Despite this fact, it’s popularity amongst the hardcore fitness circles still remains strong.

Oxyelite Pro is armed with an aggressive strategy for cutting down. It declares war on weight loss by attacking fat, boosting metabolism and raising energy levels.


What is Oxyelite Pro?

Oxyelite Pro is a “super thermogenic” fat burner supplement, which promotes maximum weight loss results.

How to take Oxyelite Pro

Take 1-2 capsules before breakfast and then again 6 to 8 hours later. Oxyelite Pro must be taken on an empty stomach and you must not exceed 4 capsules within a 24 hour period.

Who should use Oxyelite Pro?

Oxyelite Pro is for those who want to take an extreme approach to their weight loss results.

How much does Oxyelite Pro Cost?

There is no current price listed for Oxyelite Pro.

Is Oxyelite Pro safe?

In 2013 the FDA banned the original formula of Oxyelite Pro because the ingredient DMAA was found to cause cardiovascular problems. Again In 2015 the FDA withdrew Oxyelite Pro from distribution due to a substance called fluoxetine. This ingredient is  linked to serious implications with common over the counter and depression medication. (2829)

Is Oxyelite Pro legal?

At present the FDA has withdrawn all sales of Oxyelite Pro.

Where to buy Oxyelite Pro?

You cannot buy Oxyelite Pro from the USP Labs official website. Currently all Oxyelite Pro supplements have been removed from all retail outlets because of the FDA recall. You may still find it for purchase online, but this is against the law and entirely at your own risk.
Does Oxyelite Pro really work?

Oxyelite Pro has been tested for effectiveness through official channels and in both cases experts concluded it may help with weight loss. (3031)

How long do you have to take Oxyelite Pro before seeing results?

Clinical studies indicate just one dose of Oxyelite Pro can increase resting metabolic rate. Lipolysis (fat breakdown) starts within two days and appetite suppression is noticeable within two weeks. (3233)


The first thing you notice with Oxyelite Pro is that it’s not the type of fat burner ploughed with multiple ingredients, it just holds a total of 6. These include the likes of: yohimbe bark extract, caffeine and bauhinia purpurea extract

Oxyelite Pro also has credibility in terms of research and scientific backing.

Overall, Oxyelite Pro comes across as a no nonsense fat burner that means business.

It tackles the dilemma of low energy levels and also encourages a hike in metabolism through alternative channels in the body – your thyroid.
Here are some of the most significant benefits surrounding Oxyelite Pro:

Increases Metabolism

Oxyelite pro is a “super” thermogenic. It basically turns up the heat on core body temperature and forces the body to work harder. This leads the way for more energy and calories to be used than normal.

However, it also takes advantage of the thyroid gland.

The thyroid is predominantly a regulator of hormones, yet it also heavily impacts upon many other body functions. It plays a hand in weight loss or gain as well as energy levels and your state of mind.

Statistics show more than 12 percent of the population will develop some kind of thyroid issue during their lifetime. (1)

If it’s working too hard (is overactive) it releases more hormones into the body. This in-turn accelerates your metabolism, speeds up weight loss and can even boost your energy levels. (2)

Alternatively if your thyroid is taking a break (is underactive) it won’t dispatch enough hormones into your system. Inevitably this shortage leads to a slower metabolism, weight gain, lethargy and low mood. (3)

Oxyelite Pro incorporates ingredients which stimulate a positive effect on the thyroid to encourage metabolism boosting action.

Targets Fat Breakdown

Body fat is often perceived as a bad thing to have and it’s certainly deemed as public enemy number one when trying to slim down.

However, you do need some in your life.

Some fats protect your organs and also impact upon hormones. You could also say it’s your hand built insulation – fat is there to keep your body warm

There are two primary types – visceral and subcutaneous. One is found far inside the body, whereas the latter is just beneath the skin.

The key is to keep a healthy balance –  if your fat stores buildup it means extra inches on your waistline.

Oxyelite Pro contains plant based extracts on the grounds it can target an offensive on fat of the subcutaneous kind.  

Enhances Endurance

Endurance and stamina are two fundamental areas of exercise which can help you slim down faster. Having the capacity to work out for longer will lead to a better calorie burn, improved muscle mass and also a toned physique.

Oxyelite Pro uses compounds which enhance nitric oxide in the body.

A greater concentration of this molecule improves blood flow and circulation. As blood carries vital nutrients like oxygen around your body, it means you have more at your disposal.
For example: when you exercise your body is working much harder it means you require greater oxygen levels to be able to continue at that tempo.

Nitric oxide puts paid to this and deters muscle fatigue.


The formula of Oxyelite Pro has had two primary releases: the original and the revised version, nicknamed “purple top”. For the purpose of this review, we will analyse the six active ingredients based upon the original content of Oxyelite Pro:

Bauhinia Purpurea Extract

According to experts bauhinia purpurea is an exotic flower with astonishing health benefits. It can help reduce inflammation, relieve skin conditions and even help fight malaria. (4)

It can also affect your hormones.

It’s been documented bauhinia purpurea can increase the most significant thyroid hormones – triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). This leads to favorable effects on your metabolism.

However, that being said it’s yet to be proven in humans. (5)

Bacopa Leaf Extract

In its natural state, bacopa is a plant found in wetlands or marshy areas. It’s located mainly in tropical climates of India where it’s used as a tonic for the brain. Bacopa is known to improve memory and learning capabilities. (6,7)

However, Oxyelite Pro hasn’t included bacopa for it’s cognitive benefits. Just like bauhinia purpurea, science indicates it could enhance thyroid hormone production. (8)

Despite this potential claim, research is few and far between. Therefore it’s more likely to withhold it’s standing as conditioner for the brain than it is for weight loss. (9)

1,3-Dimethylamine HCI (DMAA)

1,3-Dimethylamine HCI or DMAA for short is a contentious compound in Oxyelite Pro. It’s a stimulant with a likeness to power of adrenaline or the banned substance ephedrine. (10)

It’s stimulant effects lay foundations for an increase in energy and focus and this is why it’s made the cut for Oxyelite Pro. An increase in energy levels will pay dividends to workouts as well as generating a positive balance – even with a drop in calories.

A study carried out on Oxyelite Pro itself did show initial promise in improving physical performance. Yet after 4 weeks it appeared to have the opposite effect and results decreased.(11)

Other studies based on DMAA also show mixed reports surrounding effectiveness, although a decrease in body fat and weight was noted in some cases. (12)

It’s worth noting there are numerous studies questioning the substance and it’s safety. In fact the sporting body, The World Anti-Doping Agency has actually included DMAA on their prohibited list because of the bad rap generated for itself. (13,14,15)

Cirsium Oligophyllum Extract

In its original form cirsium oligophyllum is actually an edible thistle. Unlike many other herbs it doesn’t appear to have any specific medicinal uses other than links to weight loss.

Evidence implies cirsium oligophyllum encourages the breakdown of subcutaneous fat which in-turn also slows down the build up. (16)

In spite all the promise cirsium shows, studies are somewhat limited and this particular one in question was actually carried out on animals.

Yohimbe Bark Extract

Yohimbe is a natural compound with a capacity to torch fat and lift erections.

One significant aspect of yohimbe is that it has an influence on nitric oxide production within the body. (17)

Yohimbe also works closely with adrenaline and it’s fat controlling counterparts.

This hormone has two coworkers which regulate fat cells – one encourages fat to breakdown whereas the other does the total opposite and hampers efforts.

Yohimbe helps by blocking messages to the fat “storer”, which in-turn makes fat breakdown much quicker and easier to burn off. (18,19,20)


There is a good reason why caffeine is a standard ingredient in many supplements. The weight loss effects have been extensively researched on humans and not just in animals and lab conditions.

This natural stimulant fires up the body which as a result directs messages to fat cells accelerating the breakdown process. (21,22)

Caffeine fires up the body in other ways too, in this case it’s temperature. It has thermogenic capabilities, which means it raises core body climate and metabolism along with it. (23)

Side Effects

Oxyelite Pro states, generally the supplement has been taken safely with no problems reported and there was also a clinical study undertaken to reinforce this point. (24)

However upon further investigation, the research in question was actually funded by the makers of Oxyelite Pro (USP Labs), which does suggest a conflict of interest.

Other independent studies suggest otherwise, with reference to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. (25)

In fact, the FDA has advised against the use of DMAA and all supplements containing this substance. This is due to several reports following adverse reactions like: increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, vomiting, dizziness, tremors, headaches and chest pain.

Other more serious and life threatening effects connected to DMAA include: liver damage, stroke and heart attacks.

Yohimbe bark has been tied to adverse reactions such as: increased sweating, erratic heart rate, anxiety, frequent urination,high blood pressure and digestive issues.(26,27)

The side effects from excessive caffeine use are: headaches, stomach upsets, trouble sleeping, uneasiness and hyperactivity.

Recommended Dosage

Directions for use are as follows:

Take 1 or 2 capsules before breakfast.

Repeat the process 6 to 8 hours later.

Important note: pills must be taken on an empty stomach

Due to the strength of Oxyelite Pro, it is recommended that you start off on a half dosage, this is to gauge your tolerance levels.

Oxyelite Pro must not be taken for longer than 8 weeks at a time and you must not exceed 4 capsules within a 24 hour period.


Oxyelite Pro is a hard-hitting thermogenic fat burner, which has shown scientific promise towards weight loss as a dietary supplement.

However, upon closer investigation of ingredients, it’s clear there are some weak links in the chain. Many of the studies aren’t directly related to humans.

The main drawback to Oxyelite Pro would have to be the side effects relating to DMAA. This ingredient has resulted in side effects spanning from the mild such as headaches across the board to heart attacks and liver damage.

Thankfully this ingredient has now been removed from the Oxyelite Pro formula, but the actual supplement has still not been reintroduced back into the market.

We believe there is some evidence to suggest it works. However, the potential negatives towards health alone far outweigh the benefits.

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