OmniLife Review — Is it a scam?

OmniLife follows the health and wellness business model at the heart of many MLM companies.

Their approach to business is empowering their sellers to grow their own individual businesses within the company.

OmniLife was founded by Jorge Vergara in 1991 so it is among the oldest MLMs on the market today making it a valid choice for many looking to become their own boss.

The products offered by OmniLife expand throughout the realm of nutritional products as well as into cosmetics. These products are designed to enhance the life of the user in a variety of ways from providing energy to proper hydration and even customizable nutrition options.


With an emphasis on the total body (kinda like Total Life Changes), the products offered by OmniLife are adaptable to most people and therefore quite easy to sell for the right person.

Seytu is the skincare product line that OmniLLife sells and they have an extensive range of products designed to enhance the experience of the skin for both men and women.

One of the most popular products within the lineup is the Facial Mask. There are many different facial masks on the market today, but the science that has gone into this one enables it to properly hydrate the skin while extracting harmful additives from the pores. The result is clear beautiful skin that maintains its youthful appearance.

Energy can be hard to come by when running from place to place during your daily routine. OmniLife offers the solution with Magnus.

This power packed powder provides your body with B-complex vitamins glycine, and taurine to keep you going all day long. The product comes in both fruit and apple flavors and is sweetened with stevia so there is no risk of overindulging in harmful sugars as with other energy solutions.

Everyone wants to have the trim and seductive figure they have always dreamed of, but with the growing temptations and unhealthy options everywhere, it can be difficult to make the right choices.

Sometimes you just need a bit of something sweet. Magic Siluet is the answer. OmniLife offers this 24-cookie box to allow you to get your chocolate fix without completely ruining your diet. Each one is a fiber-rich chocolate covered cookie, so you can indulge without overdoing it.

Herbal drinks are all the rage today and rightfully so.

They give an alternative to the standard sodas that are nothing more than sodium and sugar laced drinks with no nutritional value. Much of the calories we bring into our bodies each day comes from what we drink and it is best to drink vitamin rich options rather than empty sugar.

Ego Plant is the herbal solution you may have been waiting for with real vegetable extracts and vitamin B12. This drink will fill you up and won’t add too many calories to your diet. The cost may be a bit out of proportion with the unhealthy drinks, though.

Hydration is a key ingredient in a truly healthy person. Drinking water is not always enough to maintain proper hydration as daily activities can take away vital electrolytes from our bodies. (Another great drink for nutrition is the “Pink Drink” from Plexus.)

The Ego Life Pina is a box of 26 individual packets to add to your water to enhance its ability to properly hydrate the body. In addition to the amazing pineapple flavor, Ego Life Pina offers potassium, sodium, carbohydrates, electrolytes, and B-complex vitamins all in a convenient pack.

Compensation Plan

As with most of the compensation plans of MLM companies, OmniLife is extensive and a bit complicated, but the company has put their compensation plan into three main phases with different levels within each phase.

Phase one is where the person signs on with OmniLife to become an active bronze member. Upon bringing in one more person they become a bronze premier and a bronze elite. Once their team reaches three additional people they become a bronze supreme. Sellers at this level can expect to earn 15% – 20% commission on sales from themselves as well as from their team.

To its credit, the plan is very visual and this can help you navigate its complexity. Take a look at the screenshot to understand.

The next phase comes in the form of a silver member and again there are three levels, premier, elite, and supreme within this area. The team building continues up to four additional people at this level along with $500 bonuses for reaching the supreme level. Team building bonuses of 2% are available at this level as well.

Phase three is the gold member with the same three levels within of premier, elite, and supreme. The team at this point maintains its numbers, but the team members beneath the gold member have climbed into the second phase themselves.

Once supreme status is reached, the seller has two other gold members underneath them. The seller is able to gain up to 10% in additional sales at this level. There is a second part to the gold member phase known as diamond in which the team grows tremendously with multiple gold members underneath. Double and triple diamonds are able to be achieved as well.


OmniLife is a relatively new company only having been established in 2016 and therefore any involvement into the company should be done with caution.

The possibility of earning a great deal of money is outlined within the compensation plan, but it is unclear how many sellers reach the higher levels.

As with any MLM it is always best to research the company before diving into the pool. A small investment into the company will give you insight as to how the process works as the compensation plan is a little unclear with OmniLife.


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