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Nutrisystem review: can this meal plan really help you lose weight fast?



Nutrisystem review

Nutrisystem is a weight loss program that promises to help you slim down and feel energized by providing you with nutritious pre-packaged meals.

Nutrisystem is designed around the concept of frequent eating, this means consuming smaller meals more often. By eating 6 times a day the program promises to keep you feeling full whilst consuming less calories.

The intent of this review is to explore Nutrisystem and find out if it can really help you lose that unwanted weight.


What is Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem is a weight loss plan devised around eating smaller meals but more frequently to help you lose the pounds.

How does Nutrisystem work?

Nutrisystem works by reducing your overall calories consumption and restricting the food types you eat to support weight loss. By encouraging you to eat six times per day Nutrisystem promises to help you keep your blood sugar stable and reduce cravings.

Who should use Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem is suitable for people over the age of 14. However, there is a specific meal plan for anyone aged between 14 and 17 which requires the approval of a physician. Nursing mothers can use Nutrisystem but require an adjusted meal plan.

How much does Nutrisystem cost?

The basic weight loss plan starts at $284.99 for four weeks supply of meals.

Is Nutrisystem paleo/keto friendly?

Nutrisystem is not suitable for anyone following a ketogenic or paleo diet.

Does Nutrisystem offer a vegetarian/vegan option?

Nutrisystem offer a variety of vegetarian options however, it doesn’t accommodate a vegan diet.

Does Nutrisystem cater to food allergies and intolerances?

Nutrisystem is not suitable for anyone with gluten or peanut allergies.

Is Nutrisystem a fad?

The employed method of weight loss management, reducing overall calorie intake and eating smaller but more frequent meals is a well known way to achieve and sustain weight loss.

Is Nutrisystem safe?

Yes. Nutrisystem foods contain natural ingredients and are preservative free, meaning you only eat healthy foods.

Where to buy Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem can be bought from the official website or from online retailers such as Amazon. Nutrisystem can also be purchased via major retail stores.

Does Nutrisystem really work?

Nutrisystem encourages a reduction in overall calorie consumption and more frequent meals. This is clinically proven to improve weight loss, however it’s still dependent upon the individual’s commitment to the plan. (15)

How long does it take to see results using Nutrisystem?

Everyone has different goals which means for some they will lose weight faster than others. For example heavier people lose more weight in a shorter period than those who only have a few pounds to shift.

Are there any Nutrisystem alternatives?

Yes there are many weight loss systems on the market which offer pre-packaged meals. These include Ideal Protein, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers.


Most of us have some unwanted weight we would like to shed. This can affect confidence, physical well being and mental health.

Diets can often seem boring, restrictive and impossible to stick to. Nutrisystem, engineered to be easy to follow and effective, promises to make losing weight enjoyable.

Nutrisystem claims to help you slim down by regulating blood sugar levels and controlling satiety whilst providing nutritional fuel.

Here we will look at the benefits of Nutrisystem in finer detail:  

Steady Blood Sugar Levels

High blood glucose levels can cause serious health problems. These health problems include a heightened risk of heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, nerve problems and eyesight problems. (1)

Steady blood sugar levels are necessary for the body to effectively convert fat stores into energy, contributing to weight loss. (2)

By incorporating low-glycemic carbs in their food nutrisystem meal plans help to lower and regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Furthermore, frequent eating is known to contribute to this desired result.

Satiety Control

Nutrisystem is engineered to keep you feeling full and satisfied by eating smaller portions more frequently throughout the day.

The biggest problem dieters often face sticking to their meal plans, usually because they feel hungry.

By providing you with clearly structured meal plans including mid-morning and afternoon snacks the Nutrisystem helpfully guides your weight loss programme and helps you stay on track.

Nutrisystem meals and snacks are designed to be high protein and high fiber to keep your hunger levels on an even keel.

Provides Nutritional Fuel

By eating six times a day you reduce the risk of low blood sugar levels, exhaustion or lack of adequate nutrition, which are often drawbacks associated with dieting.

Unlike some popular weight loss programmes or meal plans Nutrisystem does not totally remove any one food group from your diet.

Proteins, low-glycemic carbohydrates, fats, fruits and dairy are included in the Nutrisystem meal plans. It’s a known fact we need a variety of food groups to obtain all the necessary nutrients we need to stay healthy. (3)

What’s Included

In this section we will take a look at what you can expect from following the Nutrisystem plan:

Meal Plans

Nutrisystem suggests you eat six times per day. This includes three Nutrisystem meals, a Nutrisystem dessert and two snacks which you prepare yourself.

Studies show eating smaller meals more frequently are linked with managing food intake and weight loss. (4)

When selecting your Nutrisystem plan you can either customise your own or opt for the ‘favourites pack’ and it will be chosen for you. They offer ready-to-go, fresh pre-packaged foods as well as frozen options.

Nutrisystem removes the task of planning and preparing meals. They promise a way of dieting without counting or measuring and no weigh-ins.

The meals are high in protein, high in fibre, contain zero trans fats and include a healthy mix of nutrients.

Diets high in protein have been scientifically proven to improve weight control and aid in the process of weight loss. (5)

Nutrisystem meal plans include tasty food such as cookies, brownies, lasagne, burgers and even pizza. They are not only appetising but healthy as they contain no artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners or trans fats.

Sample Menu

A typical day following the Nutrisystem programme would include a menu looking something like this:

Breakfast: Nutrisystem cinnamon roll

Mid-morning snack: low-fat string cheese and carrot sticks

Lunch: Nutrisystem broccoli cheese melt

Afternoon snack: a medium banana and 2 tbsp. almonds

Dinner: Nutrisystem spinach stuffed shells

Dessert: Nutrisystem chocolate brownie sundae.

Specialized Diet Plans

Nutrisystem state that there are no options for people following a gluten-free or ketogenic diet. They do however offer specialised meal plans for men, diabetics and vegetarians.

Men’s Plan

The men’s plan is similar to the standard Nutrisystem plan in that it incorporates eating balanced foods 6 times a day. However when it comes to dieting it is not a case of one-size-fits-all. Men require more calories that women.

Men have higher energy intake than women. This means, they need more food than women to obtain the necessary nutrients to keep fit and healthy. (6)

Nutrisystem acknowledge this difference by offering a slight variation of the regular meal plan for men.

Diabetes Plan

Blood sugar regulation is vital for managing type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body is unable to control insulin efficiently in the blood. This results in an unhealthy level of glucose, either too much or too little. (7)

Nutrisystem offer a specialised meal plan for people with type 2 diabetes which helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Vegetarian Plan

Sometimes vegetarians don’t get enough nutrients from their diets. This is due to certain food groups being cut out from their meals.  

Nutrisystem have designed a vegetarian meal plan which includes a healthy balance of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. This ensures vegetarians can stay healthy whilst slimming down.

Vegetarians can choose from over 90 foods, including frozen meals and snacks on the four week plan.

Nutrisystem and Exercise

Nutrisystem stresses the importance of regular physical activity as an element of lifelong weight management.

Nutrisystem encourage their customers to achieve 150 minutes of physical activity per week. They created the ‘my daily 3’ plan which promotes 30 minutes of exercise each day to help you reach your goals.

The exercises are designed to help get heart rate up, speed up metabolism and burn more calories. Studies show exercise plays a vital role in initial weight loss and even more so in sustaining it. (8)

Nutrisystem Ingredients

The nutrisystem plan heavily focuses on revolves around the macronutrients which are solid promoters of weight loss, these include the following:

Lean Protein

Lean protein is an important element of the nutrisystem diet. It helps keep you full and aids with muscle gain.

Lean protein helps fuel your body while its burning fat. Studies show that high levels of protein in the diet alleviate satiety hormones which helps make you feel fuller. (9)

Clinical research proves that high protein diets contribute to effective weight management. (10)

High Fiber

Fiber is an important part of any diet but is very helpful when it comes to losing weight. Fiber can help to make you feel fuller, which supports you to eat less.

Foods high in fiber have been shown to enhance satiety and control appetite. (11)

Studies show that diets high in fiber may be also able to help manage weight. Fiber delays glucose absorption from the small intestine which creates a steadier release of energy. This helps prevent spikes in blood sugar levels. (12)

Low-GI Carbohydrates

Nutrisystem meals are all prepared with no artificial sweeteners or flavours and contain low-glycemic carbs. Research indicates diets with a low-glycemic index are substantially better at regulating blood sugar levels than those without. (13)

A high-glycemic diet has been clinically shown to lead to high glucose and insulin levels in the body. This leads to spikes in energy which result in energy crashes making us feel tired and lethargic. (14)

A diet containing low-glycemic carbs, like nutrisystem, helps with slow digestion of food and maintains steady blood sugar levels. Importance for keeping us energized by burning stored fat. This also helps with weight loss.

Side Effects

As the nutrisystem diet reduces your overall calorie consumption, dieters may feel fatigued or lethargic at first.

The strict guidelines of eating six times a day with nutrisystem could be a potential drawback for many people. Especially those with hectic lives or work schedules.


Nutrisystem promises an easy to follow, safe and effective weight loss programme. Prepackaged meals are at the core of Nutrisystem which takes care of the planning and preparing so that you don’t have to.

It’s also not just limited to a meal plan, Nutrisystem offers the option of an exercise programme to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Therefore not only is Nutrisystem convenient it’s also healthy.  

The effectiveness of Nutrisystem is supported by scientific research. Studies suggest  eating smaller meals more regularly is key to sustainable weight loss. (16)

The most obvious drawback for Nutrisystem as a tool for long-term weight loss is its restrictiveness and unattainability. It costs around $300 for one month and snacks or fresh ingredients are an additional cost to find. This could prove to be over budget for some.

However if used as a kick start to a weight loss journey Nutrisystem has potential to help you achieve your dieting goals.

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