Nuriche Review — Is it a scam?

Nuriche is a health and wellness MLM that produces unique blends of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds formulated for convenient consumption.

There are two lines, LIVE and ReVIVE both designed to deliver the best health benefits and improve the body’s performance.

Founded in 2008 by David Parker, Michael Mansfield, Be Tyler, Ron Heaps, Phil Sykes, Meagen Bunten, Brett Barrett, and Joe Ware. This team is committed to nutrition and network marketing.

The formulator of Nuriche, Uri Lebaron, has taken the Nuriche formulas and renamed them under the brand Rezealiant. Uri rebranded the product line back in February 2014. Same products, just with different names.


There are three Nuriche products available through Rezealiant. All of these products are available as Rezealiant products on the Rezealiant website.

Nuriche LIVE is now available as Feast 300g. This is the flagship product. It is a powder that can be mixed with water. It is formulated from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. It is an easy way to get the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

No need to change one’s diet or eat healthy foods. Feast 300g seems to address many of modern day life’s maladies. This includes improved sleep, increased endurance, and mental focus.

If you’re looking for some nutritional food in the form of coffee and tea to sell, try Javita.

Nuriche LIVE is formulated to replace fruits and vegetables according to the website. It provides the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables without the hassle of paying attention to what you eat and curbs cravings for junk food and so much more.

The website does not claim that Nuriche LIVE is magic, but does claim that the benefits from one single scoop are remarkable. All in a revolutionary drying process engineered to provide maximum benefit. A powder that is enjoyable to drink every day.

Nuriche ReVIVE is now available as Feast Turbo 9hr Energy. This is essentially a capsule form of Nuriche LIVE. It is said to provide natural energy without sugar or caffeine.

This proprietary blend of 175 ingredients shares all the benefits of one scoop of Nuriche LIVE in one single capsule. The body will demand better food and reduce craving bad foods all the while providing new levels of energy and nutrition.

Nuriche Phytocharge is now available as Feast Turbocharged 300g. This powder is designed to provide brain function support. People can expect greater focus, clarity, physical endurance and energy. Feast Turbocharge 300g also benefits colon health for improved digestion and regularity.

Compensation Plan

The Nuriche website does not provide any specifics about the compensation plan. Words like powerful, high quality and equal chances for success are used throughout the page.

While the organization seems to be committed to the network marketing model, there are not any details about case volumes, leadership levels, or bonuses that are available to a distributor.

If you want a more diverse product line, there is always Amway.

Nuriche sees the fruits and vegetable supplement market as young. It encourages people to get involved now before the market becomes saturated with more distributors.

There is no fee to become a distributor. Nuriche emphasises that working from home in your own business is the perfect opportunity for any individual looking to make a little or a lot of money. Along with all of the great benefits, rewards, and education that is important to this organization.

On the other hand, the Rezealiant website goes into more detail on the compensation plan. It is a 9 tier system beginning with Bronze going all the way up to triple diamond.

Rezealiant does have a $50 annual fee which is relatively low compared to other network marketing organizations.

There seem to be a list of requirements for each rank that includes personal volume, group volume, and AutoShip in order to be eligible for commissions. There is definitely an incentive to grow the business month after month. Commissions are paid to a debit Mastercard.

The Financial Freedom Plan goes into much more detail about percentages and commissions. It lists all nine ranks and details the commission structure. It also lists one time and ongoing (in the case of a car) bonuses and at which rank a distributor can become eligible.

The compensation plan is relatively straightforward as most ranks earn a 5% commission on every level of sale. There is compression with the commissions, so every distributor in the upline may not receive pay depending on who is paid out first.

Rezealiant appears to be a much more established and credible network marketing organization than Nuriche. This stands to reason as the products have shifted branding back in 2014.


Nuriche products are now under the Rezealiant brand. The end customer still gets the same great products formulated by Uri Lebaron only with different names.

The goal of Nuriche is to nourish people around the world with whole food nutrition and an opportunity for anyone to start a home based business. This includes people in third world countries.

Now that Uri Lebaron has brought the formulas under the Rezealiant brand, there is even more opportunity. A detailed Marketing plan clearly outlining compensation is now available on the Rezealiant website.

Years of product testing have yielded an outstanding product. That product benefits from the proprietary drying process that lasts for less than 30 seconds and under 100 degrees. This is how Rezealiant is able to pack so much whole food nutrition into one capsule or one scoop.

Rezealiant continues to have a passion for education. Outstanding sales tools and customer care are all built with the professional network marketer and distributor in mind. While the brand Nuriche seems to be defunct, the Rezealiant brand seems to have picked up where they left off.


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