Nucerity Review — Is it a scam?

Nucerity is an MLM company that has operated in the healthcare industry since its inception in 2009.

They state their purpose is “to create beautiful lives around the world by enhancing, sharing, and supporting beauty in all its forms”. By helping people with their appearance, they want to empower people to live their best lives. Their flagship product is called “Skincerity” which protects the skin from getting damaged.

They are headquartered in Houston, Texas and have active distributors in 16 countries around the world.


Nucerity offers a number of different products focused on promoting skin health (like Nerium).

Their main product, “Skincerity”, is a nightly breathable masque that claims to seal in the natural moisture in your skin to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Breathability is a key component for an effective facial masque, and they claim that, with the help of their patented “Breathable Barrier” technology, theirs is the only product clinically proven to improve the health of your skin.

They also have a product called “Peptide Plus Moisturizer” which is an anti-aging formula.

Essentially, it replenishes the skin’s supply of peptides, which are supposedly critical to keeping your skin firm and youthful looking. Additionally, it serves to protect your skin against harm done from stress, sun exposure, and naturally occurring wrinkles.

“Eye Effects 3” is a replenishing cream that is supposed to hydrate the thin, fragile layer of skin around the eyes. The product reduces the puffiness in under-eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines & wrinkles. They call this product their solution to achieve youthful looking eyes with a flawless finish.

Nucerity also sells something called “Body Silk” which illuminates the appearance of skin and hair with natural oils. Mainly, it serves to sooth sensitive skin and improve tone & appearance, and it protects against harsh environmental conditions throughout the day.

“Rejuvenating Barrier” is “the world’s only water-based skin barrier” that hydrates the skin.

Its oil-free barrier leaves skin feeling soft with a smooth, satin finish. It’s supposed to also revitalize skin that has been damaged by heat, cold, and dehydration. They market this particular product for both women and men.

Their “Advanced Exfoliator” solution is for daily use that claims to “merge modern skin-purifying advancements with time-honored exfoliant ingredients”.

It’s effective for enhancing the tone & texture of your face along with rejuvenating dry, rough skin around the elbows, knees, and heels. Their “cutting-edge” exfoliation technology removes dead skin cells and clears out even the most clogged pores. It promises to leave skin cleaner, brighter, and fully exfoliated.

“Skincerity Renew” is a solution for moisture-retention in more mature skin.

They use their “Breathable Barrier” technology in combination with natural collagen activation and telomere protection to delay aging in the skin. It also serves to smooth wrinkles and densify the skin.

“Nucerity Elite” is their only offering that is to be consumed, featuring the tagline “beauty starts on the inside”.

It’s a supplement with a blend of antioxidants and nutrients that combats telomere shortening, stress, reduced immunity, and collagen loss. It also helps to decrease fatigue and improve mental clarity & focus.

With all of these offerings, they haven’t broken into the food category. If you’re interested in those types of products, take a look at Javita.

Compensation Plan

Nucerity’s compensation plan is an opportunity to either supplement your current income or replace it altogether.

You have the opportunity to leverage the power of an international brand with your own personal website to fulfill orders for your customers.

The first method to generate income is to purchase inventory at wholesale prices from the company and sell them at retail prices to your customers. The example they give is selling a product to a customer at $129.95 from a wholesale cost of $65. That is certainly a great profit margin.

They also offer the opportunity to sell products from your website at the expense of some of the profit to accommodate for Nucerity fulfilling processing and delivery. Customers will receive a discount if they purchase automatically every month with your profit margin unchanged.

Nucerity’s real incentive lies in their ability to grow their distributor network, so they incentivize their current distributors to grow their networks accordingly.

You will earn a percentage of sales (12%) that your recruited network of distributors earns. As you grow your “personal enrollment tree”, you earn a “Team Matching Bonus” that is equivalent to a percentage of the team volume bonus earned by those in your tree up to eight levels beneath you.

As you progress through the company, or “rank up”, you earn more progressively from this bonus.

They also offer a “Beautiful Life Bonus” when you get to the rank of “Emerald” and above. This is a monthly payment that can go towards donating to charities or paying for a dream car.

The real opportunity will lie in one’s ability to recruit a large network of distributors. Furthermore, those who are able to train and motivate their team to produce at a high level will see the most success with this program.

Those who have an outgoing personality and can network effectively should consider this opportunity. Nucerity rewards people best when they can grow large teams. It would be difficult to supplement income solely from sales of your own product.


Nucerity is an established company with a solid reputation in the skincare market. They have some competition (like Modere), but they’re still very well-liked.

Their products seem to be effective and there is definitely an opportunity for Nucerity to expand on their offerings to accommodate their mission.

Nucerity should consider placing more of an emphasis on growing individual sales rather than rewarding those who can build large networks. It appears as if those lower in the value chain will struggle to make a living with this, which could create a disingenuous relationship between distributors and their new recruits.

Make sure to thoroughly research this opportunity and understand the product offerings before signing on and investing in inventory.


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