Nu Skin Review — Is it a scam?

Nu Skin is a network marketing company founded in 1984. They are an innovator in the anti-aging, skincare and wellness industry. Founded by Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson and Steve Lund, this team had an explosive start, selling out of their first product launch in a matter of hours.

The brand is dedicated to being renowned for their people, product, opportunity, and culture. The organization places a great value on not only their innovative products, but their compelling business opportunity.

Nu Skin also poises itself to be a beacon of hope for people looking to enter this market utilizing network marketing as more and more people are searching for economic security.


Nu Skin has two complementary product lines both highlighting the signature ageLOC system.

Pharmanex is the health and wellness line of products. This is their line of vitamins, supplements and weight management. The cornerstone system is AgeLOC Vitality addressing physical, mental, and sexual health. Obviously the products are for the skin, but they’re not a skin cream company like Nucerity.

They aren’t quite as intense as Advocare, but do take their supplements seriously.

ageLOC Vitality is a daily capsule aimed at increasing age related loss in vitality. ageLOC Vitality Sport is manufactured and tested for cross contaminants with competitive athletes in mind.

Nu Skin offers 11 different wellness categories. There are various vitamins that specifically target men’s health, women’s health, heart health, and digestive health.

The Pharmanex line offers the comprehensive TR90 weight management system. This program utilizes an app, challenges, workout programs, training calls, and videos to align the mind with the body to achieve maximum results.

Nu Skin is the skin care line with different 17 categories. There are the typical offerings including a men’s line, hair care, cosmetics, sun protection, body care, even oral care.

In the Nu Skin line, ageLOC is a skin care treatment system. The Transformation Package consists of four products. Gentle Cleanse and Tone, Future Serum, Radiant Day SPF 22, and Transforming Night are scientifically formulated to achieve maximum results. The website features an informative testimonial that validates the relatively high purchase price.

The cornerstone product in the Nu Skin line is the ageLOC Me system. This is a customized skin care solution utilizes a proprietary piece of technology designed to deliver countless combinations of treatment formulations.

This allows each client to create a specific solutions that addresses their specific needs based on the ageLOC assessment. The website showcases an interactive marketing page that details the innovative system.

Compensation Plan

Nu Skin pries their organization on what they refer to as the opportunity for professional network marketing distributor leaders. In 2013, Nu Skin paid out over $1.48 billion in commissions. In 2015, Nu Skin paid over $125 million to its US distributors.

There’s just not too much information on the website that detailed the cost to become a distributor.

In fact, the Nu Skin Distributor Compensation Summary only states “The cost to become a Distributor is very low.” Most of the “Introductory Packages” start at $330 for the Business Builder Demo Package and are as high as $1230 for several of the 90 day Weight Management Packages.

There are two ways to earn commissions.

Through retail mark ups and bonuses from their downline sales network. There does not seem to be an emphasis on commissions or bonuses. It would stand to reason that bonuses is how the higher titles will make the majority of their earnings. Though it is the newest titles who make up the greatest percentage of the earnings.

Nu Skin claims to have the highest commissions as a percentage of revenue. More than any other publicly traded network marketing organization.

The Nu Skin Distributor Compensation Summary lists the average commissions for each of the 10 different levels or titles. Titles range from Active Distributor, then Qualifying Executive, all the way up to Blue Diamond Executive.

People want to have a say in how they age. People want to have a say in how they live. Nu Skin’s two diverse lines of clinically tested products give their customers customized options to manage

The health and beauty industry represents a $500 billion market worldwide. A growing aging population seem to have the greatest potential need for Nu Skin product lines. Nu Skin believes that they are uniquely positioned to be at the front of the market today and in the future.


Nu Skin is positioned to be the market leader in skin care and health supplement products. A combination of carefully researched and tested premium products as well as advances in technology ensures Nu Skin to is a premium brand.

Nu Skin is a member of the Direct Selling Association. And more importantly, Nu Skin is proud to be a member of the Direct Selling Education Foundation.

The proprietary opportunity represented on the website looks to be the strongest and most compelling for the professional network marketing distributor who is willing to put in the time and effort necessary to build a broad network and secure a reliable income.

Nu Skin has over 30 years of experience in the skin care and health supplements market. The direct selling model is also an attractive sales model for people who want to grow and manage their own business.

It is those individuals who have the product knowledge and networking skills who will be able to leverage the opportunity in order to make a significant impact on the rest of their team. It is truly the people, product, opportunity and culture that separate Nu Skin from the also rans in the publicly traded network marketing skin care and wellness world wide market.


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