Nature’s Care Review — Is it a scam?

Nature’s Care is an Australian-based MLM in a few different categories including; supplements, baby products, and skin care.

The company was started in 1990 by a person the site simply calls, Jina. Jina read about the incredible benefits of garlic and decided to make her own mix and sell it via the network marketing business model. It’s grown from there.

Products seems to be growing, but they are all “green” and health focused. The categories seem a bit more varied than other MLMS in that they have supplements (a common offer from these companies) and baby-specific products (as far as we can tell, Nature’s Care is the only company with this specific category.

But, are the a viable business model.


There are three broad categories with Nature’s Care, each with one or more lines of product. We’ll go over the three as well as some of the products in each.

First up, there is the supplement line (a bit like Stemtech).

Those who are familiar with MLM businesses will be comfortable here. It’s here that the company focuses and there are five supplement lines in the category. Two of the lines are Australia specific and may not benefit you unless you live down under.

The “Royal” line is a premium supplement brand that’s made from all organic materials including something called “Royal Propolis”.

According to the Nature’s Care site:

Royal propolis is a pure, organic substance that is collected by bees from the leaf buds and trees.

There is also a line called “NC Pro Series”. This supplement is kind of a one-size-fits-all adults brand that can be marketed to just about anyone.

Next up in the category list are the baby products.

Other companies may sell a product that can be used on babies, or even a specific baby product or two. That said, Nature’s Care is the only MLM that we’ve reviewed that has an entire category devoted to infants.

Three of the products are skin related. Essentially, they’re a set of vitamin-infused lotions that help baby and his/her skin (like Nu Skin for babies).

Surprisingly, there is also a formula to feed babies. There are a few versions of the Mei Mei Gold Plus + formula. Versions include several infant formulas as well as a toddler version. According to Nature’s care the formula is:

a premium infant formula that is nutritionally complete to ensure healthy growth and development. Omega-3 (DHA, ARA), to support brain and eye development. Lutein to help support infants’ sensitive eyes. Nucleotides and β-carotene to help support immunity and a healthy digestive system.

Baby products are interesting and could set this MLM apart from others, especially from young mothers—which seem to be a target market for a lot of network marketing companies nowadays.

This particular line could be an easy sell to a crowd that seems to gravitate toward one another anyway.

While it’s not their main line of products, it is the most unique and could bring a high level of success to the right consultant; provided the quality is good enough for a mom and dad to give to their children.

Last up in the categories are the skin care product lines. There are six in total including; Leimei, Fairy, Paw Paw, Super Life, NC 24, and Nature’s Care Organic.

Nature’s Care Organic uses a bit of the company’s Australian edge and is made specifically from organic fruit extracts that are found in the country itself. Honestly, this may only be a novelty, but it could proved useful to some.

There is also a skin whitening line (NC 24), a youth skincare lotion, and a therapeutic line (Paw Paw) that is said to help calm nerves along with keeping skin in good condition.

Compensation Plan

Unfortunately, there isn’t a compensation plan to be found on the entire world wide web (we checked).

It seems as though, the company is still focusing on growth in the Australian market. However, you can purchase Nature’s Care products in other areas of the world. It just seems as though they are not interested in signing up contractors from abroad at this particular point in their business venture.

Whether or not this will change in the future is unclear. If you are in Australia and can find a distributor to join up under, they will likely have information on the payouts and commission levels. Right now, that’s not something we can provide.

The website does ask those interested in joining to email the company, but it really doesn’t even allude to anything.

One of the most vital things in the MLM industry is to convey how network marketers can build their networks and make money on their investment. Nature’s Care doesn’t even show how much of an investment it will be to get started.

Not exactly reassuring, even if you are in the same country that they seem to be allowing marketers to join.


For better or worse, this one is cut and dry. It’s a no. Not because of shady business or a poor structure, but simply because there is no data.

If you are not in Australia, it’s an easy decision. You can’t join (yet). If you are, you’ll still want to do some research and see how you can get paid and whether or not it’s worth the venture.

That said, without any sort of information on sign up fees, product commissions, or the structure at which you can grow your network; even starting out in the Great Down Under may not be an option for many.


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