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Medifast review: the weight loss plan with a difference?




Medifast review

Medifast is a range of weight loss programs designed to take the stress out of dieting. Their programs provide all the meals, drinks and snacks needed to achieve your weight loss goals without spending hours in the kitchen.

The concept is created around the basis to help you drop pounds whilst still feeling full and satisfied.

In this Medifast review, we will look at what they have to offer to establish if it’s going to work as well as they claim.


What is Medifast?

Medifast is a weight loss program designed with nutritious healthy meals and snacks to help you achieve your dieting goals.

How does Medifast work?

Medifast works by significantly reducing your daily calorie and fat intake which should aid weight loss. Their plans are based on eating every two to three hours, keeping hunger and cravings at bay throughout the day.

Who should use Medifast?

Medifast is suitable for both adult men and women who want to lose weight and get healthy. They also offer programs for people with dietary requirements such as gluten free, vegetarian and diabetic.

How much does Medifast cost?

Medifast “go” 30 day plan is priced at $329 and Medifast “flex” kit is $399

Is Medifast paleo/keto friendly?

Although there are many special diets catered for, Medifast does not specifically cater for either paleo or keto.

Does Medifast offer a vegetarian/vegan option?

Medifast offer a full vegetarian meal plan option but this may not be necessarily suitable for vegans.

Does Medifast cater to food allergies and intolerances?

Yes, Medifast cater for gluten intolerances.

Is Medifast a fad?

Medifast appears to be very well put together and both highly nutritious and low in calories and fat. This should all point to weight loss. As with all diets, this may not be suitable for everyone, yet they do seem to cater for a wide audience.

Is Medifast safe?

Yes. Medifast is safe.

Where to buy Medifast?

Medifast can be purchased on the official Medifast website or Amazon.

Does Medifast really work?

Daily calorie intake is reduced to 1000-1300 calories whilst still eating enough to keep satiety levels steady. This all point towards potential weight loss. However, the calorie intake may still prove too low for some people.

How long does it take to see results with Medifast?

Medifast “go” is designed for faster weight loss results and aims for results within  first 30 days, providing you follow the diet carefully. Medifast “flex” is designed to give you more gradual weight loss so this may take 2-3 months. As with any diet, weight loss times may differ depending on individual lifestyle, exercise levels etc.

Are there any Medifast alternatives?

Alternative weight loss plans include: Wonderslim, Optavia and Weight Watchers.


Medifast offers some strong benefits in terms on weight loss, these include:

 Weight Loss and Hunger Management

Medifast meals are all made with ingredients low in calories and fat. They are also high in protein, fibre and vitamins which are vital for overall health and losing weight.

Medifast plans reduce daily calorie intake and change the way you eat. Meals are served in six manageable portions throughout the day meaning you will be eating something every two-three hours.

Consuming less calories and eating little and often can help to boost weight loss. It also takes away some dieting stress as you won’t have to worry about feeling hungry. (1)

Eating nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day can also reduce cravings for unhealthy foods and prevents overeating.

Special Nutrition

Medifast provides weight loss plans for a number of special dietary or medical needs:

Gluten Free

Gluten is a proteins found in grains, especially wheat. It’s what gives the dough it’s stretchy texture.

Intolerance causes health problems such as bloating, diarrhea, nausea and stomach pain. This is also a condition which is on the rise, therefore more people are now searching for gluten free alternatives for everyday products. (2)


People with diabetes are unable to make or use insulin efficiently in the body. This raises blood sugar or glucose levels which can have a big impact on your health.

Diabetes is known to lead to serious health problems such as heart disease, kidney disease and even blindness. Keeping your diet in check and regular exercise is key for controlling and reducing the symptoms. (3)

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are thought to be most beneficial as well as foods with a low glycemic index such as bulgar wheat and lentils.


There are many reasons why people decide to become vegetarian, it might be for health or simply ethical reasons.

Being vegetarian usually means a big change in your diet and this can sometimes leave you lacking in certain nutrients such as protein. (4)

Medifast has a designated vegetarian plan which ensures you get all the plant-based nutrition your body needs to stay healthy whilst losing weight.

Nursing Women

Lots of new mothers want to get back into shape fast after having a baby. However, some diets may restrict calories and foods which lead to a lack of valuable nutrition.

Experts recommend women who are breastfeeding should not drop below 1800 calories per day. Reducing your intake lower than this could affect the health of both you and your baby. (5)

Medifast have a plan dedicated for nursing moms to help you lose weight steadily.

Over 65’s

As we get older keeping active and losing weight can become more difficult. Our energy levels are reduced as well as our metabolism so we are unable to burn calories as quickly.

Staying in shape during this time of our lives is hugely beneficial because it can prevent us from developing any serious diseases. It also helps us recover quickly from illness and keep our minds sharp. (6)

The Medifast senior’s plan helps you to lose weight and get in shape. The plan includes lots of healthy ingredients packed with vitamins to help keep you strong and active.

What’s Included

Medifast offers a variety of weight loss programs to suit almost every lifestyle:

Medifast Go

This is designed for people with busy lives looking to lose weight faster. This plan works by eating five Medifast meals plus one “lean and green” meal a day.

A sample daily menu for the Medifast “go” includes:

Breakfast: maple and brown sugar oatmeal

Snack: triple berry smoothie

Lunch: medifast meal replacement/chicken and wild rice soup

Snack: BBQ bites

Dinner: tomato basil bisque

Snack: cookie dough chew bar

Medifast Flex

This program is more flexible and suitable for people who are looking for moderate, or steady weight loss. On this plan you have four Medifast meals, two “lean and green” meals and one healthy snack a day.

A sample daily menu for Medifast “flex” includes:

Breakfast: mixed berry cereal crunch

Mid-morning Medifast meal: strawberry shake

Lunch: blackened shrimp lettuce wraps

Mid-afternoon Medifast meal: chicken flavored noodle soup

Dinner: chicken cacciatore

Evening Medifast meal: chocolate chip soft bake

Your healthy snack can be eaten at anytime throughout the day as desired.

Medifast Thrive

This is more of a follow on plan and is suited to people who have already lost weight through the other Medifast programs.

It helps you to adjust from the weight loss plan to a longer term solution. Helping you to maintain weight loss and overall health.

This plan focuses more on preparing your own meals using the guidelines provided.

It’s made up of three “thrive” Medifast healthy fuelings, two “lean and green” meals and one balanced meal of your choice a day. So you are still maintaining your six meals a day to keep hunger at bay and avoid weight gain.

Lean and Green Meals

On each Medifast plan you also have to include what is referred to as “lean and green” meals. These must include, lean protein, vegetables and servings of healthy fats.

In this section we will cover a sample of the ingredients which are typical of this part of the plan:

Lean Protein


Chicken is high in protein but low in calories, making it the ideal protein to eat for weight loss. It’s also a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B which boosts immunity and digestion.

Chicken can help to regulate blood pressure as well as cholesterol and can even reduce the risk of developing cancer. (7)


Salmon is packed with nutrients and is thought to be one of the most nutritious foods around. It’s high in omega-3 fatty acids, essential for our diet as the body is unable to make them naturally.

Salmon is also a rich source of protein which can promote weight loss due to its high omega-3 content. It also provides some major benefits to heart health, reduces inflammation and boosts brain function. (8,9,10)


Eggs are a great alternative protein source for vegetarians. They are versatile and satiating whilst being low in calories so are perfect if you’re trying to lose weight. (11)

They also help to support healthy functions of your thyroid which is also beneficial for maintaining weight. Eggs are also rich in choline, a micronutrient which aids liver function and cognitive development. (12)

Healthy Fats

Olive Oil

Olive oil is naturally high in healthy fatty acids and has many benefits to our health. It’s high in antioxidants and very beneficial for heart health. (13)

Diets higher in healthy fats have shown to help with weight loss because they are more satisfying and easier to stick to. Olive oil can also help to fight cancer, lower the risk of diabetes and naturally slow aging. (14)



Spinach is a great all round green as it’s low in fat and cholesterol but high in protein and fiber. It’s a rich source of many vitamins and minerals and is great eaten raw or cooked

Spinach boosts metabolism and digestion both of which are beneficial when dieting. It’s good for cognition, maintaining normal blood pressure and can also help to strengthen muscles. (15)


Zucchini is another low fat veggie, which is low in carbs and sugars but high in nutrients. Zucchini is high in antioxidant vitamins such as A and C which help to fight inflammation and reduce oxidative stress in the body. (16)

Zucchini has a high water content so is easily digested, additionally it contains fiber which also keeps your digestive system healthy. Zucchini is rich in B vitamins too, these all help to boost energy, mood and cognition. (17)  

Side Effects

Medifast is designed to reduce daily calorie intake quite significantly, this could potentially affect physical and mental energy levels and performance.

In fact exercise should be reduced during the first few weeks of the diet to help your body adjust.

Initially you could also experience some stomach issues such as, bloating, nausea and diarrhea.


Medifast plans come complete with a variety of healthy, nutritious ingredients of which are essential for weight loss and getting into shape.

Daily calorie intake is reduced but because you are eating at regular intervals this should help to combat any hunger issues. They also offer plans for special dietary requirements which is an big advantage.

However, some people may find that this approach is not suitable for them and the plans are also quite costly.

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