Mary Kay Review — Is it a scam?

Mary Kay is a cosmetic MLM company that most people have heard of.

It is much like Avon, but is marketed toward younger customers. They have a large line of beauty and makeup products and are known to give pink cars to their most successful sales representatives.

Getting into selling Mary Kay is relatively easy and the products are generally marketed by parties in which the representative gives discounts and even makeovers to the guests.

Mary Kay products are among the most sought-after products on the market today as they have been proven to work and offer a range of different products.

Prices for these products range from a few dollars all the way into the hundreds, so no matter the price range your perspective customer is in, they are likely to be able to find something to purchase from the extensive Mary Kay collection.


We don’t have the space or time to review them all, but here are just a few of their most popular products.

The sun can provide a wealth of benefits to the body, but just as with most things, too much can have negative effects. The sun’s rays, although helpful, can cause needed moisture to escape from the pores. This tends to leave skin dry and can even cause it to peel. This is not an anti-wrinkly cream as some may think. If you’re into that, try Nerium.

The solution to this problem is Mary Kay Sun Care After Sun Replenishing Gel.

This gel works with any skin type and restores the needed moisture to the skin to keep it firm and supple no matter how much sun is embraced by the user. It is safe to use every day and after every sun exposure.

A standard foundation can be purchased at any store throughout the world, but not all foundations are created equal.

Some budget brands can do more harm to the skin than good. Mary Kay has the solution in their full line of mineral powder foundations. These foundations are made from a wide variety of different hues to match perfectly with any skin tone. The minerals within work to continually replenish the skin giving you a naturally younger appearance over time.

Makeup is often needed to put your best foot forward in life, but any makeup can be damaging to the skin if not properly removed at the end of the day.

Just water and standard soap can leave your skin stripped and other makeup removal products may cause your skin to feel heavy or oily. Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup remover removes your eye makeup without leaving an oily residue on the skin.

It also works with the skin to help your eyes to appear bright instead of allowing any bags to stand out.

Aging is going to happen, but it does not have to cause you to lose your skin’s youthful appearance. The TimeeWise Miracle Set from Mary Kay has the answer with a revolutionary product line that is designed to help your skin look and feel younger than ever before.

The set is comprised of a cleanser, moisturizer, and both a day and night solution. The day solution combines protection from a variety of minerals as we as SPF 35 protection from the sun and the night solution allows for moisture to maintain deep within your skin all night, so you wake up feeling and looking your best.

Mary Kay has not left out the man’s needs within their lineup as well with a full line of men’s products including cologne sprays (Avon has cologne, too if you’re comparing MLMs).

One of the most popular is Cityscape with notes of Italian Bergamot and French Lavender. The fragrance is there, but not overpowering like some colognes. It is the perfect blend of vibrant yet subtle fragrance to allow you to attract more than just a look from those you desire.

Compensation Plan

Mary Kay maintains one of the most structured compensation plans available within any MLM company.

One of the ways that Mary Kay attracts so many people is the fact that upon your first$100 investment into the company, you are given the title of Independent Beauty Consultant. The company also offers further incentive to their new sellers by offering to buy back any unsold products for 90% of the purchase price for any consultant who wishes to utilize the service.

Their plan allows for that minimal investment to slowly build overtime with the first goal of Sapphire Star reached after 20 customers are maintained.

Other goals at varying levels can be reached as well with the ultimate title being pearl star in which 60 customers are maintained on a monthly basis.

At this level, the consultant is selling on average $9,600 retail sales monthly. As with all MLM companies, the consultant can choose to build a team and reach even higher goals, but that is when the compensation plan becomes a bit confusing.


Mary Kay is one of the most recognizable MLM companies in the world and it has proven to be quite profitable for many consultants throughout the years.

This is not one of those companies that a consultant can sit back and rake in the money. It takes a lot of foot work in order to rise through the rankings and get to the top of the ladder. For the most successful individuals, they get a choice of a brand new pink Cadillac and many have reached this goal throughout Mary Kay’s long history, but it is not the norm.

Many people will take advantage of the buyback plan as they are not willing to put for the work that is needed to be a success within this MLM company, so make sure that you do your research before signing on to ensure that this is something that you want to work for.


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