LIMU Review — Is it a scam?

LIMU is a pretty trendy international health and wellness MLM.

Founded in 2004, Limu has set out to be a profitable one-of-a-kind business. Claiming a “family business vibe” this MLM continues to push the envelope and break stereotypes in the business realm.

In just over 10 years this company has won over 200 awards. Securing success in business, marketing, creativity, and design. This company is a heavy contender in the industry. 


All LIMU products are powered by a supernutrient called Fucoidan. Extracted from seaweed, this supernutrient is loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral nutrients. It’s their proprietary ingredient, kinda like sea salt is to Seacret.

This supernutrient is harvested from a select species of brown seaweed using a chemical-free extraction process.

Fucoidan has been shown to support a healthy immune system, joint health, allergy relief, increased energy, along with overall health and wellness.

LIMU Original is an all-natural blend of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that refreshes your body. This fruit infused beverage delivers a powerful blend of anti-inflammatory and anti-viral nutrients that leave your body invigorated.

Blu Frog and Blu Frog 2 are both energy drinks offered by LIMU. These carbonated, Fucoidan-rich energy drinks are a great natural source of energy.  With no crash or jitters, these products are a great alternative to common energy drinks.

Lean is a weight loss and management system offered by LIMU. It is also the only weight loss system containing Fucoidan. This system contains two products, Lean Replacement Shakes and Lean Burn.

Lean shakes are packed full of protein and contain 20 essential vitamins and minerals. Gluten free and rich in Fucoidan, these shakes are available in vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Lean Burn is a ready-to-drink beverage that fuels your body and fights hunger. This product contains natural ingredients, Fucoidan, and is packed full of protein. Lean Burn fast-tracks weight loss and reduces body fat.

Compensation Plan

LIMU has a unique way of doing business. Instead of solely focusing on selling their product, they focus on sharing and building relationships. Instead of recruiting or selling they invite you to share your personal experiences with their products.

To get started you will need to purchase a Fast Track Pack ranging in cost from $499 to $999. Purchasing one of these packs is the only way to qualify to receive commissions from the Fast Track Packs.

Once you complete your purchase you will sign up for auto-ship. Auto-ship will ensure that you have an ongoing supply of LIMU products. This helps you begin building the foundation for long-term income.

As an LIMU promoter there are thirteen different ways to earn income. To learn more about them, check out the LIMU Prosperity Plan.

Some of the highlights include the customer commissions. For each new customer that you enroll with the company you earn a commission of 20% on their product purchases. Look below for an overview of commission payout.

Commissions are paid out on a weekly basis. The more customers you enroll with LIMU, the more commission you earn.

One cool opportunity is the company’s 3 For Free. For every three customers that your share LIMU with, you are eligible to get your next month’s order (approximately 100 PV) free. This opportunity makes it possible for promoters to build large quantities of products at no cost.

LIMU also offers promoters an opportunity to earn with cash bonuses. As you build your personal volume of products and continue to grow within the ranks of the company, you are eligible for case bonuses. These bonuses are paid out monthly and range from $10,000 all the way to $250,000.

An added bonuses of moving up the ranks as a promoter includes reward trips and a BMW car. The more you share LIMU, the more incentives you become eligible to receive.

Overall, this MLM provides you with a variety of opportunities to earn income.

LIMU presents itself as a unique brand that wants you to succeed. They provide promoters with multiple resources and tools that can help you achieve financial independence.

As a promoter you have access to a Virtual Training Center. This tool offers tons of information along with training videos that help you build your LIMU business. This tool is completely free and frequently updated with new courses and information.

Another great resource for promoters is the LIMU Back Office. This tool allows you to stay on top of your business and have 24/7 access to personalized information such as your projected commissions, all in real time.

Promoters are also privy to fun corporate events and trainings that allow you to network and learn new and exciting ways to improve your business. These events are 100% free, requiring no registration fees. To check out some of the upcoming events click here.

One quick and easy way to share the brand is to purchase LIMU Gear. Promoters can purchase gear including clothing, bags, accessories, and car decals. You can make yourself a walking advertisement to spread the word.

As a relatively young company in the age of social media domination, LIMU is a firm promoter of social network marketing. Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can assist promoters in building their business.

Current LIMU promoters engage in using social media as a means of marketing their business. Posting pictures, videos, and interacting with your community are great ways to share LIMU. Plexus is another great health MLM that caters a bit more to females.


Apart from a relatively pricy start-up cost, LIMU presents itself as a heavy contender. Once you get started as a promoter you have vast opportunities for personal growth.

LIMU provides its promoters with a variety of tools geared to help you achieve the success you desire. Overall, it is something to explore if you are looking for an MLM.


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