Lifeplus Review – Is it a scam?

Lifeplus identifies itself as a community dedicated to helping people feel good. This is accomplished through their products as well as their network marketing opportunity or referral marketing.

Lifeplus was founded in 1992 by Bob Lemon. Dr Dwight McKee joined as chief formulator in 2001 contributing decades of research and clinical medicine background to R&D and the entire organization.

With a goal to help people feel healthier and happier, Lifeplus believes that staying active, improved state of mind, in addition to eating well and Nutritional Supplementation is what sets this community apart from other network marketing companies in the health and wellness industry.


Lifeplus believes in a two step philosophy to get people started with their products. BioBasics is a supplement you add to your beverage.

BioBasics is a blend of vitamins, minerals, and fiber designed to promote overall health.BioBasics is listed as one of their top products.

Step two is Proanthenols. This is a blend of antioxidants designed to combat the effects of a busy life.

Targeted Nutrition is Lifeplus’ next step in philosophy. There are six uniquely identified product lines formulated to address different body functions.

Healthy Mind offers Brain Formula, OmeGold which is Omega-3s and DHA, as well as Proanthenols.

Vision has the Eye Formula. Strength and Mobility has the Joint Formula and Bone Builder. Skin Nutrition offers FY Skin Formula and Evening Primrose Oil.

Cleanse and Digest includes Daily BioBasics as mentioned above. There is also the Digestive Formula with a combination of enzymes. Plus the recommended 10-day Paracleanse.

The highlight of the Cardiovascular Nutrition is the new X-Cell+ Formulation designed to facilitate lactic acid and and ammonia removal from the cells.

Lifeplus also offers full lines of Personal Care products (similar to Forever Living). Face care, skin care and body care comprise this product line. There is also Dental Care and Relief and Recovery. These can be packaged in Ideal Combinations that for an improved customer experience.

There are also two lines dedicated to Nutritional Shakes and Weight Management. There are many products that overlap in these two categories such as the Vegan Protein Shakes and the Bodysmart Solutions Triple Protein Shakes. Shakes again include BioBasics where Weight Management has the Smart Bar.

Winning Combinations begin with Diamond Combo Packs. These complete systems include Step 1 and Step 2 of the Lifeplus philosophy as well as X-Cell+ and the Vegan Shake. Your choice of vanilla or chocolate.

Compensation Plan

Instead of network marketing, Lifeplus calls their business model referral marketing. Like all network marketing compensation plans, you can work as much or as little as you like. There is the flexibility to just promote and enjoy the products, or Associates can create a network of partners to build their business.

Working when and where you want is one of the biggest selling points of the compensation plan. What is unusual about this business model is that there is no initial costs or minimum amount of product a new associate is required to buy in order to get started. The barrier to entry into the organization could not be lower.

Lifeplus offers a Associate Kit with audio, video, and downloadable/printable materials to build a business. There is also an available Business Kit. Branded merchandise available for purchase plus online tools such as a dedicated website are all included to promote the business.

There seem to be a maximum of twelve levels to the compensation plan. On the outset, the plan seems rather simple. There are 1 Diamond, 2 Diamond and 3 Diamond levels of achievement. Downline from the diamond are Builder, Bronze Silver, and Gold. Bonuses are paid on which level the sale is made below you as well as how many Diamond and Bronze levels of achievement are below you.

25% commission is paid to the first level associate which is relatively high. A total of 60% commissions are paid across the entire upline for each product. Products are valued at International Points rather than SRP or dollars.

The Lifeplus website does not offer a Marketing Plan Disclosure statement. It simply states that the specifics of the marketing plan goes into much more detail and that the upline leadership should be able to answer any questions.

Lifeplus recognizes the true leaders in the organization who are expanding their networks. The Leadership Development Bonus is an additional bonus that is awarded to their top performers. It is clear that the more you can help others, the more success an associate will see at Lifeplus.


Lifeplus offers a comprehensive lines of products in the health and wellness industry formulated to help people feel good. It is a very simple concept.

Lifeplus, as well as several leading health authorities suggest a healthy diet consisting of primarily fruits and vegetables. Lifeplus then offers two part Nutritional Supplement system comprised of Daily BioBasics and then Proanthenols.

Targeted Nutrition can be further customized to supplement body functions and personal requirements. Winning Combinations and Ideal Combinations assist the consumer with packages to get them started. (IDLife may be a bit better in the nutrition game if you want to check them out before moving forward.)

The home office in Batesville, AR has the majority of the manufacturing. Lifeplus is truly an international company with offices in Japan and all over Europe.

The biggest Lifeplus event this year will be held in Stuttgart. Associates who have achieved Diamond Status are invited to the Diamond Cruise. And there are additional opportunities for education for Gold Associates at the Batesville corporate headquarters.

Lifeplus is a very welcoming and approachable organization for the network marketing professional who is looking to be a part of a community that is passionate about health and wellness.


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