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Leptigen review: The all-natural weight loss supplement



Leptigen ReviewLeptigen is an all natural weight loss supplement that helps people accelerate weight loss.

It’s geared to help people through boosting metabolism and smashing through weight loss plateaus.

The Leptigen formula is based around quality ingredients which have been heavily researched for their weight loss properties.


What is Leptigen? Leptigen is a dietary supplement aimed at burning body fat to help you achieve weight loss goals.

Where can I buy Leptigen? Leptigen is listed for purchase through Amazon. Unfortunately their official website is no longer active due to the discontinuation of the dietary supplement. Leptigen GNC and Leptigen Walmart are also not available.

Does Leptigen work for weight loss? With the Leptigen ingredients and clinical studies behind them, Leptigen can work for weight loss if used correctly. However, you should always keep in mind that every body reacts differently to products.

How much does Leptigen cost? Depends. The packages can range from $90 for a 90 day supply to $110 for a Lipozene Starter Weight Loss Kit.

How long does Leptigen take to work? From the outset you should be able to feel the increased energy however each body differs. You should complete the course and can expect to see visible results by the time you finish.

How to take Leptigen Leptigen advise to take 2 capsules per day, 30 minutes before meals. Also perform daily exercise.

Who should use Leptigen? Both Men and women can use Leptigen however with all supplements we advise to seek medical advice before taking anything new. Furthermore, seek advise if you are pregnant or breastfeeding – due to caffeine content.

Is Leptigen safe? With the Leptigen ingredients being all natural, Leptigen is a safe product to use subject to you following the recommended dosage.

Is Leptigen legal? Yes, Leptigen is legal.

Are there any Leptigen alternatives? The alternative to Leptigen is now called Burn HD.


Leptigen is made up of four all natural ingredients: green tea extract, chromium, caffeine and a blend of two herbal compounds trademarked as meratrim.

Leptigen is designed to benefit the body in the following ways.

Improves Metabolism

Your metabolism is a gateway to weight loss.

However, one problem surrounding diets is that when you are trying to lose weight your body kicks in a defense mechanism. It’s slows everything down – including your metabolic rate.

You could explain weight loss in a simple equation: less calories in plus a higher metabolism equals reduction in weight.

The theory behind Leptigen is to use ingredients which raise the metabolic rate and cancel out the slow down. This means you will still be using fuel efficiently during weight loss.

Boosting your metabolism also means that, even while at resting, you can burn more calories.

Enhances Fat Loss

Leptigen also promotes fat loss which works hand in hand with your metabolism.

Combine your diet with the fact Leptigen helps you to burn calories more efficiently. This means your body will soon search for energy from other available sources.

The general concept is that your body will start to breakdown and burn the fat which  you have accumulated.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Leptigen also helps to balance out blood sugar levels to improve weight control.

Your blood sugar level is dependant on the amount of glucose consumed from the foods you eat. This then circulates throughout the bloodstream to either be stored for later use or to provide energy to cells within the body.

Keeping your blood sugar levels balanced is important as it will regulate your hormones. This then encourages your body to burn stored fat as well as increase your metabolism – helping you to lose weight.

Also,if your sugars levels are out of balance it often leads to a sudden drop in energy. This results in cravings for high energy food sources, like carbs or sweet treats.  

Steady blood sugar levels will  mean you don’t experience those “spikes” and “crashes”. This will also help you make more healthier food choices and stop the urge for snacks too.


Leptigen consists of four active natural ingredients, of which one is a patented blend of plant extracts. Here’s the information in more detail:

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract derives from the popular beverage. It’s one of the  healthiest drinks on the planet because of its high antioxidant content.  

Similar to caffeine, green tea has thermogenic properties – enhancing the metabolic rate.

It can even offset the drop in metabolic rate through the prime phase of dieting. Green tea makes sure your body still uses energy efficiently in times of calorie deficit. (1)

Green tea and caffeine have proven to work in synergy with each other which intensifies  the overall fat burning benefits. This combination can streamline the breakdown of fat stores whilst helping to retain muscle. (2)

Green tea is also particularly effective when combined with exercise. Not only can it lift energy levels but it also continues to encourage fat burning long after exercise is over. (3, 4)


Meratrim is a patented blend made from two plant-based compounds: Garcinia mangostana and sphaeranthus indicus flower.

Garcinia mangostana is also known as mangsteen, it’s a fruit originating from asia and used in traditional treatments against stomach pain, diarrhea, ulcers and even dysentery. (5)

Sphaeranthus indicus or otherwise called east indian globe thistle is a plant heavily used in ayurvedic medicine. It’s commonly used as a remedy for a diverse range of conditions: epilepsy, mental illness, jaundice, diabetes and even leprosy. (6)

There is research to suggest the combination of these two plant based compounds instigate weight loss.

Results indicated supplementing meratrim increases a reduction in weight significantly greater when compared to weight loss from diet and exercise alone. (7)

In eight weeks volunteers saw a weight reduction of 5.2kg. Blood sugar levels also improved by 12.2 percent and cholesterol 13.8 percent. (8)

However, this is a standalone study and no long term studies on the effects of meratrim have been undertaken.

Chromium (ChromeMate)

Chromium is a trace mineral, which means we need it but in smaller amounts compared to others like calcium or magnesium. However, it’s involved in a number of bodily functions and processes.

Chromium can enhance the activity of insulin, which plays a big role in controlling blood sugar levels. (9)

A steady level of blood sugar would also suggest a link to reducing appetite and the curb of cravings for starchy and sweet foods. (10)

Chromium can also play a part in the regulating the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. This is how the body processes foods for fuel, which is also linked to insulin activity. (11)

In fact, chromium could help to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle. However,  other studies suggest different and claim it doesn’t affect weight loss results at all. (12)


Caffeine is a very common ingredient when it comes to weight loss supplements.

Over 73 percent of athletes believe caffeine improves athletic performance and is often known for its “pre-workout” status. (13,14).

In terms of performance, caffeine can improve overall endurance in some cases by just over 12 percent. If you can exercise for longer this will ultimately help you achieve weight loss goals much faster. (15)

Caffeine increases your adrenaline level and can also raise your metabolic rate (16,17).

This can intensify the quantity of energy burned. It also triggers your body to release fat (from fat tissues) to make it accessible for use.

Caffeine can also increase your mental state. It can improve reaction times, alertness, focus and motivation. (18)

Side Effects

When it comes to Leptigen side effects, there have been no clinical studies testing the Leptigen formula as a whole.  

However, when investigating the all natural supplement by individual ingredients we found the following information:


The common side effects of excessive caffeine consumption are well documented.

You could experience: dehydration, frequent urination, headaches, digestive issues, increased heart rate, lightheadedness, sleep problems, anxiety and jitteriness. (19)

Green Tea

Green tea is considered safe when consumed in moderate amounts, however it does naturally contain caffeine. This means you could experience similar side effects as stated above with excess intake.  

Green tea could also interact with certain medications relating to high blood pressure or other heart related conditions. (20)


Few adverse reactions have been reported with chromium. However it can interact with various medications which may interfere with chromium absorption or the medication itself. (21)


Studies have shown the herbal blend is a well tolerated combination.This means there are no known side effects associated with supplementing meratrim. (22)

Recommended Dosage

Leptigen recommend taking just two capsules per day, 30 minutes before meals.

As long as you do not exceed the two capsules, you have option to take both before breakfast or lunch (due to the caffeine content it’s not advisable to take in the evening).

The other alternative is to split the dosage and take one capsule before breakfast and another before lunch.

Leptigen also recommends combining this supplement alongside a daily routine of physical activity.


It’s clear this supplement has the basis of quality ingredients which also come with decent scientific research to back up the claims of weight loss.

However, there will be some cause for concern for those surrounding the side effects of caffeine.

Reactions like sleep problems, headaches and increased heart rate could mean the supplement has more cons than pros – especially if you are sensitive to those kind of  effects.

It’s also might not suitable for people with certain pre-existing heart related conditions due to the interactions with medications green tea has.

Any supplement is not a miracle cure for weight loss. Leptigen may help you speed up results but you will still have to follow a well balanced low calorie diet and exercise regime to lose that weight.

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