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Leanbean review: New fat-burner for women



Leanbean is a trending diet pill for women that utilizes a blend of appetite suppressant and natural weight loss ingredients that help women lose weight.

Busy work-lives and changes in the publics’ dieting behavior means that the sports supplement market is set to increase to $278 billion by 2024 (1).

Leanbean is one of a growing number of natural alternatives to the prescribed weight loss solutions on the market.

Available in capsule form, the active ingredients are natural compounds that include turmeric, garcinia cambogia, green tea extract and glucomannan.

Bucking the trend of many supplements in the industry, Leanbean appears to use less caffeine than its predecessors.

Less caffeine facilitates a healthier lifestyle for women.

The main claims of the product focus on the appetite suppressing quality of the ingredients, as well as the inclusion of natural spices to aid metabolism function.

Smaller amounts of acai, raspberry ketones, zinc, chromium as well as Vitamin b are included in a supporting role to the main active ingredients.

How does it work?

Factors such as appetite control in women have often been overlooked by nutraceutical manufacturers.

Scientific papers have explored and proven that women not only experience greater cravings than men but also the fact that female cravings are significantly affected by the menstrual cycle (2).

Much of the early focus with dietary supplements focussed on the efficacy of caffeine for stimulating the metabolism (3). Caffeine is indeed useful for fat burning however the use of contraception can make women less tolerant to large amounts.

Female supplements like Leanbean have built their products on this research and adapted their formulas to offer increased craving support for women with a lower concentration of stimulants.

The intention is to suppress appetite, increase metabolism, boost energy and provide your body with antioxidants.


Leanbean’s formula is made up of a natural blend of spices, plant extracts, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, including some of the following…

Turmeric for weight loss

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory compound that has surged in popularity in north America due to its ability to protect against weight regain.

Curcumin the powerful Polyphenol contained within this spice supports an improved metabolic rate as well as better tolerance of sugars in the diet (4).

Used in many Indian foods, it has a strong concentration of antioxidants that have been cited for their ability to reduce the generation of new fat cells. Curcumin has also been shown to have many promising health benefits (5). 

Garcinia cambogia for weight loss

The notoriety of garcinia cambogia has grown steadily since it was heralded on US television in 2012 (6). The active compound is HCA, various studies have tested the effectiveness of this appetite suppressant alongside gluconamann and chromium.

The results showed a significant reduction in calorie consumption amongst the control group (7).  When either of these were paired with glucomannan, subjects lost considerable weight, increased metabolic rate and reduced total visceral fat overall (8).

Reports in Women’s magazine have also stated that both Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears have used Garcinia Cambogia to help lose weight (9).

Green coffee extract for weight loss

Green coffee extract is a nutraceutical that has been subject to number of human and animal trials. Research has shown that the strong concentrations of chlorogenic acid have a number of health benefits.

A study analyzing the effectiveness and safety of this compound for fat burning found it caused substantial weight loss with little or no incidence of side effects (10).

Glucomannan for weight loss

With the obesity epidemic largely down to the population overeating and too much sugar in the diet appetite suppressants have become a popular way to combat weight gain. Glucomannan fibre is found in the elephant yam plant. Human studies involved patients ingesting it with three meals a day whilst not changing their exercise pattern. This resulted in average weight loss of 5kgs over a 2 month period (11).   


Losing fat is serious business for some of the biggest supplement manufacturers as well as dieters who want to burn fat, improve overall health and feel more self-confident in public.

Many of the ingredients in this diet pill have been subject to studies amongst both animals and humans, these natural ingredients have definitely shown promising results for weight loss when compared with the placebo group.

However, it’s important to remember that exercise and dieting are important too. Studies have also shown that up-to two thirds of people give up on a new health regime after just a few weeks (12). The success of a weight loss supplement is dependent on whether a customer is motivated to keep to a consistent plan.

Side effects

Stimulants like ephedra have been used in bodybuilding products in the past, unfortunately this substance has been responsible for a number of dangerous side effects.   

Whilst caffeine has proved to be a popular stimulant with many dietary supplements. Evidence suggests that using large amounts of caffeine alongside birth control pills can lead to symptoms such as headaches, sickness and heart rate increases (13).

A weight loss supplement like Leanbean is arguably a better way to go for those customers who have concerns about the short term effects of caffeine on their body.


The fat burner market has experienced rapid growth and as such there are weight loss supplements available at all levels of the market. Premium supplements like Leanbean use a number of standardized ingredients, meaning they are required to be made in FDA registered facilities.

As of 2018 the price of one month was $59, bulk purchasing of the ingredients means that certain supplement manufacturers offer promotions on bigger orders.

Bikini Body bundle – Buy 3 months and get a 4th month free

The company 

The Leanbean fat burner is made by British health supplement firm Ultimate Life. They specialize in female supplements produced in the USA and also manufacture and sell their products in the UK too. None of their supplements are available over the counter or in-store, distribution is tightly controlled and Leanbean can only be found on the company website.  

Customer reviews

Early market position along with the fact that female fat burners are a relatively new product category has meant that Leanbean has established itself as one of the leading brands in the market.

Success has been built on user results like this:


There is significant data available to suggest natural ingredients can indeed aid weight loss, though it is impossible to ignore the need for lifestyle changes, too.

Natural diet pills (that are low in stimulants) like Leanbean are safe for the vast majority of the population to add to their daily lives.

Many customers feel the benefits of adding high fiber ingredients to their diet like gluconamman, which is likely due to the reduction in appetite and calorie consumption (14). 

After testing over 20 fat burners for women, Leanbean is our #1 recommendation. 

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