Kyani Review — Is it a scam?

Kyani is an MLM in both the body product and supplement niche.

The company was started in 2007 by a group of business leaders and scientists who came together to use both of their unique abilities and create one network marketing venture.

Splitting the products into two wildly different categories may throw some off, but others may enjoy the diversity when they’re selling directly to customers and trying to find distributors to sign up under them and increase their downline.


Some companies do offer a range of products, but all are usually in the same wheelhouse. For instance, Essante Organics does supplements (primarily) and also has some food-type products.

Kyani has two entirely different styles of products. One being skin care and the other a group of health and wellness items they call “The Triangle of Health”. Different ballparks mean more options for distributors and their customers.

For the health products, there are three basic products. Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Sunset, and Kyani Nitro (both FX and Extreme).

Again, these are considered the triangle of health.

Sunrise is a super food juice that is packed full of vitamins that help your body run as effectively as possible. Sunset is a supplement with several oils to help your body and mind perform at peak levels as well as many other benefits.

Nitro is another supplement that compliments the other two sides of the triangle.

All three products are meant to work in unison to give the maximum output for those who take them.

There is a potential problem is the lack of being able to purchase just one of the three products. Ala carte options are not available here. There are several packages, but each one will have a variation of all three of the products in there.

Pricing for these packages doesn’t vary that much and seems to be more of a preference of the customer, rather than an amount of product needed. If you want individual supplements to be available, try Herbalife.

On the flip side of the company, they sell skin treatments and creams.

There isn’t a triangle here, but the number of products are limited to four. You don’t have to purchase the skin care stuff altogether either. Each of the products can be bought individually—potentially another bonus for sellers.

Fleuresse is the name of the line, all individual skin cremes carry the name.

First up, there is Fleuresse Serum. According to Kyani it’s “derived from naturally occurring botanicals found in plant stem cells, that rejuvenates the skin, helps protect against fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces visible signs of aging.”

Then there is Fleuresse Brightening Creme.

It’s more of a wrinkle softening cream that can help make a face look smoother and softer. By putting this liberally on the face and neck of someone who has sun damaged or signs of aging, and the company seems to think you’ll notice a difference.

The Night Creme is full of vitamins and other goodies to be applied in the evening. Keeping your skin from aging by “hydrating, smoothing, and softening skin while you sleep”.

Lastly in the skin line is the Fleuresse Boosting Cleanser.

Instead of the harsh chemicals that are found in many other skin cleansers, Kyani has formulated theirs using natural ingredients. Moisturizers, vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids are all brought together to not just cleanse your face—but treat it the way it should be.

Compensation Plan

To be honest, the comp plan is one of the more complicated that we’ve seen.

Most of the familiar elements will be found and the typical levels and stages all exist. It’s when you get into the “pay gate” stuff that you’ll be scratching your head. We’ve looked at dozens (possibly hundreds) of these companies and there is just something that’s off about it. Take a look at the screenshot if you don’t believe us.

It’s not impossible to understand, and it doesn’t seem any harder to make money with Kyani than it is with just about any MLM that you would choose to start a business with.

But, if you can’t understand it at all; you’ll definitely want to go with an organization that can explain their compensation plan better.

There are three different levels to get started in the business and the costs vary wildly.

First, is “Start Up” for $160. Not much there in terms of infrastructure to help you. Next is another “Start Up” level for $499. Essentially, it opens up more options for you in the payment structure. Kind of a pay to play thing, which may seem a bit shady.

Finally is the “Business Builder” pack for $1250. You get the best bonuses (obviously) and about $1k worth of products that you can start showing to potential customers and distributors.


Kyani is definitely an anomaly in the MLM world. Two wildly different product lines, a kinda crazy comp plan, and some unique business plans.

Everything you see at this point will either be making you more excited, or ready to run away. Honestly, we couldn’t blame you either way you were leaning. The higher-priced entry-levels seem like they could be a good deal, especially with the amount of product you get.

No product, no demos. No demos, no sales.

The things to think about here are the price to gain entry and whether or not you can actually understand how you’ll get paid. If you can get past those, Kyani may be an option for you.


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