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Jenny Craig review: can a personalized meal program really help with weight loss?



Jenny Craig is a personalized meal program for eating healthy and reaching weight loss goals. It includes a personal consultant, plus all the meals and snacks for each day of the program.

There are almost 100 different food options available with Jenny Craig. Members eat 6 times per day, with 3 main meals and 3 snacks.

Jenny Craig includes a wide variety of fresh foods in each meal plan, so members still get to eat desserts, pasta and other foods that many diets restrict.

This review will look at the Jenny Craig diet plan and how it works to see if it can really help members lose weight effectively.


What is Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig is a personalized diet plan that includes all the food needed to meet weight loss goals.

How does Jenny Craig work?

Jenny Craig works by providing the support of a consultant who will work with you to create the best diet plan for your goals. All meals are meant to be chosen from the range of Jenny Craig products.

Who should use Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig can work for anyone who wants to lose weight and eat healthier but finds they need guidance or support.

How much does Jenny Craig cost?

Jenny Craig starts at $16 for a 12 week trial, plus the cost of food. Estimated budget for  food prices range from $15-$26 per day. Longer programs are also available with discounts based on length of commitment.

Is Jenny Craig paleo/keto friendly?

No, Jenny Craig is not paleo/keto friendly at this time.

Does Jenny Craig offer a vegetarian/vegan option?

Jenny Craig does have some vegetarian options but not doesn’t cater fully for either dietary requirement.

Does Jenny Craig cater to food allergies and intolerances?

Yes, Jenny Craig can accommodate some food allergies. However, they cannot guarantee their meals are completely free from nuts, therefore it is not suitable for those who suffer with this type of food allergy. Gluten free meals are also not available at this time.

Is Jenny Craig a fad?

Fad diets are based on getting quick results yet do not promise they will last. Jenny Craig is different because it provides you all the tools you need to meet weight loss goals whilst also teaching you how to live healthier long term.

Is Jenny Craig safe?

Yes, Jenny Craig is safe. However, it is important to inform your consultant of any food allergy concerns.

Where to buy Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig is available from the official website.

Does Jenny Craig really work?

Based on the science supporting Jenny Craig as a weight loss program, it has the ability to work as stated. However, to achieve results, the program must be adhered to.

How long does it take to see results using Jenny Craig?

Individual results vary. The rate of weight loss is dependent on personal weight loss goals as well as commitment to the plan.  

Are there any Jenny Craig alternatives?

Yes, there are many other alternatives which offer similar support style weight loss plans. These include, I Love This Diet and Nutrisystem.


Junk food is all around us in advertising, fast food restaurants, and even product placement in television shows. For those struggling with weight loss goals, seeing food constantly can make dieting an extra challenge.

Jenny Craig promises to make weight loss easier by providing a subscription meal service that includes all meals and regular snacks.

It is designed to be nutritious and balanced. It includes all food so members no longer have to worry about meal planning, creating a balanced diet or having the time to prepare.

Weight Loss

Losing weight can be extremely challenging with a busy lifestyle. Finding the time to start a new diet and prepare meals which are healthy can seem almost impossible at times.

Jenny Craig provides a simpler way to lose weight. Each meal is packaged in a pre-portioned serving size, therefore it’s easy to prepare and takes the stresses out of what you intend to eat each day.

This concept makes it easier to reach goals and keep weight off whilst simplifying life.  

Balanced Nutrition

During dieting, it can be challenging to know which foods will help you lose weight or work against your goals. Restricting your calories also means you are cutting back on food groups more than usual. (1)

Jenny Craig uses nutritionists to develop all their meals so that each day includes a fully balanced diet. This means that while losing weight, subscribers can also be confident  they are getting exactly what their body needs to stay healthy throughout the entire plan.

On the plan, each day includes: three or more servings of vegetables, two or more servings of fruit, two to three servings of dairy, whole grains, and six or more ounces of protein.

What’s Included

Jenny Craig uses freshly made foods in their meals. Food is processed when ingredients are at their best then flash frozen. Therefore when it delivered it is still as nutrient rich as the day it was prepared.

This means Jenny Craig ensures it provides a balanced diet with the optimum nutrition for weight loss. As a result, healthy eating habits are created and weight loss is maintained over time. (2)

Research has shown diets of a restrictive nature often fail. Jenny Craig includes all types of foods so members feel like they can still eat what they love, like chocolate cake for example. (3)

Complete Diet Plan

Jenny Craig takes away the difficulty of dieting by providing a full, complete meal plan. It includes all the food needed for each day.

Another reason diets often fail is because of the hassle involved choosing meals that support healthy weight loss and the pressure to avoid certain foods. With a complete diet plan, Jenny Craig removes that stress and makes it easy to stay on track. (4)

Jenny Craig has a menu designed by dieticians and approved by a medical advisory board. This means every part of Jenny Craig has been geared with the goal of healthy weight loss.

Consultant Support

Jenny Craig includes weekly support for all subscribers. Personal consultants work to create the best diet plan for each individual.

Research shows that people who have a support network such as friends or diet coaches are more successful at losing weight. (5)

Personal consultants also help talk through any challenges or personal issues that may arise during dieting, such as emotional eating, feelings of frustrations and resisting cravings.

They coach individuals into making better habits to maintain weight loss long after weight goals are reached. This means the program is more effective in the long term. (6)

Sample Menu

Jenny Craig offers numerous menu items, each day includes breakfast, lunch and dinner plus three snacks which can include dessert.

To give you an example, here is a typical daily menu:

Breakfast: breakfast scramble

Snack: hummus and wheat crackers

Lunch: chicken tortilla soup

Snack: cheddar cheese crisps

Dinner: turkey and wild rice

Dessert: apple crisp

All of these menu choices can be combined in various ways to create a personalized menu to suit individual preferences and cravings.

Jenny Craig Sample Ingredients

While it is not possible to examine every ingredient in Jenny Craig, here are some of the ingredients included in the sample menu and how they can aid weight loss:


Eggs are a nutritious form of protein which includes the following: vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, folate, phosphorus and selenium.

They are also very filling which can prevent overeating and supports healthy weight loss criteria. (7)


Chickpeas are an excellent source of fiber and can help control the appetite by reducing cravings.

They are also low in calories and a good source of plant-based protein, which makes them a perfect addition to any weight loss diet. (8)

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are full of great nutrients including calcium and magnesium.

They can satisfy hunger quickly and also act as an anti-inflammatory in the body, protecting it against arthritis and other degenerative diseases. (9, 10)


Turkey is an excellent source of low fat protein and can provide the body with essential vitamins and fuel without causing weight gain.

It provides key nutrients such as the vitamin B complex, iron and zinc. (11)

Wild Rice

Wild rice is a grain that contains lots of fiber and protein but is lower in carbohydrates than other types of rice. It’s a rich source of antioxidants and can provide a good boost of energy. (12)

Wild rice is also a complex carbohydrate, meaning it can help regulate blood sugar levels and is slower to digest. (13)

Red Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers have a high concentration of vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants and are also low in calories. This means they provide great nutritional value and support weight loss.. (14)


Apples contain lots of dietary fiber and water, which makes them an excellent choice for a low calorie snack. (15)

Apples also contain manganese, potassium, and vitamin C. (16)

Special Dietary Requirements

While there are some vegetarian options, there are no vegan diet plans available or choices for people with food allergies or gluten intolerances.


Jenny Craig does offer a special plan for people who are struggling to control type 2 diabetes.

It includes a specially formulated diet which makes it possible for subscribers to manage blood sugar levels and lose weight at the same time.

Side Effects

There are no side effects reported for Jenny Craig. However, it is important to communicate any food allergies to your consultant when you start the program.

Jenny Craig aims to create individualized diet plans for each of their subscribers. However, there is a downside to Jenny Craig. It can be cost prohibitive for some people, as it is does require all food to be purchased through the program.


Jenny Craig is a meal delivery based weight loss program. It provides all the food to reach weight loss goals and is carefully balanced to provide the body with adequate nutrition.

It also provides a personal consultant for additional support. Their role is to help clients work through challenges and provide assistance to stay on track.

Based on the science behind dieting, healthy eating and weight loss, Jenny Craig lays the foundations for an effective option to reach a healthy weight.

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